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2019 Cyclic O3 exposure synergizes with aging leading to memory impairment in male APOE ε3, but not APOE ε4, targeted replacement mice 2019
2018 Behavioral and SCN neurophysiological disruption in the Tg-SwDI mouse model of Alzheimer's disease 2018
2018 A Small Molecule Inhibitor of Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor-1 Reduces Brain Amyloid-β Load and Improves Memory in an Animal Model of Alzheimer's Disease 2018
2018 Inhibition of amyloid Aβ aggregation by high pressures or specific d-enantiomeric peptides 2018
2017 Altered phosphorylation, electrophysiology, and behavior on attenuation of PDE4B action in hippocampus 2017
2017 The Aβ oligomer eliminating D-enantiomeric peptide RD2 improves cognition without changing plaque pathology 2017
2017 Optimization of d -Peptides for Aβ Monomer Binding Specificity Enhances Their Potential to Eliminate Toxic Aβ Oligomers 2017
2017 Treatment of traumatic brain injury with 17α-ethinylestradiol-3-sulfate in a rat model 2017
2017 Retinal changes in the Tg-SwDI mouse model of Alzheimer's disease 2017
2017 Vitamin A and retinoic acid combination attenuates neonatal hyperoxia-induced neurobehavioral impairment in adult mice 2017
2016 Dietary composition affects the development of cognitive deficits in WT and Tg AD model mice 2016
2016 Observational research rigour alone does not justify causal inference 2016
2016 Blood-brain barrier penetration of an Aβ-targeted, arginine-rich, D-enantiomeric peptide 2016
2016 Memory-enhancing and brain protein expression-stimulating effects of novel calcium antagonist in Alzheimer's disease transgenic female mice 2016
2016 Increase of Positive Net Charge and Conformational Rigidity Enhances the Efficacy of d -Enantiomeric Peptides Designed to Eliminate Cytotoxic Aβ Species 2016
2016 Allelic series of Huntington's disease knock-in mice reveals expression discorrelates 2016
2015 QIAD assay for quantitating a compounds efficacy in elimination of toxic Aβ oligomers 2015
2015 Cyclic ozone exposure induces gender-dependent neuropathology and memory decline in an animal model of Alzheimer's disease 2015
2015 Ghrelin agonist does not foster insulin resistance but improves cognition in an Alzheimer's disease mouse model 2015
2015 A novel 1,4-dihydropyridine derivative improves spatial learning and memory and modifies brain protein expression in wild type and transgenic APPSweDI Mice 2015
2014 α(2A) adrenergic receptor promotes amyloidogenesis through disrupting APP-SorLA interaction 2014
2014 Mildronate improves cognition and reduces amyloid-β pathology in transgenic Alzheimer's disease mice 2014
2014 Axonal tract tracing for delineating interacting brain regions: Implications for Alzheimer's disease-associated memory 2014
2013 Hunger in the Absence of Caloric Restriction Improves Cognition and Attenuates Alzheimer's Disease Pathology in a Mouse Model 2013
2013 Neurodevelopmental impairment following neonatal hyperoxia in the mouse 2013
2013 In vivo and in vitro effects of an apolipoprotein E mimetic peptide on amyloid-β pathology 2013
2013 Treatment with D3 removes amyloid deposits, reduces inflammation, and improves cognition in aged AβPP/PS1 double transgenic mice 2013
2012 Motor restlessness, sleep disturbances, thermal sensory alterations and elevated serum iron levels in BTBD9 mutant mice 2012
2012 Tissue transglutaminase overexpression does not modify the disease phenotype of the R6/2 mouse model of Huntington's disease 2012
2012 Reviewing reasons for the decreased CSF Abeta42 concentration in Alzheimer disease 2012
2012 Corrigendum to "Ozone exposure is a risk factor for Alzheimer's disease" [Free Radical Biology and Medicine (2011) 51 (S68)) 2012
2012 Treatment with Aβ42 binding d-amino acid peptides reduce amyloid deposition and inflammation in APP/PS1 double transgenic mice 2012
2011 Characterization of a novel transgenic rat carrying human tau with mutation P301L 2011
2011 Age-related brain pathology in Octodon degu: Blood vessel, white matter and Alzheimer-like pathology 2011
2011 Insufficient DNA methylation affects healthy aging and promotes age-related health problems 2011
2011 Knockout of plasminogen activator inhibitor 1 gene reduces amyloid beta peptide burden in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease 2011
2011 Characterization of Atp1a3 mutant mice as a model of rapid-onset dystonia with parkinsonism 2011
2011 Transgenic AD model mice, effects of potential anti-AD treatments on inflammation, and pathology 2011
2010 Distinct growth hormone receptor signaling modes regulate skeletal muscle development and insulin sensitivity in mice 2010
2010 Oral treatment with the d-enantiomeric peptide D3 improves the pathology and behavior of alzheimer's disease transgenic mice 2010
2010 Mitochondrial calcium uptake capacity as a therapeutic target in the R6/2 mouse model of Huntington's disease 2010
2009 Focal cerebral ischemia in rats alters APP processing and expression of Aβ peptide degrading enzymes in the thalamus 2009
