• Undergraduate, AB degree, Cornell University, 1978, Biology.
    Medical school, MD degree, Albany Medical College, 1982.
    Residency, Neurology, New York University, 1986.
    Research fellowship, Behavioral Neurology, University of Florida, 1987.
  • Selected Publications

    Academic Article

    Year Title Altmetric
    2019 Regional leukoaraiosis and cognition in non-demented older adults 2019
    2019 Vertical and Radial Attentional Neglect in Corticobasal Syndrome 2019
    2019 Chronological Effects of Emotional Valence on the Self-selected Retrieval of Autobiographical Memories 2019
    2019 Hand asymmetries of tactile attention in younger and older adults 2019
    2019 Protocol for a Randomized Controlled Trial of CI Therapy for Rehabilitation of Upper Extremity Motor Deficit: The B ringing R ehabilitation to A merican v eterans e verywhere Project 2019
    2019 The influence of focused and sustained spatial attention on the allocation of spatial attention 2019
    2018 Age-Related Changes in the Allocation of Vertical Attention 2018
    2018 Background distraction during vertical solid and character line bisections 2018
    2018 The influence of rightward and leftward spatial deviations of spatial attention on emotional picture recognition 2018
    2018 Asymmetrical distractibility of global and focal visuospatial attention during segmental and total compound line bisections 2018
    2018 Left hemispatial neglect with a splenial lesion 2018
    2018 Right hemispatial ipsilesional neglect with chronic right hemisphere strokes 2018
    2018 Comparison of reproducibility of single voxel spectroscopy and whole-brain magnetic resonance spectroscopy imaging at 3T 2018
    2018 Effects of aging on action-intentional programming 2018
    2018 Phase II Randomized Controlled Trial of Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy in Multiple Sclerosis. Part 1: Effects on Real-World Function 2018
    2018 Phase II Randomized Controlled Trial of Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy in Multiple Sclerosis. Part 2: Effect on White Matter Integrity 2018
    2018 The effects of left and right monocular viewing on hemispheric activation 2018
    2018 Unilateral Apraxic Agraphia without Ideomotor Apraxia from a callosal lesion in a patient with Marchiafava-Bignami disease 2018
    2018 A Degenerative Form of Mixed Transcortical Aphasia 2018
    2018 A feasibility study of combined intermittent theta burst stimulation and modified constraint-induced aphasia therapy in chronic post-stroke aphasia 2018
    2018 Novel associative processing and aging: effect on creative production 2018
    2018 Rehabilitation of stroke patients with plegic hands: Randomized controlled trial of expanded Constraint-Induced Movement therapy 2018
    2018 Relation of white matter hyperintensities and motor deficits in chronic stroke 2018
    2017 Correction to: SPG7 and Impaired Emotional Communication (Cerebellum, (2016), 16, 2, (595-598), 10.1007/s12311-016-0818-5) 2017
    2017 Alterations of emotional reactivity following righttemporal lobectomy 2017
    2017 Relation of depressive symptoms to outcome of CI movement therapy after stroke 2017
    2017 FTDP-17 with Pick body-like inclusions associated with a novel tau mutation, p.E372G 2017
    2017 Video Game Rehabilitation for Outpatient Stroke (VIGoROUS): Protocol for a multi-center comparative effectiveness trial of in-home gamified constraint-induced movement therapy for rehabilitation of chronic upper extremity hemiparesis 2017
    2017 Assessing the amount of spontaneous real-world spoken language in aphasia: Validation of two methods 2017
    2017 Letter re: Mechanisms of memory impairment in epilepsy depend on age at disease onset 2017
    2017 SPG7 and Impaired Emotional Communication 2017
    2017 The visual kinetic depth effect is altered with Parkinson's disease 2017
    2017 A case of posterior cortical atrophy with vertical neglect 2017
    2017 Callosal disconnection neglect: reassessment after 34 years 2017
    2017 Callosal ideomotor apraxia in Alzheimer’s disease 2017
    2017 Callosal Motor Impersistence: A Novel Disconnection Syndrome 2017
    2017 Leftward Bias of Visual Attention in Patients with End-Stage Renal Disease Receiving Dialysis: A Neglected Phenomenon 2017
    2017 Shifting spatial neglect with repeated line bisections: Possible role of lateralized attentional fatigue 2017
    2016 Malignant progression in parietal-dominant atrophy subtype of Alzheimer's disease occurs independent of onset age 2016
