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2023 Tipping the balance in CD4+ T cellsNature Immunology.  24:8-9. 2023
2022 One degree of separation: urgent questions surrounding new USA laws in women's healthcareTrends in Immunology.  43:851-854. 2022
2022 Topologically associating domains are disrupted by evolutionary genome rearrangements forming species-specific enhancer connections in mice and humansCell Reports.  39. 2022
2021 Conservation and divergence in gene regulation between mouse and human immune cells deserves equal emphasisTrends in Immunology.  42:1077-1087. 2021
2021 Experimental evidence of pathogenic role of IgG autoantibodies in IgA nephropathyJournal of Autoimmunity.  118. 2021
2021 Genome regulation in innate and adaptive immune cellsImmunological Reviews.  300:5-8. 2021
2020 A Future Outlook on Molecular Mechanisms of ImmunityTrends in Immunology.  41:549-555. 2020
2020 Are You There? Genetic Variation Impacts Long-Distance Connections in DiabetesTrends in Immunology.  41:269-271. 2020
2019 Inhibition of IL-2 responsiveness by IL-6 is required for the generation of GC-TFH cellsScience Immunology.  4. 2019
2019 Defining Genetic Variation in Widely Used Congenic and Backcrossed Mouse Models Reveals Varied Regulation of Genes Important for Immune ResponsesImmunity.  51:155-168.e5. 2019
2019 T-bet Transcription Factor Promotes Antibody-Secreting Cell Differentiation by Limiting the Inflammatory Effects of IFN-γ on B CellsImmunity.  50:1172-1187.e7. 2019
2019 Defining Barriers that Impede ChoicesImmunity.  50:542-544. 2019
2019 Deficiency of Socs3 leads to brain-targeted experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis via enhanced neutrophil activation and ROS productionJCI Insight.  4. 2019
2018 Connections between Metabolism and Epigenetics in Programming Cellular DifferentiationAnnual Review of Immunology.  36:221-246. 2018
2018 Metabolites, genome organization, and cellular differentiation gene programsCurrent Opinion in Immunology.  51:62-67. 2018
2017 Dynamic regulation of T follicular regulatory cell responses by interleukin 2 during influenza infectionNature Immunology.  18:1249-1260. 2017
2017 CCCTC-Binding Factor Translates Interleukin 2- and α-Ketoglutarate-Sensitive Metabolic Changes in T Cells into Context-Dependent Gene ProgramsImmunity.  47:251-267.e7. 2017
2017 Protein kinase CK2 controls the fate between Th17 cell and regulatory T cell differentiationJournal of Immunology.  198:4244-4254. 2017
2017 Inhibition of STAT3 Signaling Reduces IgA1 Autoantigen Production in IgA NephropathyKidney International Reports.  2:1194-1207. 2017
2015 Transcriptional regulation of T cell metabolismMolecular Immunology.  68:520-526. 2015
2015 TCR-signaling events in cellular metabolism and specializationFrontiers in Immunology.  6. 2015
2014 Bcl-6 directly represses the gene program of the glycolysis pathwayNature Immunology.  15:957-964. 2014
2014 Regulatory mechanisms that control T-follicular helper and T-helper 1 cell flexibilityImmunology and Cell Biology.  92:34-39. 2014
2014 Roles for helper T cell lineage-specifying transcription factors in cellular specializationAdvances in Immunology.  124:171-206. 2014
2013 Multiple mutant T alleles cause haploinsufficiency of Brachyury and short tails in Manx catsMammalian Genome.  24:400-408. 2013
2013 Toward an understanding of the gene-specific and global logic of inducible gene transcription 2013
2012 Master regulators or lineage-specifying? Changing views on CD4+ T cell transcription factorsNature Reviews Immunology.  12:799-804. 2012
2012 Molecular mechanisms that control the expression and activity of Bcl-6 in T H1 cells to regulate flexibility with a T FH-like gene profileNature Immunology.  13:405-411. 2012
2012 Transcriptional mechanisms that regulate T helper 1 cell differentiationCurrent Opinion in Immunology.  24:191-195. 2012
2012 Encoding stability versus flexibility: Lessons learned from examining epigenetics in T helper cell differentiationCurrent Topics in Microbiology and Immunology.  356:145-164. 2012
2012 T-bet employs diverse regulatory mechanisms to repress transcriptionTrends in Immunology.  33:78-83. 2012
2012 Ikaros changes the face of NuRD remodelingNature Immunology.  13:16-18. 2012
2011 The lineage-defining factors T-bet and Bcl-6 collaborate to regulate Th1 gene expression patternsJournal of Experimental Medicine.  208:1001-1013. 2011
2011 Transcription factor T-bet represses expression of the inhibitory receptor PD-1 and sustains virus-specific CD8+ T cell responses during chronic infectionNature Immunology.  12:663-671. 2011
2010 Jmjd3 and UTX play a demethylase-independent role in chromatin remodeling to regulate t-box family member-dependent gene expressionMolecular Cell.  40:594-605. 2010
2010 Molecular mechanisms by which T-bet regulates T-helper cell commitmentImmunological Reviews.  238:233-246. 2010
2009 T-bet-dependent S1P5 expression in NK cells promotes egress from lymph nodes and bone marrowJournal of Experimental Medicine.  206:2469-2481. 2009
2009 CCCTC-Binding Factor and the Transcription Factor T-bet Orchestrate T Helper 1 Cell-Specific Structure and Function at the Interferon-γ LocusImmunity.  31:551-564. 2009
2009 Common themes emerge in the transcriptional control of T helper and developmental cell fate decisions regulated by the T-box, GATA and ROR familiesImmunology.  126:306-315. 2009
2009 An essential interaction between T-box proteins and histone-modifying enzymesEpigenetics.  4:85-88. 2009
2008 Coordinated but physically separable interaction with H3K27-demethylase and H3K4-methyltransferase activities are required for T-box protein-mediated activation of developmental gene expressionGenes and Development.  22:2980-2993. 2008
2007 T-bet's ability to regulate individual target genes requires the conserved T-box domain to recruit histone methyltransferase activity and a separate family member-specific transactivation domainMolecular and Cellular Biology.  27:8510-8521. 2007
2006 T-bet binding to newly identified target gene promoters is cell type-independent but results in variable context-dependent functional effectsJournal of Biological Chemistry.  281:11992-12000. 2006
2005 NFATc2 and T-bet contribute to T-helper-cell-subset-specific regulation of IL-21 expression 2005
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2001 Use of chromatin immunoprecipitation to clone novel E2F target promotersMolecular and Cellular Biology.  21:6820-6832. 2001
2001 Down-regulation of TDT transcription in CD4+CD8+ thymocytes by Ikaros proteins in direct competition with an Ets activatorGenes and Development.  15:1817-1832. 2001
2001 Nucleosome remodeling at the IL-12 p40 promoter is a TLR-dependent, Rel-independent eventNature Immunology.  2:51-57. 2001
1999 Rapid and selective remodeling of a positioned nucleosome during the induction of IL-12 p40 transcriptionImmunity.  11:665-675. 1999

Education And Training

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Microbiology, University of California System : Los Angeles 2000
  • Bachelor of Arts in Biology, University of Minnesota System : Morris 1995
  • Full Name

  • Amy Weinmann