• Dr. Mehta is a health services researcher with several years of experience in biostatistics and data mining. He is an Associate Professor and Director of Research in the Department of Health Services Administration at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). His training included PhD in Biostatistics and Masters in Electrical Engineering. He leads the NIH-funded Nutrition Obesity Research Center Design Analytics Core. His research projects include from large randomized controlled trials related to telehealth to analysis of large existing datasets. Dr. Mehta’s research interest span from clinical, epidemiological and health services related scientific inquiries in topics related to obesity, cardiometabolic conditions, disability, and rehabilitation. One of his recent line of research is in the area of healthcare quality improvement in obesity and diabetes care.

    Dr. Mehta is a co-investigator, site PI, and lead statistician to several research studies funded by a variety of funding agencies such as NIH, NIDDILR and PCORI. Dr. Mehta has a strong publication record with over 50 peer-reviewed articles including several first-author articles. He has published in highly competitive journals such as JAMA, PLOS Med, New England Journal of Medicine, and Obesity Reviews. He has served on several national society committees such as the Finance Committee and Public Affairs committee of The Obesity Society. At UAB he has also participated in shared governance serving as the chair of the Faculty Senate Research Committee and University-wide Budget Allocation Committee.
  • Selected Publications

    Academic Article

    Year Title Altmetric
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    2022 Randomisation can do many things – but it cannot “fail” 2022
    2022 Reply to DA Booth 2022
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    Research Overview

  • Health services and outcomes research especially related to cardiometabolic conditions (diabetes and obesity), disability, and rehabilitation.
    Pragmatic study design application and development
    Population health and practice transformation related initiatives
    Analytics for large datasets
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  • AH727 - Applied Multivariate Statistic (Spring Term 2020)
  • AH727 - Applied Multivariate Statistic (Spring Term 2021)
  • AH790 - Independent Study and Research (Fall Term 2020)
  • AH790 - Independent Study and Research (Spring Term 2020)
  • AH798 - Non-Dissertation Research (Summer Term 2020)
  • HIM665 - Hlth Data Analy for Perf Impro (Fall Term 2015)
  • HQS615 - Collab Anal/Qual&Safety Improv (Spring Term 2016)
  • HQS615 - Collab Anal/Qual&Safety Improv (Spring Term 2017)
  • HQS615 - Collab Analy/Qual&Safety Imprv (Spring Term 2018)
  • HQS615 - Collab Analy/Qual&Safety Imprv (Spring Term 2019)
  • HRP410 - Honors Project (Spring Term 2017)
  • HRP410 - Honors Research Project (Spring Term 2018)
  • RHB783 - Res Design/Measur in Rehab Sci (Fall Term 2018)
  • RHB783 - Res Design/Measur in Rehab Sci (Fall Term 2019)
  • RHB783 - Research Design in Rehab Sci (Fall Term 2015)
  • RHB783 - Research Design in Rehab Sci (Fall Term 2016)
  • RHB783 - Research Design in Rehab Sci (Fall Term 2017)
  • RHB784 - Res Design/Measure Rehab Sc II (Spring Term 2014)
  • RHB784 - Res Design/Measure Rehab Sc II (Spring Term 2017)
  • RHB784 - Res Design/Measure Rehab Sc II (Spring Term 2018)
  • RHB784 - Res Design/Measure Rehab Sc II (Spring Term 2019)
  • RHB784 - Res Design/Measure Rehab Sc II (Spring Term 2020)
  • RHB790 - Rehab Sci Research Project (Fall Term 2014)
  • RHB798 - Non Dissertation Research (Fall Term 2018)
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  • RHB798 - Non Dissertation Research (Spring Term 2019)
  • RHB798 - Non Dissertation Research (Spring Term 2020)
  • RHB798 - Non Dissertation Research (Summer Term 2018)
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  • RHB798 - Non Dissertation Research (Summer Term 2020)
  • RHB799 - Dissertation Research (Fall Term 2020)
  • RHB799 - Dissertation Research (Fall Term 2021)
  • RHB799 - Dissertation Research (Spring Term 2021)
  • RHB799 - Dissertation Research (Summer Term 2021)
  • Full Name

  • Tapan Mehta