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2019 Image quality assessment of a photon counting detector in X-ray projection imaging 2019
2018 Quantitative theory of X-ray interferometers based on dual phase grating: Fringe period and visibility 2018
2018 The virtual cone: A novel technique to generate spherical dose distributions using a multileaf collimator and standardized control-point sequence for small target radiation surgery 2018
2018 Using Microbubble as Contrast Agent for High-Energy X-Ray In-line Phase Contrast Imaging: Demonstration and Comparison Study 2018
2018 Detectability comparison of simulated tumors in digital breast tomosynthesis using high-energy X-ray inline phase sensitive and commercial imaging systems 2018
2017 Quantitative investigation of the edge enhancement in in-line phase contrast projections and tomosynthesis provided by distributing microbubbles on the interface between two tissues: A phantom study 2017
2017 Beam hardening correction in polychromatic x-ray grating interferometry 2017
2017 Characterization of continuous and pulsed emission modes of a hybrid micro focus x-ray source for medical imaging applications 2017
2017 Detectability comparison between a high energy x-ray phase sensitive and mammography systems in imaging phantoms with varying glandular-adipose ratios 2017
2017 Polychromatic X-ray effects on fringe phase shifts in grating interferometry 2017
2016 Predicting visibility of interference fringes in X-ray grating interferometry 2016
2016 A novel phantom and procedure providing submillimeter accuracy in daily QA tests of accelerators used for stereotactic radiosurgery 2016
2016 SU-F-J-96: Comparison of Frame-Based and Mutual Information Registration Techniques for CT and MR Image Sets. 2016
2016 SU-F-T-570: Comparison of Synthetic Diamond, Microionization Chamber, and Radiochromic Film for Absolute Dosimetry of VMAT Radiosurgery. 2016
2016 A novel phantom and procedure providing submillimeter accuracy in daily QA tests of accelerators used for stereotactic radiosurgery 2016
2016 The impact of spectral filtration on image quality in micro-CT system 2016
2015 Low dose high energy x-ray in-line phase sensitive imaging prototype: Investigation of optimal geometric conditions and design parameters 2015
2015 Technical Note: Synchrotron-based high-energy x-ray phase sensitive microtomography for biomedical research 2015
2015 Optimization of reconstructed quality of hard X-ray phase microtomography 2015
2015 A general theory of interference fringes in x-ray phase grating imaging 2015
2015 Characterization of a high-energy in-line phase contrast tomosynthesis prototype 2015
2014 End-to-end test of spatial accuracy in Gamma Knife treatments for trigeminal neuralgia 2014
2014 SU-E-T-425: Spherical Dose Distributions for Radiosurgery Using a Standardized MLC Plan. 2014
2014 Dose and detectability improvements with high energy phase sensitive x-ray imaging in comparison to low energy conventional imaging 2014
2014 Image quality and dose efficiency of high energy phase sensitive x-ray imaging: Phantom studies 2014
2014 Three-dimensional x-ray fluorescence mapping of a gold nanoparticle-loaded phantom 2014
2013 A robust general phase retrieval method for medical applications 2013
2012 Phase retrieval for hard X-ray computed tomography of samples with hybrid compositions 2012
2012 A phantom-based calibration method for digital X-ray tomosynthesis 2012
2012 X-ray phase-shifts-based method of volumetric breast density measurement 2012
2011 The effects of x-ray beam hardening on detective quantum efficiency and radiation dose 2011
2011 Estimated radiation dose associated with low-dose chest CT of average-size participants in the national lung screening trial 2011
2011 Apparent linear attenuation coefficients in phase contrast X-ray tomography 2011
2011 Robustness of phase retrieval methods in x-ray phase contrast imaging: A comparison 2011
2011 The national lung screening trial: Overview and study design 2011
2010 Affinity, lateral mobility, and clustering contribute independently to β2-integrin-mediated adhesion 2010
2010 Performance analysis of the attenuation-partition based iterative phase retrieval algorithm for in-line phase-contrast imaging 2010
2010 Normalized CT dose index of the CT scanners used in the National Lung Screening Trial 2010
2009 A comparison of iterative algorithms and a mixed approach for in-line X-ray phase retrieval 2009
2009 Development of an accelerated GVF semi-automatic contouring algorithm for radiotherapy treatment planning 2009
2009 Phase retrieval from one single phase contrast x-ray image 2009
2009 Feasibility study of the iterative x-ray phase retrieval algorithm 2009
2009 Optimizing photon fluence measurements for the accurate determination of detective quantum efficiency 2009
