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2021 Diabetes, obesity, and inflammation: Impact on clinical and radiographic features of breast cancerInternational Journal of Molecular Sciences.  22:1-15. 2021
2021 Molecular imaging of inflammatory diseaseBiomedicines.  9:1-23. 2021
2021 The neutral red assay can be used to evaluate cell viability during autophagy or in an acidic microenvironment in vitro 2021
2020 Actively targeted nanodelivery of echinomycin induces autophagy-mediated death in chemoresistant pancreatic cancer in vivoCancers.  12:1-17. 2020
2020 Randomized trial of weight loss in primary breast cancer: Impact on body composition, circulating biomarkers and tumor characteristicsInternational Journal of Cancer.  146:2784-2796. 2020
2020 Therapeutically actionable PAK4 is amplified, overexpressed, and involved in bladder cancer progressionOncogene.  39:4077-4091. 2020
2020 Identification of distinct heterogenic subtypes and molecular signatures associated with african ancestry in triple negative breast cancer using quantified genetic ancestry models in admixed race populationsCancers.  12. 2020
2020 TBCRC 002: A phase II, randomized, open-label trial of preoperative letrozole with or without bevacizumab in postmenopausal women with newly diagnosed stage 2/3 hormone receptor-positive and HER2-negative breast cancerBreast Cancer Research.  22. 2020
2020 Hallmarks and Determinants of Oncogenic Translation Revealed by Ribosome Profiling in Models of Breast CancerTranslational Oncology.  13:452-470. 2020
2019 Inclusiveness and ethical considerations for observational, translational, and clinical cancer health disparity researchCancer.  125:4452-4461. 2019
2019 Issues in the use of human tissues to support precision medicineJournal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved.  30:66-78. 2019
2019 Self-Identified African Americans and prostate cancer risk: West African genetic ancestry is associated with prostate cancer diagnosis and with higher Gleason sum on biopsyCancer Medicine.  8:6915-6922. 2019
2019 Erratum: The Immune Landscape of Cancer (Immunity (2018) 48(4) (812–830.e14), (S1074761318301213), (10.1016/j.immuni.2018.03.023))Immunity.  51:411-412. 2019
2019 Biobank: What's in a Name?Biopreservation and Biobanking.  17:204-208. 2019
2019 Biological, medical, and other tissue variables affecting biospecimen utilizationBiopreservation and Biobanking.  17:259-263. 2019
2019 Biospecimen utilization: A critical challenge in global bioresource/biobanking operationsBiopreservation and Biobanking.  17:201-203. 2019
2019 Commentary on improving biospecimen utilization by classic biobanks: Identifying past and minimizing future mistakesBiopreservation and Biobanking.  17:243-247. 2019
2019 The importance of human tissue bioresources in advancing biomedical researchBiopreservation and Biobanking.  17:209-212. 2019
2019 The utilization of biospecimens: Impact of the choice of biobanking modelBiopreservation and Biobanking.  17:230-242. 2019
2018 Lessons Learned During Three Decades of Operations of Two Prospective BioresourcesBiopreservation and Biobanking.  16:483-492. 2018
2018 Optoacoustic imaging identifies ovarian cancer using a microenvironment targeted theranostic wormhole mesoporous silica nanoparticleBiomaterials.  182:114-126. 2018
2018 Comprehensive Molecular Characterization of the Hippo Signaling Pathway in CancerCell Reports.  25:1304-1317.e5. 2018
2018 A Pan-Cancer Analysis Reveals High-Frequency Genetic Alterations in Mediators of Signaling by the TGF-β SuperfamilyCell Systems.  7:422-437.e7. 2018
2018 A Role for De Novo Purine Metabolic Enzyme PAICS in Bladder Cancer ProgressionNeoplasia.  20:894-904. 2018
2018 Nitrocellulose tissue prints: An innovative approach to preparing high quality DNA and RNA from prostate biopsies without compromising the cores for pathology diagnosisTranslational andrology and urology.  7:S514-S518. 2018
2018 Transcriptional repressor Kaiso promotes epithelial to mesenchymal transition and metastasis in prostate cancer through direct regulation of miR-200cCancer Letters.  431:1-10. 2018
2018 Comprehensive Analysis of Alternative Splicing Across Tumors from 8,705 PatientsCancer Cell.  34:211-224.e6. 2018
