Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2021 Effect of the temperature of sodium hypochlorite on the cyclic fatigue resistance of ProTaper Gold rotary filesDental and Medical Problems.  58:533-537. 2021
2020 Effect of magnesium sulphate added to lidocaine on inferior alveolar nerve block success in patients with symptoms of irreversible pulpitis: a prospective, randomized clinical trialInternational Endodontic Journal.  53:145-153. 2020
2020 Comparison of autogenous bone graft and tissue-engineered bone graft in alveolar cleft defects in canine animal models using digital radiographyIndian Journal of Dental Research.  31:118-123. 2020
2018 Comparison of sealing ability of ProRoot mineral trioxide aggregate, biodentine, and ortho mineral trioxide aggregate for canal obturation by the fluid infiltration techniqueDental Research Journal.  15:307-312. 2018
2018 Stress distribution of maxillary first molar PDL with highpull headgear traction; A finite element analysis 2018
2018 Comparative evaluation of apical constriction position in incisor and molar teeth: An in vitro studyEuropean Journal of Dentistry.  12:237-241. 2018
2017 Determination of salivary urea and uric acid of patients with halitosisDental Research Journal.  14:241-245. 2017
2017 Effect of massage on the success of anesthesia and infiltration injection pain in maxillary central incisors: Double-blind, crossover trialDental Hypotheses.  8:61-64. 2017
2016 Human pulp response to direct pulp capping and miniature pulpotomy with MTA after application of topical dexamethasone: A randomized clinical trialIranian Endodontic Journal.  11:85-90. 2016
2015 Synergic phototoxic effect of visible light or Gallium-Arsenide laser in the presence of different photo-sensitizers on Porphyromonas gingivalis and Fusobacterium nucleatumDental Research Journal.  12:323-330. 2015
2013 Effect of low-level laser therapy on dental pain induced by separator force in orthodontic treatmentDental Research Journal.  10:647-651. 2013
2012 A novel approach to determine the effect of irrigation on temperature and failure of Ni-Ti endodontic rotary filesDental Research Journal.  9:281-287. 2012

Education And Training

  • Mashhad University of Medical Sciences Endodontics, Residency
  • Doctor of Dental Science in Dentistry, 2013
  • Full Name

  • Seyed Amir Mousavi