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2019 Image quality assessment of a photon counting detector in X-ray projection imaging 2019
2018 Quantitative theory of X-ray interferometers based on dual phase grating: Fringe period and visibilityOptics Express.  26:23142-23155. 2018
2018 The virtual cone: A novel technique to generate spherical dose distributions using a multileaf collimator and standardized control-point sequence for small target radiation surgeryAdvances in Radiation Oncology.  3:421-430. 2018
2018 Using Microbubble as Contrast Agent for High-Energy X-Ray In-line Phase Contrast Imaging: Demonstration and Comparison StudyIEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering.  65:1117-1123. 2018
2018 Detectability comparison of simulated tumors in digital breast tomosynthesis using high-energy X-ray inline phase sensitive and commercial imaging systems 2018
2017 Quantitative investigation of the edge enhancement in in-line phase contrast projections and tomosynthesis provided by distributing microbubbles on the interface between two tissues: A phantom studyPhysics in Medicine and Biology.  62:9357-9376. 2017
2017 Beam hardening correction in polychromatic x-ray grating interferometryOptics Express.  25:24690-24704. 2017
2017 Characterization of continuous and pulsed emission modes of a hybrid micro focus x-ray source for medical imaging applications 2017
2017 Detectability comparison between a high energy x-ray phase sensitive and mammography systems in imaging phantoms with varying glandular-adipose ratiosPhysics in Medicine and Biology.  62:3523-3538. 2017
2017 Polychromatic X-ray effects on fringe phase shifts in grating interferometryOptics Express.  25:6053-6068. 2017
2016 Predicting visibility of interference fringes in X-ray grating interferometryOptics Express.  24:15927-15939. 2016
2016 A novel phantom and procedure providing submillimeter accuracy in daily QA tests of accelerators used for stereotactic radiosurgeryJournal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics.  17:246-253. 2016
2016 SU-F-J-96: Comparison of Frame-Based and Mutual Information Registration Techniques for CT and MR Image Sets.Medical Physics.  43:3428-3429. 2016
2016 SU-F-T-570: Comparison of Synthetic Diamond, Microionization Chamber, and Radiochromic Film for Absolute Dosimetry of VMAT Radiosurgery.Medical Physics.  43:3594. 2016
2016 A novel phantom and procedure providing submillimeter accuracy in daily QA tests of accelerators used for stereotactic radiosurgeryJournal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics.  17:246-253. 2016
2016 The impact of spectral filtration on image quality in micro-CT systemJournal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics.  17:301-315. 2016
2015 Low dose high energy x-ray in-line phase sensitive imaging prototype: Investigation of optimal geometric conditions and design parametersJournal of X-Ray Science and Technology.  23:667-682. 2015
2015 Technical Note: Synchrotron-based high-energy x-ray phase sensitive microtomography for biomedical researchMedical Physics.  42:5595-5603. 2015
2015 Optimization of reconstructed quality of hard X-ray phase microtomographyApplied Optics.  54:5610-5618. 2015
2015 A general theory of interference fringes in x-ray phase grating imagingMedical Physics.  42:3036-3047. 2015
2015 Characterization of a high-energy in-line phase contrast tomosynthesis prototypeMedical Physics.  42. 2015
2014 End-to-end test of spatial accuracy in Gamma Knife treatments for trigeminal neuralgiaMedical Physics.  41. 2014
2014 SU-E-T-425: Spherical Dose Distributions for Radiosurgery Using a Standardized MLC Plan.Medical Physics.  41:323. 2014
2014 Dose and detectability improvements with high energy phase sensitive x-ray imaging in comparison to low energy conventional imagingPhysics in Medicine and Biology.  59. 2014
2014 Image quality and dose efficiency of high energy phase sensitive x-ray imaging: Phantom studiesJournal of X-Ray Science and Technology.  22:321-334. 2014
