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Year Title Altmetric
2019 A Moral Argument against Turning off an Implantable Cardiac Device: Why Deactivation Is a Form of Killing, Not Simply Allowing a Patient to Die 2019
2019 Last Words: Seeking Understanding, if Not Agreement, on Killing and Allowing-to-Die 2019
2019 Reply to Sulmasy/Courtois: Why it is Sometimes Unethical to Deactivate Cardiac Implantable Electrical Devices 2019
2017 What does the character of medicine as a social practice imply for professional conscientious objection? 2017
2016 Putting patient autonomy in its proper place; professional norm-guided medical decision-making 2016
2015 In reply to berman and crane 2015
2014 Health care institutions should not exclude smokers from employment 2014
2014 Political Activism is not Mandated by Medical Professionalism 2014
2013 Fumbling toward the future: Internal medicine and clinical care teams 2013
2013 The limits of social justice as an aspect of medical professionalism 2013
2013 Moral fiction or moral fact? The distinction between doing and allowing in medical ethics 2013
2013 Don't Ban the Sunset in Pharmaceutical Advertising If It Doesn't Darken the Sky 2013
2012 Pacemaker deactivation: Withdrawal of support or active ending of life? 2012
2012 Honesty Is an Internal Norm of Medical Practice and the Best Policy 2012
2012 Regarding physician advocacy 2012
2011 Retainer medicine: An ethically legitimate form of practice that can improve primary care 2011
2011 Clarifying the Dispute over Academic-Industry Relationships 2011
2011 Commentary 1: Physician Involvement with Politics—Obligation or Avocation? 2011
2011 In Reply: Do medical professionalism and medical education involve commitments to political advocacy? 2011
2011 Perspective: Medical professionalism and medical education should not involve commitments to political advocacy 2011
2010 Response to open peer commentaries on "The pitfalls of deducing ethics from economics: Why the association of American medical colleges is wrong about pharmaceutical detailing" 2010
2010 The pitfalls of deducing ethics from behavioral economics: Why the association of american medical colleges is wrong about pharmaceutical detailing 2010
2009 Internal medicine training in the 21st century 2009
2008 Drug reps and the academic medical center: A case for management rather than prohibition 2008
2008 Death, organ transplantation and medical practice 2008
2008 Internal medicine training in the 21st century 2008
2007 The limits of objective assessment of medical practice 2007
2007 Viewpoint: Taking apart the art: The risk of anatomizing clinical competence 2007
2006 Philosophy, Ethics, and Humanities in Medicine: Expanding the open-access conversation on health care 2006
2006 Academic general internal medicine: Past, present, future 2006
2005 Viewpoint: Teaching professionalism: Is medical morality a competency? 2005
2003 American internal medicine in the 21st century: Can an Oslerian generalism survive? 2003
1998 Taking stock at the green journal 1998
1996 Competition and reform at the Medical Department of the University of Pennsylvania, 1847-1877. 1996
1994 Osler's clinical clerkship: Origins and interpretations 1994
1991 Looking backward: the 1871 reforms at Harvard Medical School reconsidered. 1991


Year Title Altmetric
2017 suicide, physician assisted suicide, the doing allowing distinction and double effect.  1-262. 2017

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  • Doctor of Philosophy in History, University of Illinois System : Urbana-Champaign 1988
  • Doctor of Medicine, University of Illinois System : Chicago 1985
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  • Thomas Huddle