2009 Oral apolipoprotein A-I mimetic peptide improves cognitive function and reduces amyloid burden in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease 2009
2009 DNA methylation impacts on learning and memory in aging 2009
2009 DHA and cholesterol containing diets influence Alzheimer-like pathology, cognition and cerebral vasculature in APPswe/PS1dE9 mice 2009
2009 In vitro and in vivo staining characteristics of small, fluorescent, Aβ42-binding D-enantiomeric peptides in transgenic AD mouse models 2009
2009 Expression of interleukin-18 is increased in the brains of Alzheimer's disease patients 2009
2009 Forkhead Box, Class O Transcription Factors in Brain: Regulation and Behavioral Manifestation 2009
2009 Functional roles of amyloid-β protein precursor and amyloid-β peptides: Evidence from experimental studies 2009
2009 Lesion-induced hippocampal plasticity in transgenic alzheimer's disease mouse models: Influences of age, genotype, and estrogen 2009
2009 Pulmonary Angiogenesis in a Rat Model of Hepatopulmonary Syndrome 2009
2008 Reduction of Alzheimer's disease amyloid plaque load in transgenic mice by D3, a D-enantiomeric peptide identified by mirror image phage display 2008
2008 Subfield and layer-specific depletion in calbindin-D28K, calretinin and parvalbumin immunoreactivity in the dentate gyrus of amyloid precursor protein/presenilin 1 transgenic mice 2008
2008 Increased expression of Aβ degrading enzyme IDE in the cortex of transgenic mice with Alzheimer's disease-like neuropathology 2008
2008 Inhibition of cytotoxicity and amyloid fibril formation by a D-amino acid peptide that specifically binds to Alzheimer's disease amyloid peptide 2008
2008 Coaccumulation of calcium and β-amyloid in the thalamus after transient middle cerebral artery occlusion in rats 2008
2007 Amyloid beta deposition is related to decreased glucose transporter-1 levels and hippocampal atrophy in brains of aged APP/PS1 mice 2007
2007 Changes in cerebral blood volume and amyloid pathology in aged Alzheimer APP/PS1 mice on a docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) diet or cholesterol enriched Typical Western Diet (TWD) 2007
2007 Mobile phone radiation and the developing brain: Behavioral and morphological effects in juvenile rats 2007
2007 Disruption of Intraflagellar Transport in Adult Mice Leads to Obesity and Slow-Onset Cystic Kidney Disease 2007
2007 Pyrrolidine dithiocarbamate activates Akt and improves spatial learning in APP/PS1 mice without affecting β-amyloid burden 2007
2006 Deposition of mouse amyloid β in human APP/PS1 double and single AD model transgenic mice 2006
2006 Verapamil prevents, in a dose-dependent way, the loss of ChAT-immunoreactive neurons in the cerebral cortex following lesions of the rat nucleus basalis magnocellularis 2006
2005 A refined in vitro model to study inflammatory responses in organotypic membrane culture of postnatal rat hippocampal slices 2005
2005 Locomotor activity and evoked dopamine release are reduced in mice overexpressing A30P-mutated human α-synuclein 2005
2005 Transformation of diffuse β-amyloid precursor protein and β-amyloid deposits to plaques in the thalamus after transient occlusion of the middle cerebral artery in rats 2005
2005 Transgenic AD model mice, effects of potential anti-AD treatments on inflammation and pathology 2005
2004 Longitudinal observation on CSF Aβ42 levels in young to middle-aged amyloid precursor protein/presenilin-1 doubly transgenic mice 2004
2004 Retrosplenial cortex lesions of area Rgb (but not of area Rga) impair spatial learning and memory in the rat 2004
2004 Erratum: Gender differences in the amount and deposition of amyloidβ in APPswe and PS1 double transgenic mice (Neurobiology of Disease (2003) 14 (318-327) DOI: 10.1016/j.nbd.2003.08.009) 2004
2004 Neuronal Zinc Exchange with the Blood Vessel Wall Promotes Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy in an Animal Model of Alzheimer's Disease 2004
2004 Normal induction but accelerated decay of LTP in APP + PS1 transgenic mice 2004
2003 Age-related decline in spatial learning and memory: Attenuation by captopril 2003
2003 Connections of the retrosplenial granular b cortex in the rat 2003
2003 Diffuse amyloid deposition, but not plaque number, is reduced in amyloid precursor protein/presenilin 1 double-transgenic mice by pathway lesions 2003
2003 The entorhinal cortex of the mouse: Organization of the projection to the hippocampal formation 2003
2003 Altered auditory-evoked potentials in mice carrying mutated human amyloid precursor protein and presenilin-1 transgenes 2003
2003 Differences in lesion-induced hippocampal plasticity between mice and rats 2003
2003 Gender differences in the amount and deposition of amyloidβ in APPswe and PS1 double transgenic mice 2003
2002 The role of the laterodorsal nucleus of the thalamus in spatial learning and memory in the rat 2002
2002 Old rats remember old tricks; memories of the water maze persist for 12 months 2002
2002 Effects of fimbria-fornix lesion and amyloid pathology on spatial learning and memory in transgenic APP+PS1 mice 2002
2002 Alteration of cortical EEG in mice carrying mutated human APP transgene 2002