2018 Erratum: Comprehensive Characterization of Cancer Driver Genes and Mutations (ARTICLE (2018) 173(2) (371–385), (S009286741830237X), (10.1016/j.cell.2018.02.060))Cell.  174:1034-1035. 2018
2018 Factors that drive the increasing use of FFPE tissue in basic and translational cancer research 2018
2018 Erratum: The Cancer Genome Atlas Comprehensive Molecular Characterization of Renal Cell Carcinoma (Cell Reports (2018) 23(1) (313–326.e5) (S2211124718304364) (10.1016/j.celrep.2018.03.075))Cell Reports.  23:3698. 2018
2018 AR negative triple negative or “Quadruple Negative” breast cancers in African American women have an enriched basal and immune signaturePLoS ONE.  13. 2018
2018 Reply to "phase II prospective randomized trial of weight loss prior to radical prostatectomyProstate Cancer and Prostatic Diseases.  21:293-294. 2018
2018 Translational control of the undifferentiated phenotype in ER‑positive breast tumor cells: Cytoplasmic localization of ERα and impact of IRES inhibition 2018
2018 The Immune Landscape of CancerImmunity.  48:812-830.e14. 2018
2018 A Comprehensive Pan-Cancer Molecular Study of Gynecologic and Breast CancersCancer Cell.  33:690-705.e9. 2018
2018 Genomic and Functional Approaches to Understanding Cancer AneuploidyCancer Cell.  33:676-689.e3. 2018
2018 lncRNA Epigenetic Landscape Analysis Identifies EPIC1 as an Oncogenic lncRNA that Interacts with MYC and Promotes Cell-Cycle Progression in CancerCancer Cell.  33:706-720.e9. 2018
2018 A Pan-Cancer Analysis of Enhancer Expression in Nearly 9000 Patient SamplesCell.  173:386-399.e12. 2018
2018 An Integrated TCGA Pan-Cancer Clinical Data Resource to Drive High-Quality Survival Outcome AnalyticsCell.  173:400-416.e11. 2018
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2018 Genomic and Molecular Landscape of DNA Damage Repair Deficiency across The Cancer Genome AtlasCell Reports.  23:239-254.e6. 2018
2018 Genomic, Pathway Network, and Immunologic Features Distinguishing Squamous CarcinomasCell Reports.  23:194-212.e6. 2018
2018 Integrated Genomic Analysis of the Ubiquitin Pathway across Cancer TypesCell Reports.  23:213-226.e3. 2018
2018 Machine Learning Detects Pan-cancer Ras Pathway Activation in The Cancer Genome AtlasCell Reports.  23:172-180.e3. 2018
2018 Molecular Characterization and Clinical Relevance of Metabolic Expression Subtypes in Human CancersCell Reports.  23:255-269.e4. 2018
2018 Pan-Cancer Analysis of lncRNA Regulation Supports Their Targeting of Cancer Genes in Each Tumor ContextCell Reports.  23:297-312.e12. 2018
2018 Somatic Mutational Landscape of Splicing Factor Genes and Their Functional Consequences across 33 Cancer TypesCell Reports.  23:282-296.e4. 2018
2018 Spatial Organization and Molecular Correlation of Tumor-Infiltrating Lymphocytes Using Deep Learning on Pathology ImagesCell Reports.  23:181-193.e7. 2018
2018 Systematic Analysis of Splice-Site-Creating Mutations in CancerCell Reports.  23:270-281.e3. 2018
2018 The Cancer Genome Atlas Comprehensive Molecular Characterization of Renal Cell CarcinomaCell Reports.  23:313-326.e5. 2018
2018 Shifting sands: the complexities and uncertainties of the evolving US regulatory, policy, and scientific landscape for biospecimen researchDiagnostic Histopathology.  24:136-148. 2018
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2018 Scalable Open Science Approach for Mutation Calling of Tumor Exomes Using Multiple Genomic PipelinesCell Systems.  6:271-281.e7. 2018
2018 Standard PREanalytical Code Version 3.0Biopreservation and Biobanking.  16:9-12. 2018
2017 Epigenetic risk score improves prostate cancer risk assessment 2017
2017 Translational dysregulation in cancer: Molecular insights and potential clinical applications in biomarker developmentFrontiers in Oncology.  7. 2017
2017 Noninvasive imaging of colitis using multispectral optoacoustic tomographyJournal of Nuclear Medicine.  58:1009-1012. 2017
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2017 Genomic regulation of invasion by STAT3 in triple negative breast cancerOncotarget.  8:8226-8238. 2017
2017 Phosphodiesterase 10A is overexpressed in lung tumor cells and inhibitors selectively suppress growth by blocking β-catenin and MAPK signalingOncotarget.  8:69264-69280. 2017
2017 Presurgical weight loss affects tumour traits and circulating biomarkers in men with prostate cancerBritish Journal of Cancer.  117:1303-1313. 2017
