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  • C1q13 Inhibits GLP-1Incretin-Induced Insulin Secretion by Bai3 Adhesion G-Protein Coupled Receptor in Pancreatic Beta Cells
  • Central Role of Toll-Like Receptor 2 in Free Fatty Acid Mediated Endothelial Dysfunction
  • Developing a Mobile Health Intervention to Link Diabetes Community Health Workers with Primary Care
  • Discovery of Allosteric Inhibitor against PERK as a Therapeutic Strategy for Type 2 Diabetes
  • Enhancing EPC Metabolism and Differentiation for Vascular Repair in Diabetes
  • FGF21 Causes Left Ventricular Hypertrophy
  • FGF21 as Mediator of the Metabolic Actions of Glucagon
  • Identification of a TXNIP-Regulated microRNA Involved in Insulin Production
  • Islet Cell Growth and Function: The Role of Thioredoxin-Interacting Protein
  • Ldb1 Mediates Transcriptional Complexes During B-Cell Development and Function
  • Role of Ring Finger 20 (Rnf20) in Postnatal Pancreatic Gene Expression
  • Role of TLR4-Mediated Unfolding Protein Response in Vascular Insulin Resistance
  • Synergism of Innate Immune-Derived Reactive Oxygen Species and T Cell Effector Responses in Type 1 Diabetes
  • The Biomimetic Nanomatrix to Increase the Efficacy of Islet Transplantation
  • The Role of Cardiac O-GlcNAcylation on the Function of Stromal Interaction Molecule 1 and its Impact on Cardiac Metabolism
  • The Role of PPARdelta Signaling in Diabetic Cardiomyopathy
  • The Role of Reactive Oxygen Species in Innate and Adaptive Immune Function in Type 1 Diabetes
  • iPLA2beta-Dependent Ceramide Generation & Mitochondrial Activation in Beta-Cell Apoptosis