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2015 Induction of ectopic retina-like tissue by transgenic expression of neurogenin 2015
2014 The retinal pigment epithelium: A convenient source of new photoreceptor cells? 2014
2013 Photoreceptor-like cells in transgenic mouse eye 2013
2013 Photoreceptor-like cells from reprogramming cultured mammalian RPE cells 2013
2012 Chick retinal pigment epithelium transdifferentiation assay for proneural activities 2012
2012 Chick retinal pigment epithelium transdifferentiation assay for proneural activities 2012
2012 Fate tracing of neurogenin2-expressing cells in the mouse retina using CreER™: LacZ 2012
2012 Fate tracing of neurogenin2-expressing cells in the mouse retina using CreER™: LacZ 2012
2012 Production of high-titer RCAS retrovirus 2012
2012 Production of high-titer RCAS retrovirus 2012
2011 Methyl-binding domain protein 2-dependent proliferation and survival of breast cancer cells 2011
2010 Neurogenin 1 effectively reprograms cultured chick retinal pigment epithelial cells to differentiate toward photoreceptors 2010
2010 Generating retinal neurons by reprogramming retinal pigment epithelial cells 2010
2010 Using neurogenin to reprogram chick RPE to produce photoreceptor-like neurons 2010
2009 Pro-photoreceptor activity of chick neurogenin1 2009
2009 Tales of retinogenesis told by human stem cells 2009
2009 Reprogramming retinal pigment epithelium to differentiate toward retinal neurons with Sox2 2009
2009 Neurogenin3 promotes early retinal neurogenesis 2009
2009 Proneural gene ash1 promotes amacrine cell production in the chick retina 2009
2008 Reprogramming progeny cells of embryonic RPE to produce photoreceptors: Development of advanced photoreceptor traits under the induction of neuroD 2008
2006 Exploring RPE as a source of photoreceptors: Differentiation and integration of transdifferentiating cells grafted into embryonic chick eyes 2006
2006 The final fates of neurogenin2-expressing cells include all major neuron types in the mouse retina 2006
2005 BHLH genes and retinal cell fate specification 2005
2004 Enhanced retinal ganglion cell differentiation by ath5 and NSCL1 coexpression 2004
2004 A role of ath5 in inducing neuroD and the photoreceptor pathway 2004
2004 bHLH genes cath5 and cNSCL1 promote bFGF-stimulated RPE cells to transdifferentiate toward retinal ganglion cells 2004
2002 Chick homeobox gene cbx and its role in retinal development 2002
2001 Atrophy of Müller glia and photoreceptor cells in chick retina misexpressing cNSCL2 2001
2001 Embryonic abnormalities from misexpression of cNSCL1 2001
2000 Expression of an array of photoreceptor genes in chick embryonic retinal pigment epithelium cell cultures under the induction of neuroD 2000
2000 Differential induction of gene expression by basic fibroblast growth factor and neuroD in cultured retinal pigment epithelial cells 2000
1999 Misexpression of a bHLH gene, cNSCL1, results in abnormal brain development 1999
1999 Misexpression of cNSCL1 disrupts retinal development 1999
1998 neuroD induces photoreceptor cell overproduction in vivo and de novo generation in vitro 1998
1998 Identification and characterization of tenp, a gene transiently expressed before overt cell differentiation during neurogenesis 1998
1997 Increased Chromokinesin immunoreactivity in retinoblastoma cells 1997
1996 Rich, a gene specifically expressed in the retina and brain during neurogenesis 1996
1991 The N-terminal and C-terminal portions of NifV are encoded by two different genes in Clostridium pasteurianum 1991
1990 Nucleotide sequence of Clostridium difficile toxin B gene 1990
1990 A nitrogen-fixation gene (nifC) in Clostridium pasteurianum with sequence similarity to chlJ of Escherichia coli 1990
1990 Molecular characterization of the Clostridium difficile toxin A gene 1990
1989 Nucleotide and deduced amino acid sequences of nifE from Clostridium pasteurianum 1989
1988 Distinct Structural Features of The A and β Subunits of Nitrogenase Molybdenum-iron Protein of Clostridium Pasteurianum: An Analysis of Amino Acid Sequences 1988
1988 The presence of five nifH-like sequences in Clostridium pasteurianum: Sequence divergence and transcription properties 1988
1987 Nucleotide and deduced amino acid sequences of nifD encoding the α-subunit of nitrogenase mofe protein of Clostridium pasteurianum 1987
1985 Expression of maize prolamins in Escherichia coli 1985
1985 Screening expression libraries with nonradioactive immunological probes 1985
1983 A simple and rapid dot-immunobinding assay for zein and other prolamins 1983

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