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Year Title Altmetric
2020 Health Lifestyles in Late Middle Age 2020
2018 Health lifestyles and the search for a concept of a gender-specific habitus 2018
2017 Self-rated health and barriers to healthcare in Ukraine: The pivotal role of gender and its intersections 2017
2017 A Comparison of Black and White Racial Differences in Health Lifestyles and Cardiovascular Disease 2017
2017 Changing patterns of female smoking: A comparison of workers and full-time homemakers by class, race, and community type 2017
2017 The Social Determinants of Chronic Disease 2017
2015 PAs in a changing society: A sociologic perspective 2015
2015 The role of social support and social context on the incidence of attempted suicide among adolescents living in extremely impoverished communities 2015
2014 The emerging crisis in American female longevity 2014
2014 The sociology of health in the united states: Recent theoretical contributions 2014
2013 Sociological theory in medical sociology in the early twenty-first century 2013
2012 The intersection of life expectancy and gender in a transitional state: The case of Russia 2012
2012 A hole in our thinking: A response to Scambler's 'Health inequalities' 2012
2011 Health sociology in a globalizing world 2011
2011 The defining moment: Children's conceptualization of race and experiences with racial discrimination 2011
2009 Psychological distress and dietary patterns in eight post-Soviet republics 2009
2009 The specter of post-communism: Women and alcohol in eight post-Soviet states 2009
2009 Deflecting a postmodernist critique 2009
2007 A Note on the Fate of Postmodern Theory and its Failure to Meet the Basic Requirements for Success in Medical Sociology 2007
2007 Health lifestyles and the absence of the Russian middle class 2007
2007 Book reviews/Comptes rendus 2007
2007 New directions in health lifestyle research 2007
2007 Women's health in post-Soviet Russia: The politics of intervention. 2007
2006 Psychological distress, gender, and health lifestyles in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Ukraine 2006
2006 Health lifestyles and political ideology in Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine 2006
2006 Class matters: Health lifestyles in Post-Soviet Russia 2006
2006 A sociological model of health lifestyles: Conducting a preliminary test with russian data 2006
2005 Life chance characteristics of older users of Swedish massage 2005
2005 Parents'/guardians' willingness to vaccinate their children against genital herpes 2005
2005 Health lifestyles in Ukraine 2005
2005 Health lifestyle theory and the convergence of agency and structure 2005
2005 Not By Bread Alone: Social Support in the New Russia. By Melissa L. Caldwell. Berkeley: University of California Press, 2004. xvi, 242 pp. Notes. Bibliography. Index. Photographs. $55.00, hard bound. $21.95, paper. 2005
2004 Health lifestyles in central Asia: The case of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan 2004
2004 Health and social change: a critical theory 2004
2003 Uncovering the Mystery: Factors of African American Suicide 2003
2003 Socioeconomic status and health among the aged in the United States and Germany: A comparative cross-sectional study 2003
2003 Welfare, Choice, and Solidarity in Transition: Reforming the Health Sector in Eastern Europe. By János Kornai and Karen Eggieston. Frederico Caffè Lectures. Cambridge, Eng.: Cambridge University Press, 2001. xiv, 365 pp. Notes. Bibliography. Index. Figures. Tables. $65.00, hard bound. 2003
2002 Health lifestyles and social class in the deep South 2002
2002 Biomedicine and alternative healing systems in America: Issues of class, race, ethnicity, and gender. 2002
2002 Health lifestyles in Russia and the socialist heritage 2002
2002 Ready to die: A postmodern interpretation of the increase of African-American adolescent male suicide 2002
2001 Okinawa: An exception to the social gradient of life expectancy in Japan 2001
2001 Taming oblivion: aging bodies and the fear of senility in Japan 2001
2000 Health lifestyles in Russia 2000
2000 Untitled 2000
2000 The social gradient in life expectancy: The contrary case of Okinawa in Japan 2000
1999 Drinking patterns in the American Deep South 1999
1997 Book Reviews 1997
1997 Conceptualizing contemporary health lifestyles: Moving beyond weber 1997
1997 The Social Determinants of the Decline of Life Expectancy in Russia and Eastern Europe: A Lifestyle Explanation 1997
1996 A sociological model of health lifestyles 1996
1996 The sociocultural context of sport and health: Problems of causal relations and structural interdependence 1996
1995 Care of the Chronically and Severely Ill: Comparative Social Policies. 1995
1994 Health care systems and the people: A five-nation study in the european union 1994
1993 Social Psychiatry: Theory, Methodology, and Practice. 1993
1993 LIFESTYLE OR LEBENSFUHRUNG? Critical Remarks on the Mistranslation of Weber's “Class, Status, Party” 1993
1990 Racial and Ethnic Differences in Disease. 1990
1990 The Military: More Than Just a Job? 1990
1990 A test of the relationship between race, socioeconomic status, and psychological distress 1990
1989 Alcohol use and psychological distress: A comparison of Americans and West Germans 1989
1989 Alcohol use and psychological distress: A comparison of americans and west germans 1989
1989 Health lifestyles and self-direction in employment among American men: A test of the spillover effect 1989
1988 On concern with appearance, health beliefs, and eating habits: a reappraisal comparing Americans and West Germans. 1988
1988 Psychological distress, perceived health status, and physician utilization in America and west Germany 1988
1988 Social stratification and health lifestyles in two systems of health care delivery: A comparison of the United States and West Germany 1988
1986 Social stratification and self-management of health 1986
1986 Symptoms, social stratification and self-responsibility for health in the United States and West Germany 1986
1983 A comparison of marijuana use among Mexican-American and Anglo rural youth utilizing a matched-set analysis 1983
1983 Symptoms, beliefs, and the use of physician services among the disadvantaged. 1983
1983 Social class, Mexican culture, and fatalism: Their effects on psychological distress 1983
1983 A comparison of marijuana use among mexican-american and anglo rural youth utilizing a matched-set analysis 1983
1983 Aging and perceived health status 1983
1983 Predicting physician utilization 1983
1983 The state of medical sociology in the United States, Great Britain, West Germany and Austria: Applied vs pure theory 1983
1981 Volunteering for Foreign Combat Missions: An Attitudinal Study of U.S. Army Paratroopers 1981
1980 Minor ailments and illness behavior among physicians 1980
1979 Green berets and the symbolic meaning of heroism 1979
1979 Interactional Considerations In Studying American “Indians” The Case Of Adolescent Self‐Esteem 1979
1978 The "Token" Minority 1978
1978 The “token” minority: An attitudinal comparison of black, oriental and anglo rural youth utilizing a matched-set analysis 1978
1977 Patterns of alcohol and multiple drug use among rural white and American Indian adolescents 1977
1977 Civil commitment, burden of proof, and dangerous acts: A comparison of the perspectives of judges and psychiatrists 1977
1977 Patterns of alcohol and multiple drug use among rural white and american indian adolescents 1977
1976 Drug use among white and American Indian high school youth 1976
1976 Drug use among white and american indian high school youth 1976
1975 Drinking attitudes and practices among Wind River Reservation Indian youth 1975
1975 Drinking patterns of institutionalized and noninstitutionalized Wyoming youth 1975
1975 The green beret reservist and his attitudes toward civil disorder 1975