2002 Low Levels of Estrogen Significantly Diminish Axonal Sprouting after Entorhinal Cortex Lesions in the Mouse 2002
2002 Role of the anterodorsal and anteroventral nuclei of the thalamus in spatial memory in the rat 2002
2002 Transgenic mice expressing the human presenilin 1 gene demonstrate enhanced hippocampal reorganization following entorhinal cortex lesions 2002
2002 Species differences in the projections from the entorhinal cortex to the hippocampus 2002
2002 Fimbria-fornix lesion does not affect APP levels and amyloid deposition in the hippocampus of APP+PS1 double transgenic mice 2002
2002 Hippocampal Aβ42 levels correlate with spatial memory deficit in APP and PS1 double transgenic mice 2002
2002 The effects of long-term treatment with metrifonate, a cholinesterase inhibitor, on cholinergic activity, amyloid pathology, and cognitive function in APP and PS1 doubly transgenic mice 2002
2001 Brain prolyl oligopeptidase activity, is associated with neuronal damage rather than β-amyloid accumulation 2001
2001 Entorhinal cortex of the mouse: Cytoarchitectonical organization 2001
2001 Chronic, severe hypertension does not impair spatial learning and memory in Sprague-Dawley rats 2001
2000 Age-related decline in water maze learning and memory in rats: Strain differences 2000
1999 Efferent connections of the anteromedial nucleus of the thalamus of the rat 1999
1999 Distribution of neurons in the anterior hypothalamic nucleus activated by blood pressure changes in the rat 1999
1999 In mice tonic estrogen replacement therapy improves non-spatial and spatial memory in a water maze task 1999
1995 Projections from the anterodorsal and anteroveniral nucleus of the thalamus to the limbic cortex in the rat 1995
1994 Neurologic consequences of hypertension and antihypertensive drug therapy. 1994
1992 Impaired learning and memory in mature spontaneously hypertensive rats 1992
1992 Connections between the retrosplenial cortex and the hippocampal formation in the rat: A review 1992
1992 Connections of the retrosplenial dysgranular cortex in the rat 1992
1992 Early breakdown of dendritic bundles in the retrosplenial granular cortex of hypertensive rats: Prevention by antihypertensive therapy 1992
1992 Projections from the laterodorsal nucleus of the thalamus to the limbic and visual cortices in the rat 1992
1990 The postsubicular cortex in the rat: characterization of the fourth region of the subicular cortex and its connections 1990
1990 The connections of presubiculum and parasubiculum in the rat 1990
1990 Connections of the retrosplenial granular a cortex in the rat 1990
1990 Dendritic bundling in layer I of granular retrosplenial cortex: Intracellular labeling and selectivity of innervation 1990
1990 Extrinsic projections from area CA1 of the rat hippocampus: Olfactory, cortical, subcortical, and bilateral hippocampal formation projections 1990
1988 Species differences in hippocampal commissural connections: Studies in rat, guinea pig, rabbit, and cat 1988
1987 Synaptic organization of olfactory inputs and local circuits in the entorhinal cortex: a current source density analysis in the cat 1987
1986 Electrophysiological mapping of the accessory olfactory bulb of the rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) 1986
1986 Organization of the reciprocal connections between the subiculum and the enthorhinal cortex in the cat: II. An electrophysiological study 1986
1986 The organization of the reciprocal connections between the subiculum and the entorhinal cortex in the cat: I. A neuroanatomical tracing study 1986
1985 Septotemporal distribution of entorhinal projections to the hippocampus in the cat: Electrophysiological evidence 1985
1984 Inputs from the olfactory bulb and olfactory cortex to the entorhinal cortex in the cat - II. Physiological studies 1984
1982 Effect of venom of the digger wasp Philanthus triangulum F. on the sixth abdominal ganglion of the cockroach 1982


Year Title Altmetric
2014 The limbic system plays a significant role in epilepsy.  1-20. 2014
2014 Ongoing studies of deimination in neurodegenerative diseases using the F95 antibody.  257-280. 2014
2010 DNA methylation and Alzheimer's disease.  315-326. 2010
2008 Disorders of the limbic system.  397-399. 2008
2008 The limbic system.  379-396. 2008

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  • A MIR-486/Dock3 Signaling Axis Predicts and Modulated Dystrophin-Deficient Pathology  awarded by National Institute of Child Health and Human Development/NIH/DHHS 2018 - 2023
  • Alpha2 Adrenergic Signaling in AD Pathogenesis  awarded by National Institute on Aging/NIH/DHHS 2018 - 2023
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  • Reducing Tau as a Therapeutic Strategy for Improving Cognitive Dysfunction in Parkinson's Disease  awarded by DOD - ARMY MEDICAL RESEARCH ACQUISITION ACTIVITY 2016 - 2019
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  • Ozone, ApoE4, Aging, and Alzheimer's Disease  awarded by National Institute on Aging/NIH/DHHS 2013 - 2016
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