• I am an associate professor in the department of Epidemiology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). After working as a statistician/epidemiologist, I have accumulated more than 10 years of experience in the study design, analysis, and methodological development using a variety of data system, including electronic medical records, Medicare, Medicaid, SEER, commercial administrative data, and patient surveys. At the same time, I have established strong collaboration with experts on a variety of projects. With a focus on chronic disease, such as osteoporosis, cancer and auto-immune diseases, my current work is mainly related to comparative effectiveness research, pharmacoepidemiology, drug safety and patient reported outcomes.
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    2019 Risk for Herpes Zoster in Tofacitinib-Treated Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients With and Without Concomitant Methotrexate and Glucocorticoids 2019
    2019 Tocilizumab and the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease: Direct Comparison Among Biologic Disease-Modifying Antirheumatic Drugs for Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients 2019
    2019 Tools and Methods for Real-World Evidence Generation: Pragmatic Trials, Electronic Consent, and Data Linkages 2019
    2019 Improved Quality of Life with Anti-TNF Therapy Compared with Continued Corticosteroid Utilization in Crohn's Disease 2019
    2019 Assessing RA Disease Activity with PROMIS Measures using Digital Technology. 2019
    2019 Perspectives of Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients on Electronic Communication and Patient-Reported Outcome Data Collection: A Qualitative Study 2019
    2018 Socioeconomic Status and Race are both Independently associated with Increased Hospitalization Rate among Crohn's Disease Patients 2018
    2018 Use of Medicare Claims Data for the Identification of Myocardial Infarction: The Reasons for Geographic and Racial Differences in Stroke Study 2018
    2018 Screening of Hyperlipidemia among Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis in the United States. 2018
    2018 Is Rheumatoid Arthritis a Cardiovascular Risk-Equivalent to Diabetes Mellitus? 2018
    2018 An Observational Study of Cardiovascular Risks Associated with Rheumatoid Arthritis Therapies: A Comparison of Two Analytical Approaches 2018
    2018 Gastrointestinal Perforations with Biologics in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis: Implications for Clinicians 2018
    2018 Satisfaction with Subcutaneous Golimumab and its Auto-Injector among Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients with Inadequate Response to Adalimumab or Etanercept 2018
    2018 Reply 2018
    2018 Biomarker-related risk for myocardial infarction and serious infections in patients with rheumatoid arthritis: a population-based study 2018
    2018 Increased mortality rates with prolonged corticosteroid therapy when compared with antitumor necrosis factor-α-directed therapy for inflammatory bowel disease 2018
    2018 Comparative Effectiveness of Vedolizumab vs. Infliximab Induction Therapy in Ulcerative Colitis: Experience of a Real-World Cohort at a Tertiary Inflammatory Bowel Disease Center. 2018
    2017 Accuracy of Medicare Claim-based Algorithm to Detect Breast, Prostate, or Lung Cancer Bone Metastases. 2017
    2017 Perioperative Timing of Infliximab and the Risk of Serious Infection After Elective Hip and Knee Arthroplasty 2017
    2017 Is gout a risk equivalent to diabetes for stroke and myocardial infarction? A retrospective claims database study 2017
    2017 Risk of Hypersensitivity to Biologic Agents Among Medicare Patients With Rheumatoid Arthritis 2017
    2017 Changing Trends in Opioid Use Among Patients With Rheumatoid Arthritis in the United States 2017
    2017 Availability of healthcare resources and epithelial ovarian cancer stage of diagnosis and mortality among Blacks and Whites 2017
    2017 Longterm effectiveness of herpes zoster vaccine among patients with autoimmune and inflammatory diseases 2017
    2017 The clinical status and economic savings associated with remission among patients with rheumatoid arthritis: leveraging linked registry and claims data for synergistic insights 2017
    2017 Herpes Zoster and the Risk of Stroke in Patients With Autoimmune Diseases 2017
    2017 Accuracy of Medicare Claim-based Algorithm to Detect Breast, Prostate, or Lung Cancer Bone Metastases 2017
    2016 Brief Report: Risk of Gastrointestinal Perforation Among Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients Receiving Tofacitinib, Tocilizumab, or Other Biologic Treatments 2016
    2016 Association Between Breast Cancer Recurrence and Immunosuppression in Rheumatoid Arthritis and Inflammatory Bowel Disease: A Cohort Study 2016
    2016 Comparative effects of biologics on cardiovascular risk among older patients with rheumatoid arthritis 2016
    2016 Real-world comparative risks of herpes virus infections in tofacitinib and biologic-treated patients with rheumatoid arthritis 2016
    2016 Risk of Herpes Zoster in Autoimmune and Inflammatory Diseases: Implications for Vaccination 2016
    2016 LDL cholesterol response and statin adherence among high-risk patients initiating treatment 2016
    2016 Risk of nonmelanoma skin cancer associated with the use of immunosuppressant and biologic agents in patients with a history of autoimmune disease and nonmelanoma skin cancer 2016
    2016 Comparative Risk of Hospitalized Infection Associated with Biologic Agents in Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients Enrolled in Medicare 2016
    2016 LDL cholesterol response and statin adherence among high-risk patients initiating treatment 2016
    2016 Risk of Cardiovascular Outcomes among Psoriasis Patients Treated with Biologics and Other Systemic Agents. 2016