2016 Effects of Cold Ischemia on Gene Expression: A Review and CommentaryBiopreservation and Biobanking.  14:548-558. 2016
2016 Construction and validation of a multi-institutional tissue microarray of invasive ductal carcinoma from racially and ethnically diverse populationsCancer Control : Journal of the Moffitt Cancer Center.  23:383-389. 2016
2016 IRES inhibition induces terminal differentiation and synchronized death in triple-negative breast cancer and glioblastoma cells 2016
2016 RNA sequencing of pancreatic adenocarcinoma tumors yields novel expression patterns associated with long-term survival and reveals a role for ANGPTL4Molecular Oncology.  10:1169-1182. 2016
2016 Exploring effects of presurgical weight loss among women with stage 0-II breast cancer: Protocol for a randomised controlled feasibility trialBMJ Open.  6. 2016
2016 Occult Metastases in Pelvic Lymphadenectomy Specimens From Patients With Urothelial Carcinoma of the BladderUrology.  94:161-166. 2016
2016 Current and emerging clinical applications of multispectral optoacoustic tomography (MSOT) in oncologyClinical Cancer Research.  22:3432-3439. 2016
2016 A standard tissue as a control for histochemical and immunohistochemical staining 2016
2016 The tumor-associated glycosyltransferase ST6Gal-I regulates stem cell transcription factors and confers a cancer stem cell phenotypeCancer Research.  76:3978-3988. 2016
2016 Combination therapy with cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator modulators augment the airway functional microanatomy 2016
2016 Expression of the MHC class II pathway in triple-negative breast cancer tumor cells is associated with a good prognosis and infiltrating lymphocytesCancer Immunology Research.  4:390-399. 2016
2016 Preservation of Biospecimens at Ambient Temperature: Special Focus on Nucleic Acids and Opportunities for the Biobanking CommunityBiopreservation and Biobanking.  14:89-98. 2016
2016 SPARC-independent delivery of nab-paclitaxel without depleting tumor stroma in patient-derived pancreatic Cancer xenograftsMolecular Cancer Therapeutics.  15:680-688. 2016
2016 Feasibility outcomes of a presurgical randomized controlled trial exploring the impact of caloric restriction and increased physical activity versus a wait-list control on tumor characteristics and circulating biomarkers in men electing prostatectomy for prostate cancerBMC Cancer.  16. 2016
2016 Surveying the serologic proteome in a tissue-specific kras(G12D) knockin mouse model of pancreatic cancerProteomics.  16:516-531. 2016
2016 Targeting the Wnt/β-catenin pathway in primary ovarian cancer with the porcupine inhibitor WNT974Laboratory Investigation.  96:249-259. 2016
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2015 Quality management of biorepositoriesBiopreservation and Biobanking.  13:183-194. 2015
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2015 Phosphodiesterase 10A: A novel target for selective inhibition of colon tumor cell growth and β-catenin-dependent TCF transcriptional activityOncogene.  34:1499-1509. 2015
2015 S100A4 promotes pancreatic cancer progression through a dual signaling pathway mediated by Src and focal adhesion kinaseScientific Reports.  5. 2015
2014 A histological evaluation and in vivo assessment of intratumoral near infrared photothermal nanotherapy-induced tumor regressionInternational Journal of Nanomedicine.  9:5093-5102. 2014
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2014 The effects of frozen tissue storage conditions on the integrity of RNA and protein 2014
2014 Pazopanib combined with radiation: In vivo model of interactionCancer Biotherapy and Radiopharmaceuticals.  29:247-250. 2014
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2014 Erythropoietin upregulation in pulmonary arterial hypertensionPulmonary Circulation.  4:269-279. 2014
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2014 Prediagnostic serum biomarkers as early detection tools for pancreatic cancer in a large prospective cohort studyPLoS ONE.  9. 2014
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2014 Anterior gradient protein-2 is a regulator of cellular adhesion in prostate cancerPLoS ONE.  9. 2014
