Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2018 Quantitative theory of X-ray interferometers based on dual phase grating: Fringe period and visibility 2018
2018 Detectability comparison of simulated tumors in digital breast tomosynthesis using high-energy X-ray inline phase sensitive and commercial imaging systems 2018
2017 Quantitative investigation of the edge enhancement in in-line phase contrast projections and tomosynthesis provided by distributing microbubbles on the interface between two tissues: A phantom study 2017
2017 Beam hardening correction in polychromatic x-ray grating interferometry 2017
2017 Characterization of continuous and pulsed emission modes of a hybrid micro focus x-ray source for medical imaging applications 2017
2017 Detectability comparison between a high energy x-ray phase sensitive and mammography systems in imaging phantoms with varying glandular-adipose ratios 2017
2017 Polychromatic X-ray effects on fringe phase shifts in grating interferometry 2017
2016 Predicting visibility of interference fringes in X-ray grating interferometry 2016
2014 Dose and detectability improvements with high energy phase sensitive x-ray imaging in comparison to low energy conventional imaging 2014
2011 Apparent linear attenuation coefficients in phase contrast X-ray tomography 2011
2011 The national lung screening trial: Overview and study design 2011
2010 Performance analysis of the attenuation-partition based iterative phase retrieval algorithm for in-line phase-contrast imaging 2010
2009 A comparison of iterative algorithms and a mixed approach for in-line X-ray phase retrieval 2009
2009 Phase retrieval from one single phase contrast x-ray image 2009
2008 DQE analysis on a dual detector phase x-ray imaging system 2008
2008 An attenuation-partition based iterative phase retrieval algorithm for in-line phase-contrast imaging 2008
2007 An iterative phase retrieval algorithm for in-line x-ray phase imaging 2007
2007 Development of a dual-detector X-ray imaging system for phase retrieval study 2007
2006 Precision electroweak measurements on the Z resonance 2006
2005 X-ray cone-beam phase tomography formulas based on phase-attenuation duality 2005
2005 Optimization of X-ray phase-contrast imaging based on in-line holography 2005
2005 X-ray phase-attenuation duality and phase retrieval 2005
1995 Contrast and dose with Mo-Mo, Mo-Rh, and Rh-Rh target-filter combinations in mammography 1995
1994 Normalized average glandular dose in molybdenum target-rhodium filter and rhodium target-rhodium filter mammography 1994
1994 Scanning slit chest radiography: A practical and efficient scatter control design 1994
1991 Spectral dependence of glandular tissue dose in screen-film mammography 1991

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  • Doctor of Philosophy in Physics, City University of New York System : City College 1983
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  • Xizeng Wu