• Dr. Xin Xu received his MD from the Taishan Medical College of China, his PhD in Immunology at the Ehime University of Japan, and an MLS in Clinical Laboratory Science at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). Following a post-doctoral research fellowship under the mentorship of Dr. John Mountz at the UAB Division of Clinical Immunology and Rheumatology, he joined the Division of Pulmonary, Allergy & Critical Care Medicine. Dr. Xu is currently an Assistant Professor in Medicine.
  • Selected Publications


    Year Title Altmetric
    2013 Liver function.  519-544. 2013
    2010 Neutrophil elastase-mediated modulation of pathophysiology in cystic fibrosis lung disease.  87-111. 2010

    Research Overview

  • Dr. Xu has focused on basic and translational research in inflammatory diseases. He is currently investigating the role of proteases and matrikine regulation in the airway inflammatory response and autoimmune disorder. Dr. Xu’s current research interests are to explore the potential role and molecular mechanism by which Ac-PGP mediates vascular endothelial dysfunction and pulmonary hypertension, to investigate PE- mediated regulation of the balance of T regulatory cells and Th17 cells which control the tolerance vs inflammation, and to study the molecular mechanisms of smoking related disease through the dysregulation of cytokine/chemokine/matrikine.
  • Education And Training

  • Doctor of Science in Immunology, 2002
  • Doctor of Medicine, Taishan Medical University 1985
  • Full Name

  • Xin Xu