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2021 Lasing in 15 atm CO2 cell optically pumped by a Fe:ZnSe laserOptics Express.  29:31455-31464. 2021
2021 High energy (0.8 J) mechanically Q-switched 2.94 μm Er:YAG laserOptics Express.  29:4287-4295. 2021
2021 Kerr-lens mode-locked Cr:ZnS oscillator reaches the spectral span of an optical octaveOptics Express.  29:2458-2465. 2021
2021 Room temperature, nanosecond, 60 mJ/pulse Fe:ZnSe master oscillator power amplifier system operating at 3.8-5.0 µmOptics Express.  29:2387-2393. 2021
2021 Spectroscopy of GR1 centers in synthetic diamondsOptical Materials Express.  11:757-765. 2021
2020 Octave-spanning mid-infrared femtosecond OPA in a ZnGeP2pumped by a 2.4 μm Cr:ZnSe chirped-pulse amplifierOptics Express.  28:32403-32414. 2020
2020 Gain dynamics in a CO2active medium optically pumped at 4.3 μ mJournal of Applied Physics.  128. 2020
2020 Cross-section of electrical impact excitation in bulk n-type monocrystalline Al:Cr:ZnSeOptical Materials Express.  10:2135-2141. 2020
2020 Hot-pressed ceramic Fe:ZnSe gain-switched LaserOptical Materials Express.  10. 2020
2019 Resonant nonlinear refraction of 4.3-μm light in CO2 gasPhysical Review A.  100. 2019
2019 Visible-near-middle infrared spanning supercontinuum generation in a silicon nitride (Si3N4) waveguideOptical Materials Express.  9:2553-2559. 2019
2019 Energy transfer in iron-chromium co-doped ZnSe middle-infrared laser crystalsOptical Materials Express.  9. 2019
2019 Laser spectroscopic characterization of negatively charged nitrogen-vacancy (NV-) centers in diamondOptical Materials Express.  9. 2019
2019 Octave-spanning Cr: ZnS femtosecond laser with intrinsic nonlinear interferometryOptica.  6:126-127. 2019
2019 Q-switched and gain-switched Fe:ZnSe lasers tunable over 3.60–5.15 µmOptics Express.  27:13934-13941. 2019
2018 Frontiers of Mid-IR lasers based on transition metal doped chalcogenidesScience and Engineering of Composite Materials.  24. 2018
2018 High power single-mode delivery of mid-infrared sources through chalcogenide fiberOptics Express.  26:7313-7323. 2018
2017 Enhancement of Cr and Fe diffusion in ZnSe/S laser crystals via annealing in vapors of Zn and hot isostatic pressingOptical Materials Express.  7:25-31. 2017
2016 Hot-pressed chromium doped zinc sulfide infrared transparent ceramics 2016
2016 Mid-IR spectroscopy of Fe:ZnSe quantum dotsOptics Express.  24:5366-5375. 2016
2015 Crystal field engineering of transition metal doped II-VI ternary and quaternary semiconductors for mid-IR tunable laser applicationsOptical Materials Express.  5:2036-2046. 2015
2015 Gamma radiation-enhanced thermal diffusion of iron ions into II-VI semiconductor crystalsOptical Materials Express.  5:558-565. 2015
2015 Mid-IR photoluminescence of Fe2+ and Cr2+ ions in ZnSe crystal under excitation in charge transfer bandsOptics Express.  23:4406-4414. 2015
2015 Progress in Mid-IR Lasers Based on Cr and Fe-Doped II-VI ChalcogenidesIEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics.  21:292-310. 2015
2014 A fiber pumped Er:YAG laser passively Q-switched by Co:ZnS and Cr:ZnSe crystals 2014
2014 Optical and EPR spectroscopy of Zn:Cr:ZnSe and Zn:Fe:ZnSe crystalsOptical Materials.  37:262-266. 2014
2013 In-plane spectroscopy with optical fibers and liquid-filled APEX™ glass microcuvettesJournal of Micromechanics and Microengineering.  23. 2013
2013 Electrical, spectroscopic, and laser characterization of γ-irradiated transition metal doped II-VI semiconductorsOptical Materials Express.  3:777-786. 2013
2013 In-plane spectroscopy of microfluidic systems made in photosensitive glass 2013
2012 Mid-IR volumetric Bragg grating based on LiF color center crystalOptical Materials Express.  2:1209-1218. 2012