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2014 L-Methionine inhibits growth of human pancreatic cancer cells 2014
2014 MicroRNA profiling of novel African American and Caucasian Prostate Cancer cell lines reveals a reciprocal regulatory relationship of miR-152 and DNA methyltranferase 1Oncotarget.  5:3512-3525. 2014
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2013 COX-independent mechanisms of cancer chemoprevention by anti-inflammatory drugsFrontiers in Oncology.  3 JUL. 2013
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2013 Selective COX-2 inhibitor (celecoxib) decreases cellular growth in prostate cancer cell lines independent of p53 2013
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Research Overview

  • Our laboratory is focused on understanding the molecular features of epithelial cancers such as prostate, pancreas, mammary, colorectal and ovarian adenocarcinomas as well as squamous cell lesions of oral cavity, esophagus, lung, cervix and skin in order to identify biomarkers associated either with early pre-invasive neoplastic lesions or with advanced stage malignant lesions. Of special interest are biomarkers that can be used to aid in determining prognosis or risk assessment or in predicting therapy. For example, the earliest putative pre-invasive lesion of the prostate is prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia (PIN); we have demonstrated the phenotypic expression of molecular markers in PIN is similar to the phenotypic expression of these same molecular markers in prostatic adenocarcinomas. We study the escape of PCa from the requirement for androgens, i.e., development of androgen resistance. We use the human xenograft tumor models CWR22, LNCaP, DU145 and PC-3 in nude mice to investigate androgen effects on prostate tumors and the development of androgen resistance in these tumors. These data are supplemented by in vitro studies. In colorectal adenocarcinoma (CRCs), we have identified six molecular markers that aid in identifying aggressive subgroups of CRCs. These are p53, Bcl-2, p27kip-1, Suppressin, MUC-1 and MUC-2. We have identified differences in prognostic usefulness of biomarkers based on the anatomic location of CRCs. Our studies also have focused on the racial differences in the expression of these molecular markers as well as racial differences in the clinical importance of the expression of these biomarkers. Our studies of breast neoplasia also have emphasized racial differences in molecular features of ductal carcinoma. Besides our interests in epithelial neoplasia, we have a broad interest in diffuse pulmonary diseases including pulmonary arterial hypertension as well as tissue reparative processes leading to granulation tissues and neovascularity. In general our laboratory utilizes proteomic techniques but also has capabilities in molecular biology. In addition to quantitative immunohistochemistry (fluorescent or bright field), Western blotting, high throughput ELISA, multiplex immunoassays (Luminex and MESO), we have a SELDI-TOF-MS system for identification of unique proteomic patterns and we collaborate using other mass spectrometry systems in the early detection of cancers by determining the proteins of specific cancers in biological fluids such as serum. We also have automated cytomorphometric instrumentation and tissue arrays that can be used in multi-tissue analyses. Similarly, we can use gene chip (affymetrix) and spotted array analysis in gene discovery. Of great interest are collaborative efforts to improve the biomathematic/statistical approaches to evaluating biomarkers and multiplex methods of analysis and how bias in collecting and processing tissue samples may affect multiplex assays. Also, for the last two decades we have provided human tissues to support the research of biomedical investigators throughout North America. In this effort, sponsored primarily by the Cooperative Human Tissue Network (CHTN), we have introduced to tissue resources the utilization of quality control of tissues provided for research and we have been involved in database development for tissue resources. We also have great expertise in how fixation of tissues interacts with the stages of tissue processing to affect immunorecognition and other molecular assays.

    Grant Support (P.I.)

