Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2014 Decision making and prostate cancer screening 2014
2014 Ensuring comprehensive assessment of urinary problems in prostate cancer through patient-physician concordance 2014
2010 Impact of radical prostatectomy positive surgical margins on fear of cancer recurrence: Results from CaPSUREā„¢ 2010
2008 Effect of BMI on Primary Treatment of Prostate Cancer 2008
2006 Literacy, race, and PSA level among low-income men newly diagnosed with prostate cancer 2006
2003 Impact of patient educational level on treatment for patients with prostate cancer: Data from CaPSURE 2003
2003 Quality of life after a diagnosis of prostate cancer among men of lower socioeconomic status: Results from the Veterans Affairs Cancer of the Prostate Outcomes Study 2003
2001 Spouse ratings of quality of life in patients with metastatic prostate cancer of lower socioeconomic status: An assessment of feasibility, reliability, and validity 2001
1997 Comparison of perspectives on prostate cancer: Analyses of survey data 1997


Year Title Altmetric
2016 Using the veterans health administration as a laboratory for integrated decision tools for patients and clinicians.  239-250. 2016
2016 The Veterans Health Administration as a Laboratory for Integrated Decision Support 2016
2011 Loss, Bereavement, and Adaptation.  242-254. 2011
2009 Discounting 2009
2007 Loss, Bereavement, and Adaptation.  193-205. 2007
2004 Health Psychology and Medicine: The Art and Science of Healing 2004
2004 Oncology and Hematology 2004
1998 Health Psychology and Medicine: The Art and Science of Healing 1998

Research Overview

  • Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Palliative Medicine, Genomics and Personalized Medicine, Quality of Life and Patient-Reported Outcomes, Medical Decision Making, Patient Values, Patient Preferences, Shared Decision Making, Patient and Clinician Education
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  • Sara Knight