2012 Temperature and concentration quenching of mid-IR photoluminescence in iron doped ZnSe and ZnS laser crystalsJournal of Luminescence.  132:600-606. 2012
2011 Progress in mid-IR Cr2+ and Fe2+ doped II-VI materials and lasersOptics InfoBase Conference Papers2011
2011 Progress in mid-IR Cr2+ and Fe2+ doped II-VI materials and lasers [Invited]Optical Materials Express.  1:898-910. 2011
2011 Crystalline Cr2+:ZnSe/chalcogenide glass composites as active mid-IR materialsOptics Letters.  36:1530-1532. 2011
2011 Energy scaling of 4.3 μm room temperature Fe:ZnSe laserOptics Letters.  36:94-96. 2011
2010 Mid-IR laser oscillation in Cr2+:ZnSe planar waveguideOptics Express.  18:25999-26006. 2010
2010 Analysis of the absorption spectra and spectral hole burning in zero-phonon lines of F3+ and N1 colour centres in LiF crystalsQuantum Electronics.  40:647-651. 2010
2010 Mid-IR random lasing of Cr-doped ZnS nanocrystals 2010
2010 Progress in Cr2+ and Fe2+ doped mid-IR laser materialsLaser and Photonics Reviews.  4:21-41. 2010
2009 Reduction of nonlinear absorption in Li2B4O 7 by temperature- and repetition rate-controlJapanese Journal of Applied Physics.  48. 2009
2009 Semiconductor disk laser pumped Cr2+: Znse lasersOptics Express.  17:18136-18141. 2009
2009 Middle-infrared random lasing of Cr2+ doped ZnSe, ZnS, CdSe powders, powders imbedded in polymer liquid solutions, and polymer filmsOptics Communications.  282:2049-2052. 2009
2009 10-Watt, pure continuous-wave, polycrystalline Cr2+: ZnS laserOptics Express.  17:2048-2056. 2009
2008 Highly efficient, narrow-linewidth, and single-frequency actively and passively Q-switched fiber-bulk hybrid Er:YAG lasers operating at 1645 nmOptics Express.  16:19427-19433. 2008
2008 Iron-doped CdxMn1-xTe crystals for mid-IR room-temperature lasersJournal of Crystal Growth.  310:4438-4442. 2008
2008 Pulsed laser deposition of chromium-doped zinc selenide thin films for mid-infrared applicationsApplied Physics A: Materials Science and Processing.  91:333-335. 2008
2008 Mid-infrared Cr2+:ZnSe random powder lasersOptics Express.  16:4952-4959. 2008
2008 Tunable, single-frequency, and multi-watt continuous-wave Cr2+: ZnSe lasersOptics Express.  16:4145-4153. 2008
2008 New regimes of excitation and MID-IR lasing of transition metal doped II-VI crystalsNATO Science for Peace and Security Series B: Physics and Biophysics.  261-314. 2008
2008 Spectroscopic characterization of Ho3+ doped PbWO4 crystals for laser and stimulated Raman scattering applications in the mid-infrared spectral rangeOptical Materials.  31:94-101. 2008
2007 MBE growth and study of Cr2+:ZnSe layers for MID-IR lasersInternational Journal of Nanoscience.  6:403-405. 2007
2007 Mid-IR luminescence of nanocrystalline II-VI semiconductors doped with transition metal ions 2007
2007 En route to electrically pumped broadly tunable middle infrared lasers based on transition metal doped II-VI semiconductorsJournal of Luminescence.  125:184-195. 2007
2007 Recent progress in transition-metal-doped II-VI Mid-IR lasersIEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics.  13:810-821. 2007
2007 Mid-IR luminescence of nanocrystalline II-VI semiconductors doped with transition metal ionsOptics InfoBase Conference Papers2007
2006 3.77-5.05-μm tunable solid-state lasers based on Fe2+-doped ZnSe crystals operating at low and room temperaturesIEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics.  42:907-917. 2006
2006 Experimental preparation of entangled Bell's vacuum-single exciton and vacuum-biexciton states for pair centers of neodymium ions in a crystalOptics Communications.  259:298-303. 2006
2006 Hot-pressed ceramic Cr2+:ZnSe gain-switched laserOptics Express.  14:11694-11701. 2006