    2016 The aging brain: Movement speed and spatial control 2016
    2016 Disorders of the anterior attentional-intentional system in patients with end stage renal disease: Evidence from reaction time studies 2016
    2016 Slowing with end-stage renal disease: Attentive but unprepared to act 2016
    2016 Callosal apraxia: a 34-year follow-up study 2016
    2016 Allocentric but not egocentric pseudoneglect of peripersonal space 2016
    2016 Gait dyspraxia as a clinical marker of cognitive decline in Down syndrome: A review of theory and proposed mechanisms 2016
    2016 Jews, Creativity and the Genius of Disobedience 2016
    2016 Spatial neglect in a patient with logopenic progressive aphasia 2016
    2016 Assessment of Mental Status 2016
    2016 Neurobehavioral Manifestations of Neurological Diseases: Diagnosis and Treatment 2016
    2016 Possible brain mechanisms of creativity 2016
    2016 Stroke and Behavior 2016
    2016 The neural correlates of motor intentional disorders in patients with subcortical vascular cognitive impairment 2016
    2015 Improvement of hemispatial neglect by a see-through head-mounted display: A preliminary study 2015
    2015 Impaired switching from self-prepared actions in mild Parkinson disease 2015
    2015 Dissociating Statistically-Determined Alzheimer's Disease/Vascular Dementia Neuropsychological Syndromes Using White and Gray Neuroradiological Parameters 2015
    2015 The Effects of Chronic Right Hemispheric Damage on the Allocation of Spatial Attention: Alterations of Accuracy and Reliability 2015
    2015 Primary progressive speech abulia 2015
    2015 Hemispheric differences in malignant middle cerebral artery stroke 2015
    2015 Which Cheek did the Resurrected Jesus Turn? 2015
    2015 Improved verbal learning in the semantic variant of primary progressive aphasia when using semantic cues 2015
    2015 Structural brain changes after traditional and robot-assisted multi-domain cognitive training in community-dwelling healthy elderly 2015
    2015 Allocentric spatial neglect with posterior cortical atrophy 2015
    2015 Abnormal tactile pressure perception in Parkinsons disease 2015
    2015 Apraxia in anti-glutamic acid decarboxylase-associated stiff person syndrome: Link to corticobasal degeneration? 2015
    2015 Cognitive-motor dysfunction after severe traumatic brain injury: A cerebral interhemispheric disconnection syndrome 2015
    2015 Global attentional neglect of segmented lines in Parkinson’s disease 2015
    2015 Orthostatic tremor and parkinsonism 2015
    2015 Visual-olfactory hallucinatory synesthesia: The Charles Bonnet Syndrome with olfactory hallucinations 2015
    2014 Agency and the Annunciation 2014
    2014 Possible mechanisms of anosognosia of hemiplegia 2014
    2014 Anatomical heterogeneity of Alzheimer disease Based on cortical thickness on MRIs 2014
    2014 The influence of emotional faces on the spatial allocation of attention 2014
    2014 Implications of CI therapy for visual deficit training 2014
    2014 The functional significance of cortical reorganization and the parallel development of CI therapy 2014
    2014 Frontal-executive constructional apraxia: When delayed recall is better than copying 2014
    2014 Praxis and writing in a right-hander with crossed aphasia 2014
    2014 A Full-Brain, Bootstrapped Analysis of Diffusion Tensor Imaging Robustly Differentiates Parkinson Disease from Healthy Controls 2014
    2014 A pilot study evaluating presurgery neuroanatomical biomarkers for postoperative cognitive decline after total knee arthroplasty in older adults 2014
    2014 Affective communication deficits associated with cerebellar degeneration 2014
    2014 Agraphia in patients with frontotemporal dementia and parkinsonism linked to chromosome 17 with P301L MAPT mutation: dysexecutive, aphasic, apraxic or spatial phenomenon? 2014
    2014 An enhanced protocol for constraint-induced aphasia therapy II: A case series 2014
    2014 Callosal disconnection and limb-kinetic apraxia 2014
    2014 Cerebellar allocentric and action-intentional spatial neglect 2014
    2014 Cognitive effects of treatment of depression with repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation 2014
    2014 Conduction aphasia with intact visual object naming 2014
    2014 Diffusion tensor imaging study of the response to constraint-induced movement therapy of children with hemiparetic cerebral palsy and adults with chronic stroke 2014
    2014 Divergent Task Performance in Older Adults: Declarative Memory or Creative Potential? 2014
