Selected Publications

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2020 Reduction of AMPA receptor activity on mature oligodendrocytes attenuates loss of myelinated axons in autoimmune neuroinflammationScience Advances.  6. 2020
2019 A new coupling of an acid-base transporter to PKD and cyst formation 2019
2018 Delivering baking soda to the brain 2018
2017 Addition of carbonic anhydrase 9 inhibitor SLC-0111 to temozolomide treatment delays glioblastoma growth in vivo.JCI insight.  2. 2017
2015 Phosphatidylinositol 4,5-bisphosphate degradation inhibits the Na+/bicarbonate cotransporter NBCe1-B and -C variants expressed in Xenopus oocytes 2015
2015 Regulators of Slc4 bicarbonate transporter activityFrontiers in Physiology.  6. 2015
2014 Sinupret activates CFTR and TMEM16A-dependent transepithelial chloride transport and improves indicators of mucociliary clearancePLoS ONE.  9. 2014
2012 PrefaceCurrent Topics in Membranes.  70. 2012
2012 PIP2 hydrolysis stimulates the electrogenic Na+-bicarbonate cotransporter NBCe1-B and -C variants expressed in Xenopus laevis oocytes 2012
2012 Increased Na+/H+ exchanger activity on the apical surface of a cilium-deficient cortical collecting duct principal cell model of polycystic kidney disease 2012
2010 Na-coupled bicarbonate transporters of the solute carrier 4 family in the nervous system: Function, localization, and relevance to neurologic functionNeuroscience.  171:951-972. 2010
2010 Sodium-bicarbonate cotransporter NBCn1 in the kidney medullary thick ascending limb cell line is upregulated under acidic conditions and enhances ammonium transportExperimental Physiology.  95:926-937. 2010
2010 ATP-independent CFTR channel gating and allosteric modulation by phosphorylation 2010
2009 Phosphatidylinositol 4,5-bisphosphate (PIP2) stimulates the electrogenic Na/HCO3 cotransporter NBCe1-A expressed in Xenopusoocytes 2009
2008 Localization of electrogenic Na/bicarbonate cotransporter NBCe1 variants in rat brainNeuroscience.  155:818-832. 2008
2008 Effects of acute hypoxia on intracellular-pH regulation in astrocytes cultured from rat hippocampusBrain Research.  1193:143-152. 2008
2007 Altered pHi regulation and Na+/HCO-3 transporter activity in choroid plexus of cilia-defective Tg737orpk mutant mouse 2007
2007 Inhibition of the Na/bicarbonate cotransporter NBCe1-A by diBAC oxonol dyes relative to niflumic acid and a stilbene 2007
2006 Activation of gadolinium-sensitive ion channels in cardiomyocytes in early adaptive stages of volume overload-induced heart failureCardiovascular Research.  72:262-270. 2006
2006 A cysteine-scanning mutagenesis study of transmembrane domain 8 of the electrogenic sodium/bicarbonate cotransporter NBCe1Journal of Biological Chemistry.  281:32417-32427. 2006
2006 Electrogenic Na/HCO3 cotransporter (NBCe1) variants expressed in Xenopus oocytes: Functional comparison and roles of the amino and carboxy terminiJournal of General Physiology.  127:639-658. 2006
2006 Heightened epithelial Na+ channel-mediated Na+ absorption in a murine polycystic kidney disease model epithelium lacking apical monocilia 2006
2001 Inhibition of the cardiac electrogenic sodium bicarbonate cotransporter reduces ischemic injuryCardiovascular Research.  52:387-396. 2001
2001 Sodium–hydrogen exchangers and sodium–bicarbonate co-transporters: ontogeny of protein expression in the rat brainNeuroscience.  102:217-228. 2001
2000 Na/HCO3 Cotransporters in Rat Brain: Expression in Glia, Neurons, and Choroid Plexus 2000
2000 An electrogenic Na+- HCO 3 − cotransporter (NBC) with a novel COOH-terminus, cloned from rat brain 2000
1999 Effect of Trace Levels of Nigericin on Intracellular pH and Acid-Base Transport in Rat Renal Mesangial Cells 1999
1999 Shrinkage-induced activation of Na+/H+exchange in rat renal mesangial cells 1999
1997 Intracellular pH Regulation in Cultured Astrocytes from Rat HippocampusJournal of General Physiology.  110:453-465. 1997
1997 Intracellular pH Regulation in Cultured Astrocytes from Rat HippocampusJournal of General Physiology.  110:467-483. 1997
1996 Functional expression of the cDNA encoded by the human ATP1AL1 gene 1996
1996 pH regulation in single CA1 neurons acutely isolated from the hippocampi of immature and mature rats. 1996
1995 Use of BCECF and propidium iodide to assess membrane integrity of acutely isolated CA1 neurons from rat hippocampusJournal of Neuroscience Methods.  58:61-75. 1995
1995 Out-of-equilibrium CO2/HCO3− solutions and their use in characterizing a new K/HCO3 cotransporterNature.  374:636-639. 1995


Year Title Altmetric
2014 Preface.  Ed. 73.  2014
2003 pH regulation in non-neuronal brain cells and interstitial fluid.  Ed. 31.  2003


Year Title Altmetric
2013 Control of Intracellular pH.  1773-1835. 2013
2008 Control of Intracellular pH.  1429-1480. 2008
2004 pH regulation in non-neuronal brain cells and interstitial fluid.  707-745. 2004
2000 Control of intracellular pH..  391-442. 2000
1998 Fluorescence Indicators.  129-151. 1998
1995 Manipulation and regulation of cytosolic pH.  252-273. 1995

Research Overview

  • My laboratory is interested in the cellular and molecular physiology of intracellular pH (pHi) regulation and acid-base transport, particularly related to brain and kidney function. We are interested in the role of pH changes and sodium-coupled bicarbonate transport activity in modulating neuronal excitability and synaptic transmission. We are also exploring how acid-base transporters, as well as ion channels of the degenerins family contribute to Na+ hyperabsorption and phenotypic changes in models of polycystic kidney disease. Finally, we are performing structure-function studies on sodium-coupled bicarbonate transporters to understand critical residues and regions involved in protein function, ion translocation, and regulation.
  • Education And Training

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Physiology, Yale University 1996
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  • Mark Bevensee