2006 Stimulated Raman scattering in mid IR spectral range 2.31-2.75-3.7 μm in BaWO4 crystal under 1.9 and 1.56 μm pumpingLaser Physics Letters.  3:17-20. 2006
2006 Stimulated Raman scattering in the mid IR range 2.31-2.75-3.7 μm in a BaWO4 crystal under 1.9 and 1.56 μm pumpingOptics InfoBase Conference Papers2006
2005 3.9-4.8 μm gain-switched lasing of Fe:ZnSe at room temperatureOptics Express.  13:10608-10615. 2005
2005 Amplification of narrow line LiF: F2+** color center laser oscillationOptics Communications.  254:290-298. 2005
2005 Spectroscopic studies of molecular-beam epitaxially grown Cr2+ -doped ZnSe thin filmsApplied Physics Letters.  86:1-3. 2005
2005 Hot-pressed ceramic cr2+: ZnSe gain-switched laserOptics InfoBase Conference Papers2005
2005 Multiwavelength mid-IR spatially-dispersive CW laser based on polycrystalline Cr2+ :ZnSeOptics InfoBase Conference Papers2005
2004 Tunable distributed feedback color center laser using stabilized F 2+** color centers in LiF crystalApplied Physics Letters.  84:3022-3024. 2004
2004 Absorption and photoluminescence studies of CdGa2S 4:CrOptics Communications.  233:403-410. 2004
2004 Multiwavelength mid-IR spatially-dispersive CW laser based on polycrystalline Cr2+:ZnSeOptics Express.  12:4986-4992. 2004
2004 Pulsed mid-IR Cr2+: ZnS and Cr2+: ZnSe lasers pumped by Raman-shifted Q-switched neodymium lasersQuantum Electronics.  34:8-14. 2004
2004 Pulsed mid-IR Cr2+:ZnS and Cr2+:ZnSe lasers with the SRS frequency shift pumped by Q-switched neodymium lasersKvantovaya Elektronika.  34:8-15. 2004
2004 Single-Longitudinal-Mode Pulsed LiF:F2- Color-Center Laser for High Resolution Spectroscopy 2004
2003 Diode and fibre pumped Cr(2+): ZnS mid-infrared external cavity and microchip lasersIEE Proceedings Optoelectronics.  150:340-345. 2003
2003 Diode and fibre pumped Cr2+:ZnS mid-infrared external cavity and microchip lasersIEE Proceedings Optoelectronics.  150:340-345. 2003
2003 External cavity multiwavelength superbroadband diode laserOptics Communications.  220:161-169. 2003
2003 Direct nanosecond Nd → Ce nonradiative energy transfer in cerium trifluoride laser crystalsJournal of Luminescence.  101:211-218. 2003
2002 Broadly tunable compact continuous-wave Cr2+:ZnS laserOptics Letters.  27:1040-1042. 2002
2002 Erbium fiber laser-pumped continuous-wave microchip Cr2+:ZnS and Cr2+:ZnSe lasersOptics Letters.  27:909-911. 2002
2002 Continuous-wave tunable Cr2+:ZnS laserApplied Physics B: Lasers and Optics.  74:607-611. 2002
2001 Wide-band generation and non-linear transformation of radiation of LiF crystal laser with F2+ and F2- color centersKvantovaya Elektronika.  31:285-290. 2001
2001 Alexandrite laser pumped LiF:F2- laserOptics Communications.  199:201-205. 2001
2001 All-solid-state laser system tunable in deep ultraviolet based on sum-frequency generation in CLBOOptics Communications.  198:403-406. 2001
2001 Spectroscopic analysis and persistent photon-gated spectral hole burning in LiF:F-2 color center crystalApplied Physics Letters.  79:2318-2320. 2001
2001 Broadband lasing and nonlinear conversion of radiation from LiF : F+2 and LiF : F-2 colour centre lasersQuantum Electronics.  31:285-289. 2001
2000 Fine level splitting of aggregate neodymium centers in CaF2 crystalsChemical Physics.  257:275-281. 2000
2000 Temperature-dependent spectroscopic analysis of F2+** and F2+**-like color centers in LiFJournal of Luminescence.  91:147-153. 2000
1999 Strong coherent interaction of Nd3+-Nd3+ pair ions in CaF2 crystalJournal of Luminescence.  81:189-197. 1999
1999 Laser induced fluorescence spectrometer based on solid state tunable color center laser for heavy metals analysisProceedings of SPIE.  3534:663-669. 1999