    2014 Motor recovery from constraint induced movement therapy is not constrained by extent of tissue damage following stroke 2014
    2014 Neuroplasticity, neurotransmitters and new directions for treatment of anomia in Alzheimer disease 2014
    2014 The effects of constrained left versus right monocular viewing on the autonomic nervous system 2014
    2014 The influence of stimulus proximity on judgments of spatial relationships in patients with chronic unilateral right or left hemisphere stroke 2014
    2014 There is more than imitation 2014
    2013 Erratam to: Which cheek did Jesus turn? (Religion, Brain & behavior, 10.1080/2153599X.2012.739738) 2013
    2013 Impaired initial vowel versus consonant letter-word fluency in dementia of the Alzheimer type 2013
    2013 Recommendations for the safe administration of donepezil 2013
    2013 Unilateral perseverationnnn 2013
    2013 Apathy, depression, and motor symptoms have distinct and separable resting activity patterns in idiopathic Parkinson disease 2013
    2013 Vertical line quadrisection: "What" it represents and who gets the upper hand 2013
    2013 A brief olfactory test for Alzheimer's disease 2013
    2013 Immunological functioning in Alzheimer's disease: Differential effects of relative left versus right temporoparietal dysfunction 2013
    2013 Excessive TV watching in patients with frontotemporal dementia 2013
    2013 Sign language aphasia from a neurodegenerative disease 2013
    2013 Hypometric allocentric and egocentric distance estimates in parkinson disease 2013
    2013 Reliability analysis of the resting state can sensitively and specifically identify the presence of Parkinson disease 2013
    2013 Directional and spatial motor intentional disorders in patients with right versus left hemisphere strokes 2013
    2013 Cognitive Decline in Older Persons Initiating Anticholinergic Medications 2013
    2013 Method for enhancing real-world use of a more affected arm in chronic stroke: Transfer package of constraint-induced movement therapy 2013
    2013 Constraint-induced movement therapy for the lower extremities in multiple sclerosis: Case series with 4-year follow-up 2013
    2013 Hemispheric differences in ischemic stroke: Is left-hemisphere stroke more common? 2013
    2013 The blindside: Impact of monocular occlusion on spatial attention 2013
    2013 Recall of word lists is enhanced with increased spreading activation 2013
    2013 Creative innovation with temporal lobe epilepsy and lobectomy 2013
    2013 Constraint-induced movement therapy combined with conventional neurorehabilitation techniques in chronic stroke patients with plegic hands: A case series 2013
    2013 Differential lexical and semantic spreading activation in Alzheimer's disease 2013
    2013 Locked-in or locked-out, but present 2013
    2013 Mood disturbances and cognitive functioning in Parkinson's disease: The effects of disease duration and side of onset of motor symptoms 2013
    2013 Which cheek did Jesus turn? 2013
    2013 Working memory in Parkinson's disease: The effects of depression and side of onset of motor symptoms 2013
    2012 The relationship between semantic knowledge and conceptual apraxia in alzheimer disease 2012
    2012 Famous faces but not remembered spaces influence vertical line bisections 2012
    2012 Brain parenchymal fraction predicts motor improvement following intensive task-oriented motor rehabilitation for chronic stroke 2012
    2012 Ipsilesional 'where' with contralesional 'what' neglect 2012
    2012 Cortical asymmetries in normal, mild cognitive impairment, and Alzheimer's disease 2012
    2012 MRI-leukoaraiosis thresholds and the phenotypic expression of dementia 2012
    2012 Right up there: Hemispatial and hand asymmetries of altitudinal pseudoneglect 2012
    2012 Acetylcholinesterase inhibitors reduce spreading activation in dementia 2012
    2012 The cost of action miscues: Hemispheric asymmetries 2012
    2012 Ipsilateral neglect from a subcortical lesion: Effects of spatial position, distractors, and repeated trials 2012
    2012 Atrophy of spared gray matter tissue predicts poorer motor recovery and rehabilitation response in chronic stroke 2012
    2012 Normal pressure hydrocephalus: Measure twice, shunt once 2012
    2012 Aging, aerobic activity and interhemispheric communication 2012
    2012 The effects of cerebral white matter changes on cardiovascular responses to cognitive and physical activity in a stroke population 2012
    2011 Impaired endogenously evoked automated reaching in Parkinson's disease 2011
