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2022 How Skin Tone Influences Relationships Between Discrimination, Psychological Distress, and Self-Rated Mental Health Among Older African Americans 2022
2022 Neighborhood cohesion and psychological distress across race and sexual orientation 2022
2022 Psychological Distress among Black Immigrants by Region of Birth 2022
2022 Correction to: Racial Context and Health Behaviors Among Black Immigrants (Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities, (2022), 10.1007/s40615-022-01401-8)Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities2022
2022 Racial Context and Health Behaviors Among Black ImmigrantsJournal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities2022
2021 Discrimination and Black Social Media Use: Sites of Oppression and Expression 2021
2021 Do White People See Variation in Black Skin Tones? Reexamining a Purported Outgroup Homogeneity EffectSocial Psychology Quarterly.  84:95-106. 2021
2020 A tale of two generations: Maternal skin color and adverse birth outcomes in Black/African American womenSocial Science and Medicine.  265. 2020
2020 The color of death: race, observed skin tone, and all-cause mortality in the United StatesEthnicity and Health.  25:1018-1040. 2020
2020 Caste Differences in Hypertension Among Women in India: Diminishing Health Returns to Socioeconomic Status for Lower Caste GroupsJournal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities.  7:987-995. 2020
2020 Is a Picture Worth A Thousand Words? An Experiment Comparing Observer-Based Skin Tone MeasuresRace and Social Problems.  12:266-278. 2020
2020 Media Consumption and Racial Residential PreferencesSocial Science Quarterly.  101:1936-1950. 2020
2020 Subtypes of Girls Who Engage in Serious Delinquency and Their Young Adult OutcomesPsychology of Women Quarterly.  44:403-416. 2020
2020 Systemic Anti-Black Racism Must Be Dismantled: Statement by the American Sociological Association Section on Racial and Ethnic Minorities 2020
2020 Racial stratification in self-rated health among Black Mexicans and White Mexicans 2020
2020 Breaking the Cycle of Child Maltreatment and Intimate Partner Violence: The Effects of Student Gender and Caring Relationships with TeachersJournal of Emotional Abuse.  29:223-241. 2020
2019 Skin Tone Matters: Racial Microaggressions and Delayed Prenatal CareAmerican Journal of Preventive Medicine.  57:321-329. 2019
2019 Prevalence and correlates of everyday discrimination among black Caribbeans in the United States: the impact of nativity and country of originEthnicity and Health.  24:463-483. 2019
2019 Measuring perceived mistreatment across diverse social groups: An evaluation of the Everyday Discrimination ScaleSocial Science and Medicine.  232:298-306. 2019
2018 Discrimination Fully Mediates the Effects of Incarceration History on Depressive Symptoms and Psychological Distress Among African American MenJournal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities.  5:243-252. 2018
2018 Everyday Discrimination Among African American Men: The Impact of Criminal Justice Contact 2018
2017 The role of colorism in explaining African American females' suspension riskSchool Psychology Quarterly.  32:118-130. 2017
2017 Discrimination and psychiatric disorders among older African AmericansInternational Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry.  32:175-182. 2017
2016 Histories of Colorism and Implications for EducationTheory into Practice.  55:4-10. 2016
2015 Racial Identity and Well-Being among African AmericansSocial Psychology Quarterly.  78:25-48. 2015
2014 How Racial Identity Moderates the Impact of Financial Stress on Mental Health among African AmericansSociety and Mental Health.  4:38-54. 2014
2013 Coping with Racial Discrimination: Assessing the Vulnerability of African Americans and the Mediated Moderation of Psychosocial ResourcesSociety and Mental Health.  3:133-150. 2013
2010 African Americans and physical health: The consequences of self-esteem and happinessJournal of Black Studies.  40:1189-1211. 2010
2010 Katrina and migration: Evacuation and return by African Americans and Vietnamese Americans in an Eastern New Orleans suburbProfessional Geographer.  62:103-118. 2010
2010 Discriminatory experiences and depressive symptoms among African American women: Do skin tone and mastery matter? 2010
2009 Can a high sense of control and John Henryism be bad for mental health?Sociological Quarterly.  50:693-714. 2009
2008 Race, social relationships, and mental healthPersonal Relationships.  15:229-245. 2008
2008 Church-based social capital, networks and geographical scale: Katrina evacuation, relocation, and recovery in a New Orleans Vietnamese American communityGeoforum.  39:1333-1346. 2008
2007 Hurricane Katrina: Prior trauma, poverty and health among Vietnamese-American survivors: Original ArticleInternational Nursing Review.  54:324-331. 2007
2007 Economic vulnerability, discrimination, and hurricane Katrina: Health among black Katrina survivors in Eastern New OrleansJournal of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association.  13:257-266. 2007
2007 Resilient history and the rebuilding of a community: The vietnamese American community in New Orleans EastJournal of American History.  94:770-779. 2007
2006 Ethnicity versus ethnic identity: What predicts substance use norms and behaviors?Journal of Social Work Practice in the Addictions.  6:53-79. 2006
2005 Body image, acculturation, and substance abuse among boys and girls in the southwestAmerican Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse.  31:617-639. 2005
2005 Assessing the effects of race and ethnicity on use of complementary and alternative therapies in the USAEthnicity and Health.  10:19-32. 2005
2003 Work and housework conditions and depressive symptoms among married women: The importance of occupational status 2003
2002 Maintaining functional independence in elderly adults: The roles of health status and financial resources in predicting home modifications and use of mobility equipmentGerontologist.  42:24-31. 2002
2001 The blacker the berry: Gender, skin tone, self-esteem, and self-efficacyGender and Society.  15:336-357. 2001
1998 Effects of positive and negative social exchanges with various sources on depressive symptoms in younger and older adults 1998
1996 Acculturation and low-birthweight infants among Latino women: A reanalysis of HHANES data with structural equation modelsAmerican Journal of Public Health.  86:394-396. 1996
1995 Black/white differences in prenatal care utilization: An assessment of predisposing and enabling factorsHealth Services Research.  30:43-58. 1995
1995 The Social Support of Employed African American and Anglo MothersJournal of Family Issues.  16:275-297. 1995
1993 Gender, Financial Strain, and Psychological Distress Among Older Adults 1993
1990 Determinants of health services utilization among the black and white elderly.Social Work in Public Health.  1:73-88. 1990
1990 Personality, social support, and psychological distress in later life.Psychology and Aging.  5:315-326. 1990
1989 Ethnic differences in the demand for physician and hospital utilization among older adults in major American cities: Conspicuous evidence of considerable inequalitiesMilbank Quarterly.  67:412-449. 1989
1989 Gender differences in social support among older adults 1989
1989 Occupational prestige in the health care delivery systemJournal of Health and Social Behavior.  30:315-329. 1989
1988 The current differential in black and white life expectancyDemography.  25:625-632. 1988
1988 Who are the japan bashers? evidence from national surveys, 1974–1985 1988
1987 Problems in estimating the prevalence of physical activity from national surveysPreventive Medicine.  16:107-118. 1987


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2017 Afterword 2017


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2018 Mental Health: An Intersectional Approach.  131-142. 2018
2017 Clear and present dangers: Health disparities in the African American community.  83-101. 2017
2017 African American Women and Mental Well-Being: The Intersection of Race, Gender, and Socioeconomic Status.  304-321. 2017

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