2008 DQE analysis on a dual detector phase x-ray imaging system 2008
2008 Preliminary feasibility study of an in-line phase contrast X-ray imaging prototype 2008
2008 An attenuation-partition based iterative phase retrieval algorithm for in-line phase-contrast imaging 2008
2008 Phase-space evolution of x-ray coherence in phase-sensitive imaging 2008
2008 A convenient alignment approach for x-ray imaging experiments based on laser positioning devices 2008
2008 Phase-contrast X-ray tomography: Contrast mechanism and roles of phase retrieval 2008
2007 Diffraction-enhanced imaging with synchrotron radiation X-ray for liver 2007
2007 Robustness of a phase-retrieval approach based on phase-attenuation duality 2007
2007 An iterative phase retrieval algorithm for in-line x-ray phase imaging 2007
2007 Clarification of aspects in in-line phase-sensitive x-ray imaging 2007
2007 Development of a dual-detector X-ray imaging system for phase retrieval study 2007
2007 Impact of additive noise on system performance of a digital X-ray imaging system 2007
2007 MO‐D‐L100F‐01: Progress in In‐Line Phase‐Sensitive X‐Ray Imaging 2007
2007 SU‐FF‐J‐78: 3‐D Target Localization at the End of Expiration Prior to Respiration‐Gated Radiotherapy Treatment 2007
2007 SU‐FF‐T‐372: Registration of Frameless High‐Field MRI to Low‐Field Frame‐Based MRI Images in Leksell Gamma‐Knife (LGK) Radiosurgery 2007
2007 TH‐C‐AUD‐03: Impact of Respiratory Motion On Helical Tomotherapy Dose Delivery: A Phantom Study with 3‐D Volumetric Dose Measurements 2007
2006 Imaging characteristics of a high resolution computed radiography system 2006
2006 Impacts of filtration on contrast-detail detectability of an X-ray imaging system 2006
2006 Precision electroweak measurements on the Z resonance 2006
2006 Spin relaxation laws for quantitative MRI of hyperpolarized spins 2006
2005 Thickness of molybdenum filter and squared contrast-to-noise ratio per dose for digital mammography 2005
2005 X-ray phase-contrast imaging: Phase reconstructions 2005
2005 Phase-space formulation for phase-contrast x-ray imaging 2005
2005 Image quality assurance in the prostate, lung, colorectal, and ovarian cancer screening trial network of the national lung screening trial 2005
2005 X-ray cone-beam phase tomography formulas based on phase-attenuation duality 2005
2005 Optimization of X-ray phase-contrast imaging based on in-line holography 2005
2005 Comparison of a CMOS-based and a CCD-based digital x-ray imaging system: Observer studies 2005
2005 X-ray phase-attenuation duality and phase retrieval 2005
2005 MO‐E‐I‐609‐06: Squared Contrast‐Noise Ratio Per Dose and Rh‐Filter Thickness for Digital Mammography 2005
2005 SU‐EE‐A1‐04: Integrated Complementary IMRT Combined with Image‐Guided HDR Brachytherapy for Cancers of the Uterine Cervix 2005
2004 A reconstruction formula for soft tissue X-ray phase tomography 2004
2004 A dual detector approach for X-ray attenuation and phase imaging 2004
2004 A new theory of phase-contrast x-ray imaging based on Wigner distributions 2004
2004 An experimental method of determining relative phase-contrast factor for x-ray imaging systems 2004
2003 Clinical implementation of x-ray phase-contrast imaging: Theoretical foundations and design considerations 2003
2003 A general theoretical formalism for x-ray phase contrast imaging 2003
1999 Targeting human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) type 2 integrase protein into HIV type 1 1999
1999 Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 integrase protein promotes reverse transcription through specific interactions with the nucleoprotein reverse transcription complex 1999
1999 Measurement of x-ray attenuation coefficients of aqueous solutions of indocyanine green and glycated chitosan 1999
1997 Parametrization of mammography normalized average glandular dose tables 1997
1996 Inhibition of human and simian immunodeficiency virus protease function by targeting Vpx-protease-mutant fusion protein into viral particles 1996
1995 Contrast and dose with Mo-Mo, Mo-Rh, and Rh-Rh target-filter combinations in mammography 1995
1994 Normalized average glandular dose in molybdenum target-rhodium filter and rhodium target-rhodium filter mammography 1994
1994 Scanning slit chest radiography: A practical and efficient scatter control design 1994
1993 Scanning slit mammography 1993
1991 Assessing Fluoroscopic Contrast Resolution: A Practical and Quantitative Test Tool 1991
1991 Molybdenum target x-ray spectra: A semiempirical model 1991
1991 Spectral dependence of glandular tissue dose in screen-film mammography 1991


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2014 X-ray diagnostic techniques.  415-451. 2014

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