    2011 The cortical neuroanatomy of neuropsychological deficits in mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's disease: A surface-based morphometric analysis 2011
    2011 Unilateral right anterior capsulotomy for refractory major depression with comorbid obsessive-compulsive disorder 2011
    2011 To the editor 2011
    2011 A reply to Millonig 2011
    2011 Enhanced left-finger deftness following dominant upper-and lower-limb amputation 2011
    2011 Ideational apraxia in Parkinson disease 2011
    2011 Dynamic-intentional thalamic aphasia: A failure of lexical-semantic self-activation 2011
    2011 Line quadrisection errors in patients with hemispatial neglect 2011
    2011 Alternate but do not swim: A test for executive motor dysfunction in Parkinson disease 2011
    2011 Cortical morphology of visual creativity 2011
    2011 Effects of semantic elaboration and typicality on picture naming in Alzheimer disease 2011
    2011 Anxiety and depression severity are related to right but not left onset Parkinson's disease duration 2011
    2011 Pervasive cognitive impairment in acute rehabilitation inpatients without brain injury 2011
    2011 Cyclic alternating pattern in sleep and its relationship to creativity 2011
    2011 Bimanual-vertical hand movements 2011
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    2010 Action-intentional spatial bias in a patient with posterior cortical atrophy 2010
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    2010 Effects of NREM sleep instability on cognitive processing 2010
    2010 On norman geschwind's facility with languages 2010
    2010 Apraxia 2010
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    2010 Anxiety affects working memory only in left hemibody onset parkinson disease patients 2010
    2010 Fragile X dementia parkinsonism syndrome (FXDPS) 2010
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    2010 Visual-spatial disembedding in Parkinson's disease 2010
    2010 Emotional indifference in Alzheimer's disease 2010
    2010 Feeling down: Idiom or nature? 2010
    2010 Graphesthesia: A test of graphemic movement representations or tactile imagery? 2010
    2009 Age-related changes in arm-hand postural knowledge 2009
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    2009 Hemispheric connectivity and the visual-spatial divergent-thinking component of creativity 2009
    2009 Conceptual hypometria? An evaluation of conceptual mapping of space in Parkinson's disease 2009
    2009 Improvement after constraint-induced movement therapy is independent of infarct location in chronic stroke patients 2009
    2009 Turning off artistic ability: The influence of left DBS in art production 2009
    2009 Consecutive versus return motor perseveration during line cancellation task in hemispatial neglect 2009
    2009 A brief computerized self-screen for dementia 2009
    2009 Bilateral restless legs affecting a phantom limb, treated with dopamine agonists 2009
    2009 The contribution of anterior and posterior regions of the right hemisphere to the recognition of emotional faces 2009
    2009 Subthalamic nucleus and its connections: Anatomic substrate for the network effects of deep brain stimulation 2009
    2009 Normalization of horizontal pseudoneglect following right, but not left, upper limb amputation 2009
    2009 Neglect dyslexia: Frequency, association with other hemispatial neglects, and lesion localization 2009
    2009 Artistic creativity and DBS: A case report 2009
    2009 Creativity in Parkinson's disease as a function of right versus left hemibody onset 2009
    2009 Conversion hemianesthesia: Possible mechanism 2009
    2009 Errorless practice as a possible adjuvant to donepezil in Alzheimer's disease 2009
    2009 Greater motor improvement in right hemibody Parkinson's patients after dopaminergic medications 2009
    2008 An ambulatory persistence power curve: Motor planning affects ambulatory persistence in Parkinson's disease 2008
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    2006 Naming concepts: Evidence of two routes 2006
    2006 Commantaries 2006
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    Research Overview

  • Stroke, multiple sclerosis, physical and cognitive rehabilitation. Functional neurological disorders.
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  • Albany Medical Center, Internship 1983
  • New York University Medical Center, Residency 1986
  • University of Florida/Shands Hospital, Postdoctoral Fellowship 1987
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