    Biomarker Reference Laboratory – Early Detection Research Network (EDRN)
    Tissue Resource and Molecular Pathology Core of the Breast SPORE
    Tissue Research and Molecular Pathology Core of the Pancreatic SPORE
    Cooperative Human Tissue Network (CHTN)
    Pulmonary Hypertension Breakthrough Initiative (PHBI)

    Goals – Multiplex Assays in Early Detection, Risk Assessment and Prognosis.
  • Principal Investigator On

  • A Metabolomics Approach to Define a Novel Chemopreventive Pathway  awarded by University of South Alabama
  • Active - Tissue Procurement - Comprehensive Cancer Center Core Support Grant  awarded by National Cancer Institute/NIH/DHHS
  • Biomarkers in the Detection of Prostate Cancer in African Americans  awarded by DOD - ARMY MEDICAL RESEARCH ACQUISITION ACTIVITY
  • COMPLETED - Morehouse School of Medicine/Tuskegee University/University of Alabama Cancer Center Partnership: Project 2: Molecular Regulation of Kaiso in Prostate Cancer  awarded by National Cancer Institute/NIH/DHHS
  • Center for Tissue Processing to Support Research in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension  awarded by CARDIOVASCULAR MEDICAL RESEARCH AND EDUCATION FUND
  • Collaborative Human Tissue Network  awarded by National Cancer Institute/NIH/DHHS
  • Comprehensive Cancer Center Core Support Grant - Tissue Procurement  awarded by National Cancer Institute/NIH/DHHS
  • Comprehensive Cancer Center Core Support Grant - Tissue Procurement Shared Facility  awarded by National Cancer Institute/NIH/DHHS
  • Comprehensive Cancer Center Core Support Grant - Tissue Procurement Shared Facility  awarded by National Cancer Institute/NIH/DHHS
  • Comprehensive Cancer Center Core Support Grant - Tissue Procurement Shared Facility  awarded by National Cancer Institute/NIH/DHHS
  • Cooperative Human Tissue Network  awarded by National Cancer Institute/NIH/DHHS
  • Morehouse School of Medicine/Tuskegee University/University of Alabama Cancer Center Partnership: Bioethics Shared Resource  awarded by National Cancer Institute/NIH/DHHS
  • Multicenter Genetic Epigenetic & Expression Analysis of DCIS Outcome Predictors  awarded by Johns Hopkins University
  • Novel Sulindac Derivatives for Colon Cancer Chemoprevention  awarded by University of South Alabama
  • PHBI Transition  awarded by Indiana University
  • Phosphodiesterase 5: A Novel Target and Inhibitor for Breast Cancer Chemoprevention  awarded by University of South Alabama
  • Private Grant  awarded by ROCKLAND IMMUNOCHEMICALS
  • Private Grant  awarded by LEIDOS BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH, INC.
  • Private Grant  awarded by LEIDOS BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH, INC.
  • Private Grant  awarded by LEIDOS BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH, INC.
