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2018 Halogen Inhalation-Induced Lung Injury and Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome 2018
2018 Instillation of hyaluronan reverses acid instillation injury to the mammalian blood gas barrier 2018
2017 A novel role for primary cilia in airway remodeling 2017
2015 Ozone-induced airway hyperresponsiveness: Roles of ROCK isoforms 2015
2015 Respiratory syncytial virus infection increases chlorine-induced airway hyperresponsiveness 2015
2014 TRPV4 inhibition counteracts edema and inflammation and improves pulmonary function and oxygen saturation in chemically induced acute lung injury 2014
2011 Postexposure administration of a β2-agonist decreases chlorine-induced airway hyperreactivity in mice 2011
2010 Inhibition of lung fluid clearance and epithelial Na+ channels by chlorine, hypochlorous acid, and chloramines 2010
2009 Reactive species and pulmonary edema 2009
2009 α1-Antitrypsin inhibits epithelial Na+ transport in vitro and in vivo 2009
2009 Regulation of epithelial sodium channels by cGMP/PKGII 2009
2009 Inhibition of Na+ transport in lung epithelial cells by respiratory syncytial virus infection 2009
2009 Respiratory syncytial virus inhibits lung epithelial Na+ channels by up-regulating inducible nitric-oxide synthase 2009
2009 SARS-CoV proteins decrease levels and activity of human ENaC via activation of distinct PKC isoforms 2009
2007 Modulation of alveolar fluid clearance by reactive oxygen-nitrogen intermediates 2007
2006 Glycine-gated chloride channels depress synaptic transmission in rat hippocampus 2006
2005 Rapid upregulation of α7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptors by tyrosine dephosphorylation 2005


Year Title Altmetric
2008 Chapter 3 Modulation of Lung Epithelial Sodium Channel Function by Nitric Oxide.  Ed. 61.  2008

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  • Weifeng Song