1999 Nonradiative relaxation and inhomogeneous splitting of aggregated optical centers in the Nd3+-doped CaF2 and SrF2 crystals (FLN and decay study)Journal of Luminescence.  83-84:361-366. 1999
1998 Electron trapping by self-trapped hole pairs and small rare-earth clusters in Sm-doped CaF2Journal of Luminescence.  79:241-248. 1998
1998 Optical echo spectroscopy and phase relaxation of Nd3+ ions in CaF2 crystalsJETP Letters.  86:156-163. 1998
1997 Temporal and spectral characteristics of a tunable LiF:F2- colour-centre crystal laserKvantovaya Elektronika.  24:595. 1997
1997 Temporal and spectral characteristics of a tunable LiF : F2- colour-centre crystal laserQuantum Electronics.  27:574-578. 1997
1997 Multiline, superbroadband and sun-color oscillation of a LiF:F2 - Color-center laserApplied Optics.  36:2515-2522. 1997
1996 Highly efficient generation of tunable picosecond pulses in an LiF: F2- laser crystalKvantovaya Elektronika.  23:1074. 1996
1996 Highly efficient generation of tunable picosecond pulses in an LiF: F2̄ laser crystalQuantum Electronics.  26:1042-1044. 1996
1996 'Sun color' LiF color center laserConference Proceedings - Lasers and Electro-Optics Society Annual Meeting-LEOS.  148. 1996
1996 Superbroadband LiF color center laserConference Proceedings - Lasers and Electro-Optics Society Annual Meeting-LEOS.  110-111. 1996
1994 Picosecond laser with active mode locking and calcium lithium niobium gallium disordered Nd3+-activated garnetQuantum Electronics.  24:85-86. 1994


Year Title Altmetric
2017 Application of laser beam shaping for spectral control of “spatially dispersive” lasers.  357-382. 2017

Investigator On

  • Impact of Airborne Heavy Metals on Lung Disease and the Environment  awarded by National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences/NIH/DHHS
  • Impact of Airborne Heavy Metals on Lung Diseases & the Environment - Administrative and Research Translation Core A  awarded by National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences/NIH/DHHS
  • Impact of Airborne Heavy Metals on Lung Diseases & the Environment - Advanced Approaches to Quantifying Exposure to Heavy Metals Project 4  awarded by National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences/NIH/DHHS
  • Investigation of Co, Ni, and Fe doped II-VI Chalcogenides  awarded by DOD - KIRTLAND AIR FORCE BASE
  • MRI: Acquisition of a Spark Plasma Sintering System for Engineering Advanced Materials and Composites for Use in Extreme Environments  awarded by NSF - National Science Foundation
  • NSF EPSCoR Research Infrastructure Improvement Award Year 3-5  awarded by TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY
  • New Class of Broadly Tunable, Middle-Infrared, Electrically Pumped Solid-State Lasers  awarded by NSF - National Science Foundation
  • Novel, Middle and Long Wave Infrared Laser Sources for Accelerator Applications  awarded by Department of Energy
  • Novel, Middle and Long Wave Infrared Lasers for Particle Accelerator and X-ray Generation Applications  awarded by Department of Energy
  • Portable Photoacoustic Platform for Glucose Sensing  awarded by NSF - National Science Foundation
  • Transition Metal and Rare Earth Doped II-VI Chalcogenides for Optically and Electrically Pumped Broadly Tunable Mid-IR Lasers  awarded by DOD - AIR FORCE RESEARCH LABORATORY
  • Ultracompact Spectral Comb Source with Instantaneous Bandwidth of 3-10 µm for Massively Parallel Spectroscopic Sensing  awarded by University of Central Florida
  • Workshop and Assessment of New Technologies for Rapid Detection of Infectious Diseases  awarded by NSF - National Science Foundation
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  • Doctor of Philosophy in Physics, 1999
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  • Vladimir Fedorov