  • Pulmonary Hypertension Breakthrough Initiative  awarded by University of Colorado
  • Pulmonary Hypertension Breakthrough Initiative  awarded by Indiana University
  • SPORE in Breast Cancer - Tissue Core  awarded by National Cancer Institute/NIH/DHHS
  • The Importance of ENT in Breast Cancer in African American Women  awarded by George Washington University
  • Theranostic Nanoparticles For Detection and Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer  awarded by BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF THE UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA HEALTH SCIENCES CENTER
  • Theranostic Nanoparticles for Detection and Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer  awarded by WAKE FOREST UNIVERSITY
  • Tissue Resource Site (TSS) in Support of the The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) Program - Admin Core  awarded by SAIC - FREDERICK
  • Tissue Resource Site (TSS) in Support of the The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) Program - Task Order 1  awarded by SAIC - FREDERICK
  • Tissue Source Site (TSS) in Support of the NCI Clinical Assay Development Program - Admin Core  awarded by SAIC - FREDERICK
  • Transcriptional Repressor Kaiso Promotes Metastasis through Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition  awarded by TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY
  • UAB / UMN SPORE in Pancreatic Cancer - Core B  awarded by National Cancer Institute/NIH/DHHS
  • UAB Skin Disease Research Center - Tissue Resources and Molecular Pathology Core - Core C  awarded by National Institute of Arthritis & Musculoskeletal & Skin Diseases/NIH/DHHS
  • Investigator On

  • 3/3 Morehouse School of Medicine/Tuskegee University/University of Alabama Cancer Center Partnership  awarded by National Cancer Institute/NIH/DHHS
  • A Specific Screening Strategy to Reduce Prostate Cancer Mortality  awarded by DOD - ARMY MEDICAL RESEARCH ACQUISITION ACTIVITY
  • Breast Tumor Tissue-Derived Hedgehog Morphogens Immunoedit the Polarization of Breast Cancer Associated Macrophages  awarded by DOD - ARMY MEDICAL RESEARCH ACQUISITION ACTIVITY
  • Comprehensive Cancer Center Core Support Grant  awarded by National Cancer Institute/NIH/DHHS
  • Comprehensive Cancer Center Core Support Grant  awarded by National Cancer Institute/NIH/DHHS
  • Comprehensive Cancer Center Core Support Grant  awarded by National Cancer Institute/NIH/DHHS
  • Comprehensive Cancer Center Core Support Grant  awarded by National Cancer Institute/NIH/DHHS
  • Comprehensive Cancer Center Core Support Grant  awarded by National Cancer Institute/NIH/DHHS
  • Exploring Effects of Weight Loss on Ductal Carcinoma In Situ  awarded by National Cancer Institute/NIH/DHHS
  • Glycan Control of Stem Cell-Associated Pathways in Pancreatic Cancer  awarded by National Cancer Institute/NIH/DHHS
  • Glycosylation-Dependent Mechanisms Regulating Ovarian Tumor Cell Survival  awarded by National Institute of General Medical Sciences/NIH/DHHS
  • Hepato/Renal Fibrocystic Diseases Core Center (UAB HRFDCC)  awarded by National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases/NIH/DHHS
  • Hepato/Renal Fibrocystic Diseases Core Center (UAB HRFDCC) - Admin Core  awarded by National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases/NIH/DHHS
  • Hepato/Renal Fibrocystic Diseases Core Center (UAB HRFDCC) - Core A  awarded by National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases/NIH/DHHS
  • Hepato/Renal Fibrocystic Diseases Core Center (UAB HRFDCC) - Core A  awarded by National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases/NIH/DHHS
  • Mechanisms of Resistance to Cancer Therapeutics  awarded by National Cancer Institute/NIH/DHHS
  • Molecular Pathogenesis and Phenotype of Acquired CFTR Dysfunction in COPD  awarded by National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute/NIH/DHHS
  • Morehouse School of Medicine/Tuskegee University/University of Alabama Cancer Center Partnership  awarded by National Cancer Institute/NIH/DHHS
  • Networks of Tissue Source Site (TSS) in Support of the Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) Program  awarded by Washington University
  • Private Grant  awarded by LEIDOS BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH, INC.
  • SPORE in Breast Cancer  awarded by National Cancer Institute/NIH/DHHS
  • Sialylation-dependent Mechanisms Driving Pancreatic Cancer Progression  awarded by National Cancer Institute/NIH/DHHS
  • TGFBR1 Signaling in Colorectal Cancer  awarded by National Cancer Institute/NIH/DHHS
  • The Hepato/Renal Fibrocystic Disease Core Center (UAB HRFDCC)  awarded by National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases/NIH/DHHS
  • UAB / UMN SPORE in Pancreatic Cancer  awarded by National Cancer Institute/NIH/DHHS
  • UAB / UMN SPORE in Pancreatic Cancer - Project 1  awarded by National Cancer Institute/NIH/DHHS
  • UAB NRG Oncology Member Institution Purchased Service Agreement  awarded by NRG ONCOLOGY FOUNDATION
  • UAB Skin Disease Research Center  awarded by National Institute of Arthritis & Musculoskeletal & Skin Diseases/NIH/DHHS
  • Education And Training

  • Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Internship
  • UAB Hospital, Residency
  • Doctor of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University 1977
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Biophysics, Johns Hopkins University 1975
  • Full Name

  • William Grizzle