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2021 Prolyl endopeptidase contributes to early neutrophilic inflammation in acute myocardial transplant rejectionJCI insight.  6. 2021
2020 Differences in airway microbiome and metabolome of single lung transplant recipientsRespiratory Research.  21. 2020
2019 Neutrophil-Targeted, protease-Activated pulmonary drug delivery blocks airway and systemic inflammationJCI insight.  4. 2019
2019 An Ancient CFTR Ortholog Informs Molecular Evolution in ABC TransportersDevelopmental Cell.  51:421-430.e3. 2019
2019 Benzyloxycarbonyl-proline-prolinal (ZPP): Dual complementary roles for neutrophil inhibitionBiochemical and Biophysical Research Communications.  517:691-696. 2019
2019 Activated PMN Exosomes: Pathogenic Entities Causing Matrix Destruction and Disease in the LungCell.  176:113-126.e15. 2019
2019 Proline-glycine-proline peptides are critical in the development of smoke-induced emphysemaAmerican Journal of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology.  61:560-566. 2019
2018 The neutrophil chemoattractant peptide proline-glycine-proline is associated with acute respiratory distress syndrome 2018
2018 An extracellular matrix fragment drives epithelial remodeling and airway hyperresponsivenessScience Translational Medicine.  10. 2018
2018 Fibroblast growth factor 23 and Klotho contribute to airway inflammationEuropean Respiratory Journal.  52. 2018
2017 The Matrikine Acetylated Proline-Glycine-Proline Couples Vascular Inflammation and Acute Cardiac RejectionScientific Reports.  7. 2017
2017 Doxycycline improves clinical outcomes during cystic fibrosis exacerbationsEuropean Respiratory Journal.  49. 2017
2017 Ureaplasma infection-mediated release of matrix metalloproteinase-9 and PGP: A novel mechanism of preterm rupture of membranes and chorioamnionitisPediatric Research.  81:75-79. 2017
2016 Absorbance and redox based approaches for measuring free heme and free hemoglobin in biological matricesRedox Biology.  9:167-177. 2016
2016 Toll-like receptor 4 engagement mediates prolyl endopeptidase release from airway epithelia via exosomesAmerican Journal of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology.  54:359-369. 2016
2016 Protective effect of suppressing STAT3 activity in LPS-induced acute lung injury 2016
2015 Matrikines are key regulators in modulating the amplitude of lung inflammation in acute pulmonary infectionNature Communications.  6. 2015
2015 A Potential Role for Acrolein in Neutrophil-Mediated Chronic InflammationInflammation.  38:2279-2287. 2015
2015 A Werner syndrome stem cell model unveils heterochromatin alterations as a driver of human agingScience.  348:1160-1163. 2015
2015 A widely adaptable approach to generate integration-free iPSCs from non-invasively acquired human somatic cellsProtein and Cell.  6:386-389. 2015
2015 The matrikine N-α-PGP couples extracellular matrix fragmentation to endothelial permeabilityScience Advances.  1. 2015
2015 A randomized, placebo-controlled trial of roflumilast effect on proline-glycine-proline and neutrophilic inflammation in chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseAmerican Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.  192:934-942. 2015
2014 Targeted gene correction minimally impacts whole-genome mutational load in human-disease-specific induced pluripotent stem cell clonesCell Stem Cell.  15:31-36. 2014
2014 Pulmonary matrix metalloproteinase-9 activity in mechanically ventilated children with respiratory syncytial virusEuropean Respiratory Journal.  43:1086-1096. 2014
2014 Direct reprogramming of porcine fibroblasts to neural progenitor cellsProtein and Cell.  5:4-7. 2014
2014 L-4F Inhibits Lipopolysaccharide-Mediated Activation of Primary Human NeutrophilsInflammation.  37:1401-1412. 2014
2013 Anti-Inflammatory Mechanisms of Apolipoprotein A-I Mimetic Peptide in Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Secondary to SepsisPLoS ONE.  8. 2013
2011 Free radical-producing myeloid-derived regulatory cells: Potent activators and suppressors of lung inflammation and airway hyperresponsivenessMucosal Immunology.  4:503-518. 2011
2011 A self-propagating matrix metalloprotease-9 (MMP-9) dependent cycle of chronic neutrophilic inflammationPLoS ONE.  6. 2011
2010 Human neutrophil elastase-mediated cleavage sites of MMP-9 and TIMP-1: Implications to cystic fibrosis proteolytic dysfunctionMolecular Medicine.  16:159-166. 2010
2009 Neutrophils contain prolyl endopeptidase and generate the chemotactic peptide, PGP, from collagenJournal of Neuroimmunology.  217:51-54. 2009
2009 Increased expression of activation-induced cytidine deaminase is associated with anti-CCP and rheumatoid factor in rheumatoid arthritisScandinavian Journal of Immunology.  70:309-316. 2009
2007 Age-related increase of tumor susceptibility is associated with myeloid-derived suppressor cell mediated suppression of T cell cytotoxicity in recombinant inbred BXD12 miceMechanisms of Ageing and Development.  128:672-680. 2007
2006 In vivo analysis of adenovirus-specific cytotoxic T lymphocyte response in mice deficient in CD28, Fas ligand, and perforinHuman Gene Therapy.  17:669-682. 2006
2005 Synovial fibroblasts promote osteoclast formation by RANKL in a novel model of spontaneous erosive arthritisArthritis and Rheumatism.  52:3257-3268. 2005
2005 Primary adenovirus-specific cytotoxic T lymphocyte response occurs after viral clearance and liver enzyme elevation 2005
2004 Defective clearance of adenovirus in IRF-1-/- mice associated with defects in NK and T cells but not macrophagesScandinavian Journal of Immunology.  60:89-99. 2004
2003 CII-DC-AdTRAIL cell gene therapy inhibits infiltration of CII-reactive T cells and CII-induced arthritisJournal of Clinical Investigation.  112:1332-1341. 2003
2003 Age-related thymic involution in C57BL/6J x DBA/2J recombinant-inbred mice maps to mouse chromosomes 9 and 10Genes and Immunity.  4:402-410. 2003
2003 Identification of IFN Regulatory Factor-1 Binding Site in IL-12 p40 Gene PromoterJournal of Immunology.  170:997-1001. 2003
2002 BXD recombinant inbred mice represent a novel T cell-mediated immune response tumor modelInternational Journal of Cancer.  101:270-279. 2002
2002 Hepatic DR5 induces apoptosis and limits adenovirus gene therapy product expression in the liverJournal of Virology.  76:5692-5700. 2002
2002 Age-related change in thymic T-cell development is associated with genetic loci on mouse chromosomes 1, 3, and 11Mechanisms of Ageing and Development.  123:1145-1158. 2002
2001 Activated CD8+ T cells from aged mice exhibit decreased activation-induced cell deathMechanisms of Ageing and Development.  122:1663-1684. 2001
2001 Down-Regulation of IL-12 p40 Gene inPlasmodiumberghei-Infected MiceJournal of Immunology.  167:235-241. 2001


Year Title Altmetric
2013 Liver function.  519-544. 2013
2010 Neutrophil elastase-mediated modulation of pathophysiology in cystic fibrosis lung disease.  87-111. 2010

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  • Doctor of Science in Immunology, 2002
  • Doctor of Medicine, Taishan Medical University 1985
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