Year Title Altmetric
2017 Medical Sociology 2017
2017 Educational attainment and dietary lifestyles.  Ed. 18.  2017
2016 Sociology of Mental Disorder 2016
2013 Medical sociology on the move: New directions in theory 2013
2013 Social Causes of Health and Disease 2013
2009 Preface 2009
2009 The New Blackwell Companion to Medical Sociology 2009
2007 The Blackwell Companion to Medical Sociology 2007
2001 Readings in Medical Sociology 2001


Year Title Altmetric
2016 Health Systems: United States, Health System of the.  491-496. 2016
2015 Max Weber: Bureaucracy, Formal Rationality and the Modern Hospital.  124-138. 2015
2015 Max Weber: Bureaucracy, formal rationality and the modern hospital.  124-138. 2015
2013 Bourdieu and an update of health lifestyle theory.  127-154. 2013
2013 The rise of theory in medical sociology.  1-10. 2013
2012 Current Directions in Medical Sociology.  385-401. 2012
2012 Globalization and the transformation of disease and healthcare.  381-396. 2012
2009 Quantifying habitus: Future directions.  201-210. 2009
2009 Health Lifestyles: Bringing Structure Back.  159-183. 2009
2009 Medical Sociology and Sociological Theory.  1-26. 2009
2008 United states, health system of.  434-440. 2008
2007 Medical Sociology and Sociological Theory.  1-22. 2007
2004 Health as a social problem.  281-297. 2004

Education And Training

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology, University of California System : Berkeley 1971
  • Master of Arts in Journalism, University of California System : Berkeley 1968
  • Bachelor of Arts in History, University of Oklahoma 1962
  • Full Name

  • William Cockerham