2014 Three-dimensional x-ray fluorescence mapping of a gold nanoparticle-loaded phantomMedical Physics.  41. 2014
2013 A robust general phase retrieval method for medical applicationsJournal of Instrumentation.  8. 2013
2012 Phase retrieval for hard X-ray computed tomography of samples with hybrid compositionsChinese Optics Letters.  10. 2012
2012 A phantom-based calibration method for digital X-ray tomosynthesisJournal of X-Ray Science and Technology.  20:17-29. 2012
2012 X-ray phase-shifts-based method of volumetric breast density measurementMedical Physics.  39:4239-4244. 2012
2011 The effects of x-ray beam hardening on detective quantum efficiency and radiation doseJournal of X-Ray Science and Technology.  19:509-519. 2011
2011 Estimated radiation dose associated with low-dose chest CT of average-size participants in the national lung screening trialAmerican Journal of Roentgenology.  197:1165-1169. 2011
2011 Apparent linear attenuation coefficients in phase contrast X-ray tomographyNuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms.  269:1841-1843. 2011
2011 Robustness of phase retrieval methods in x-ray phase contrast imaging: A comparisonMedical Physics.  38:5073-5080. 2011
2011 The national lung screening trial: Overview and study designRadiology.  258:243-253. 2011
2010 Affinity, lateral mobility, and clustering contribute independently to β2-integrin-mediated adhesion 2010
2010 Performance analysis of the attenuation-partition based iterative phase retrieval algorithm for in-line phase-contrast imagingOptics Express.  18:16074-16089. 2010
2010 Normalized CT dose index of the CT scanners used in the National Lung Screening TrialAmerican Journal of Roentgenology.  194:1539-1546. 2010
2009 A comparison of iterative algorithms and a mixed approach for in-line X-ray phase retrievalOptics Communications.  282:3392-3396. 2009
2009 Development of an accelerated GVF semi-automatic contouring algorithm for radiotherapy treatment planningComputers in Biology and Medicine.  39:650-656. 2009
2009 Phase retrieval from one single phase contrast x-ray imageOptics Express.  17:11187-11196. 2009
2009 Feasibility study of the iterative x-ray phase retrieval algorithmApplied Optics.  48:91-98. 2009
2009 Optimizing photon fluence measurements for the accurate determination of detective quantum efficiencyJournal of Electronic Imaging.  18. 2009
2008 DQE analysis on a dual detector phase x-ray imaging systemPhysics in Medicine and Biology.  53:5165-5176. 2008
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2008 An attenuation-partition based iterative phase retrieval algorithm for in-line phase-contrast imagingOptics Express.  16:13330-13341. 2008
2008 Phase-space evolution of x-ray coherence in phase-sensitive imagingApplied Optics.  47. 2008
2008 A convenient alignment approach for x-ray imaging experiments based on laser positioning devicesMedical Physics.  35:4907-4910. 2008
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2007 Robustness of a phase-retrieval approach based on phase-attenuation dualityJournal of X-Ray Science and Technology.  15:85-95. 2007
2007 An iterative phase retrieval algorithm for in-line x-ray phase imagingOptics Express.  15:8383-8390. 2007
2007 Clarification of aspects in in-line phase-sensitive x-ray imagingMedical Physics.  34:737-743. 2007
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2007 Impact of additive noise on system performance of a digital X-ray imaging systemIEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering.  54:69-73. 2007
2007 MO‐D‐L100F‐01: Progress in In‐Line Phase‐Sensitive X‐Ray ImagingMedical Physics.  34:2517. 2007
2007 SU‐FF‐J‐78: 3‐D Target Localization at the End of Expiration Prior to Respiration‐Gated Radiotherapy TreatmentMedical Physics.  34:2386. 2007
2007 SU‐FF‐T‐372: Registration of Frameless High‐Field MRI to Low‐Field Frame‐Based MRI Images in Leksell Gamma‐Knife (LGK) RadiosurgeryMedical Physics.  34:2487. 2007
2007 TH‐C‐AUD‐03: Impact of Respiratory Motion On Helical Tomotherapy Dose Delivery: A Phantom Study with 3‐D Volumetric Dose MeasurementsMedical Physics.  34:2626-2627. 2007