    2015 The comparative effectiveness of biologics among older adults and disabled rheumatoid arthritis patients in the Medicare population 2015
    2015 Statin use following hospitalization among Medicare beneficiaries with a secondary discharge diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction 2015
    2015 Cost and effectiveness of biologics for rheumatoid arthritis in a commercially insured population 2015
    2015 Fractures and mortality in relation to different osteoporosis treatments 2015
    2015 Impact of biologic agents with and without concomitant methotrexate and at reduced doses in older rheumatoid arthritis patients 2015
    2015 Reply 2015
    2015 Risk of hospitalized infection among rheumatoid arthritis patients concurrently treated with a biologic agent and denosumab 2015
    2015 Risks of herpes zoster in patients with rheumatoid arthritis according to biologic disease-modifying therapy 2015
    2015 Underutilization of high-intensity statin therapy after hospitalization for coronary heart disease 2015
    2014 Use of Oral and Subcutaneous Methotrexate in Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients in the United States 2014
    2014 Estimating effectiveness and cost of biologics for rheumatoid arthritis: Application of a validated algorithm to commercial insurance claims 2014
    2014 Patterns and predictors of osteoporosis medication discontinuation and switching among Medicare beneficiaries 2014
    2014 Death, debility, and destitution following hip fracture 2014
    2014 Risk of hospitalised infection in rheumatoid arthritis patients receiving biologics following a previous infection while on treatment with anti-TNF therapy 2014
    2014 Ability of low antihypertensive medication adherence to predict statin discontinuation and low statin adherence in patients initiating treatment after a coronary event 2014
    2014 Ability of low antihypertensive medication adherence to predict statin discontinuation and low statin adherence in patients initiating treatment after a coronary event. 2014
    2014 Declines in coronary heart disease incidence and mortality among middle-aged adults with and without diabetes 2014
    2014 Linkage of a de-identified united states rheumatoid arthritis registry with administrative data to facilitate comparative effectiveness research 2014
    2014 Statin underuse and low prevalence of LDL-C control among U.S. Adults at high risk of coronary heart disease 2014
    2014 Trends in the utilization and outcomes of medicare patients hospitalized for hip fracture, 2000-2008 2014
    2014 Use of a validated algorithm to estimate the annual cost of effective biologic treatment for rheumatoid arthritis 2014
    2013 Identifying newly approved medications in Medicare claims data: A case study using tocilizumab 2013
    2013 Awareness, treatment, and control of LDL cholesterol are lower among U.S. adults with undiagnosed diabetes versus diagnosed diabetes 2013
    2013 Trends in the prevalence, awareness, treatment and control of high low density lipoprotein-cholesterol among United States adults from 1999-2000 Through 2009-2010 2013
    2013 New methods for determining comparative effectiveness in rheumatoid arthritis 2013
    2013 Further evaluation of a claims-based algorithm to determine the effectiveness of biologics for rheumatoid arthritis using commercial claims data 2013
    2013 Physicians' explanations for apparent gaps in the quality of rheumatology care: Results from the US Medicare Physician Quality Reporting System 2013
    2013 Generic alendronate use among medicare beneficiaries: Are part d data complete? 2013
    2013 Trends in the use of biologic agents among rheumatoid arthritis patients enrolled in the US medicare program 2013
    2012 Does medication adherence itself confer fracture protection? An investigation of the healthy adherer effect in observational data 2012
    2012 Recent trends in hip fracture rates by race/ethnicity among older US adults 2012
    2012 Adherence with intravenous zoledronate and intravenous ibandronate in the United States medicare population 2012
    2012 Central DXA utilization shifts from office-based to hospital-based settings among medicare beneficiaries in the wake of reimbursement changes 2012
    2011 Minor, Major, Low-Trauma, and high-trauma fractures: What are the subsequent fracture risks and how do they vary? 2011
    2011 Erratum: Clinical and demographic factors associated with fractures among older Americans (Osteoporosis International DOI: 10.1007/s00198-010-1300-8) 2011
    2011 Clinical and demographic factors associated with fractures among older Americans 2011
    2010 Predicting hip and major osteoporotic fractures using administrative data 2010
    2010 Health services utilization after fractures: Evidence from Medicare 2010
    2010 Identifying types of nursing facility stays using medicare claims data: An algorithm and validation 2010
    2009 Health care expenditures associated with skeletal fractures among medicare beneficiaries, 1999-2005 2009
    2009 Estimated prevalence and patterns of presumed osteoporosis among older Americans based on Medicare data 2009
    2009 The effects of the Balanced Budget Act of 1997 on home health and hospice in older adult cancer patients 2009
    2008 Adaptation of bayesian data mining algorithms to longitudinal claims data: Coxib safety as an example 2008
    2008 Does cholecystectomy prior to the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer affect outcome? 2008
    2008 Secondary Analysis of Merged American Hospital Association Data and U.S. Census Data: Beginning to Understand the Supply-Demand Chain in Pediatric Inpatient Care 2008
    2006 Trends in hospital and surgeon volume and operative mortality for cancer surgery 2006
    2005 Physician supply, treatment, and amputation rates for peripheral arterial disease 2005

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  • Huifeng Yun