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2022 Building Leadership Skills in Research Groups 2022
2022 Mild Traumatic Brain Injury-Induced Disruption of the Blood-Brain Barrier Triggers an Atypical Neuronal ResponseFrontiers in Cellular Neuroscience.  16. 2022
2022 Mild Traumatic Brain Injury/Concussion Initiates an Atypical Astrocyte Response Caused by Blood-Brain Barrier DysfunctionJournal of Neurotrauma.  39:211-226. 2022
2021 Mild traumatic brain injury/ concussion initiates an atypical astrocyte response caused by blood-brain barrier dysfunction 2021
2021 Reactive astrocyte nomenclature, definitions, and future directionsNature Neuroscience.  24:312-325. 2021
2021 Astrocytes are necessary for blood–brain barrier maintenance in the adult mouse brainGlia.  69:436-472. 2021
2021 Leveraging Zebrafish To Study Bona Fide AstrocytesTrends in Neurosciences.  44:77-79. 2021
2020 Inducing post-traumatic epilepsy in a mouse model of repetitive diffuse traumatic brain injuryJournal of Visualized Experiments.  2020. 2020
2020 Potassium and glutamate transport is impaired in scar-forming tumor-associated astrocytes 2020
2019 Dynamic UTR Usage Regulates Alternative Translation to Modulate Gap Junction Formation during Stress and AgingCell Reports.  27:2737-2747.e5. 2019
2019 Repetitive diffuse mild traumatic brain injury causes an atypical astrocyte response and spontaneous recurrent seizures 2019
2019 Imaging and manipulating astrocyte function in vivo in the context of CNS injuryMethods in Molecular Biology.  1938:233-246. 2019
2017 Astroglial scarring and seizures: A cell biological perspective on epilepsy 2017
2015 Glia as drivers of abnormal neuronal activityNature Neuroscience.  19:28-33. 2015
2015 Vascular amyloidosis impairs the gliovascular unit in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease 2015
2015 SLC7A1 expression is associated with seizures, predicts poor survival in patients with malignant gliomaScience Translational Medicine.  7. 2015
2015 GABAergic disinhibition and impaired KCC2 cotransporter activity underlie tumor-associated epilepsyGlia.  63:23-36. 2015
2015 Reactive astrogliosis causes the development of spontaneous seizures 2015
2014 Disruption of astrocyte-vascular coupling and the blood-brain barrier by invading glioma cellsNature Communications.  5. 2014
2014 A neurocentric perspective on glioma invasionNature Reviews Neuroscience.  15:455-465. 2014
2013 Glutamate and tumor-associated epilepsy: Glial cell dysfunction in the peritumoral environment 2013
2011 Glutamate release by primary brain tumors induces epileptic activityNature Medicine.  17:1269-1274. 2011
2011 Genetic deletion of Cdc42 reveals a crucial role for astrocyte recruitment to the injury site in vitro and in vivo 2011
2011 The stem cell potential of glia: Lessons from reactive gliosisNature Reviews Neuroscience.  12:88-104. 2011
2010 Serotonin depletion hampers survival and proliferation in neurospheres derived from adult neural stem cellsNeuropsychopharmacology.  35:893-903. 2010
2009 Conditional deletion of β1-integrin in astroglia causes partial reactive gliosisGlia.  57:1630-1647. 2009

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  • Stefanie Robel