2006 Imaging characteristics of a high resolution computed radiography systemJournal of X-Ray Science and Technology.  14:273-282. 2006
2006 Impacts of filtration on contrast-detail detectability of an X-ray imaging systemInternational Journal of Biomedical Imaging.  2006. 2006
2006 Precision electroweak measurements on the Z resonancePhysics Reports.  427:257-454. 2006
2006 Spin relaxation laws for quantitative MRI of hyperpolarized spinsAnnual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology - Proceedings.  1911-1915. 2006
2005 Thickness of molybdenum filter and squared contrast-to-noise ratio per dose for digital mammographyAmerican Journal of Roentgenology.  185:960-963. 2005
2005 X-ray phase-contrast imaging: Phase reconstructionsAnnual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology - Proceedings.  7 VOLS:1786-1789. 2005
2005 Phase-space formulation for phase-contrast x-ray imagingApplied Optics.  44:5847-5854. 2005
2005 Image quality assurance in the prostate, lung, colorectal, and ovarian cancer screening trial network of the national lung screening trialJournal of Digital Imaging.  18:242-250. 2005
2005 X-ray cone-beam phase tomography formulas based on phase-attenuation dualityOptics Express.  13:6000-6014. 2005
2005 Optimization of X-ray phase-contrast imaging based on in-line holographyNuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms.  234:563-572. 2005
2005 Comparison of a CMOS-based and a CCD-based digital x-ray imaging system: Observer studiesJournal of Electronic Imaging.  14:1-6. 2005
2005 X-ray phase-attenuation duality and phase retrievalOptics Letters.  30:379-381. 2005
2005 MO‐E‐I‐609‐06: Squared Contrast‐Noise Ratio Per Dose and Rh‐Filter Thickness for Digital MammographyMedical Physics.  32:2065. 2005
2005 SU‐EE‐A1‐04: Integrated Complementary IMRT Combined with Image‐Guided HDR Brachytherapy for Cancers of the Uterine CervixMedical Physics.  32:1902. 2005
2004 A reconstruction formula for soft tissue X-ray phase tomographyJournal of X-Ray Science and Technology.  12:273-279. 2004
2004 A dual detector approach for X-ray attenuation and phase imagingJournal of X-Ray Science and Technology.  12:35-42. 2004
2004 A new theory of phase-contrast x-ray imaging based on Wigner distributionsMedical Physics.  31:2378-2384. 2004
2004 An experimental method of determining relative phase-contrast factor for x-ray imaging systemsMedical Physics.  31:997-1002. 2004
2003 Clinical implementation of x-ray phase-contrast imaging: Theoretical foundations and design considerationsMedical Physics.  30:2169-2179. 2003
2003 A general theoretical formalism for x-ray phase contrast imagingJournal of X-Ray Science and Technology.  11:33-42. 2003
1999 Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 integrase protein promotes reverse transcription through specific interactions with the nucleoprotein reverse transcription complexJournal of Virology.  73:2126-2135. 1999
1999 Measurement of x-ray attenuation coefficients of aqueous solutions of indocyanine green and glycated chitosanMedical Physics.  26:1371-1374. 1999
1999 Targeting human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) type 2 integrase protein into HIV type 1Journal of Virology.  73:8831-8836. 1999
1997 Parametrization of mammography normalized average glandular dose tablesMedical Physics.  24:547-554. 1997
1996 Inhibition of human and simian immunodeficiency virus protease function by targeting Vpx-protease-mutant fusion protein into viral particlesJournal of Virology.  70:3378-3384. 1996
1995 Contrast and dose with Mo-Mo, Mo-Rh, and Rh-Rh target-filter combinations in mammographyRadiology.  195:639-644. 1995
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1991 Spectral dependence of glandular tissue dose in screen-film mammographyRadiology.  179:143-148. 1991


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2014 X-ray diagnostic techniques.  415-451. 2014

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