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Year Title Altmetric
2022 Back to Basics: A general approach to improving Covid and adult immunization delivery focused on Pharmacy-Based immunization servicesVaccine.  40:2647-2649. 2022
2022 Understanding Physicians’ Perceptions of Patient-Identified Barriers to Osteoporosis Medication Initiation: A Cognitive Mapping ApproachRisk Management and Healthcare Policy.  15:1293-1302. 2022
2021 Hospice inpatient services provision, utilization, and financial performanceHealth Care Management Review.  46:E68-E76. 2021
2021 Community chain pharmacists’ perceptions of increased technicians’ involvement in the immunization process 2021
2021 Determining patient needs to enhance exercise program implementation and uptake in rural settings for women after a cancer diagnosisSupportive Care in Cancer.  29:4641-4649. 2021
2021 Cognitive mapping as an approach to facilitate organ donation among African Americans 2021
2020 Systematic review of the hospice performance literatureHealth Care Management Review.  45:E23-E34. 2020
2020 Optimizing the immunization activities of community chain pharmacists: Insights from a national survey 2020
2019 Beyond efficacy: a qualitative organizational perspective on key implementation science constructs important to physical activity intervention translation to rural community cancer care sitesJournal of Cancer Survivorship.  13:537-546. 2019
2016 Mapping Perceptions of Lupus Medication Decision-Making Facilitators: The Importance of Patient ContextArthritis Care and Research.  68:1787-1794. 2016
2016 Recommend, but also Discuss: Different Patterns of Physician-Perceived Barriers to Discussing HPV Vaccination and Their Association with Vaccine Administration in 11–12 Year-Old GirlsMaternal and Child Health Journal.  20:2539-2547. 2016
2016 Quality of physician communication about HPV vaccine-letterCancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention.  25:867. 2016
2016 Primary Care Physicians' Adherence to Guidelines and Their Likelihood to Prescribe the Human Papillomavirus Vaccine for 11- and 12-Year-Old GirlsWomen's Health Issues.  26:34-39. 2016
2015 Minorities with lupus nephritis and medications: A study of facilitators to medication decision-makingArthritis Research and Therapy.  17. 2015
2015 Barriers to medication decision making in women with lupus nephritis: A formative study using nominal group techniqueJournal of Rheumatology.  42:1616-1623. 2015
2015 Center-Level Experience and Kidney Transplant Outcomes in HIV-Infected RecipientsAmerican Journal of Transplantation.  15:2096-2104. 2015
2015 Patient assessment of primary care physician communication: Segmentation approachInternational Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance.  28:332-342. 2015
2015 Identification of strategies to facilitate organ donation among african americans using the nominal group techniqueClinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology.  10:286-293. 2015
2014 Resilience in the initial year of caregiving for a family member with a traumatic spinal cord injuryJournal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology.  82:1072-1086. 2014
2014 Teaching behaviors that define highest rated attending physicians: A study of the resident perspectiveMedical Teacher.  36:991-996. 2014
2014 Dealing with the financial burden of cancer: perspectives of older breast cancer survivorsSupportive Care in Cancer.  22:3045-3052. 2014
2014 Frictions as barriers to perioperative alignment: Results from a latent class analysis 2014
2014 Resilience in the initial year of caregiving for a family member with a traumatic spinal cord injuryJournal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology.  82:1072-1086. 2014
2013 Feeding style differences in food parenting practices associated with fruit and vegetable intake in children from low-income familiesJournal of Nutrition Education and Behavior.  45:643-651. 2013
2013 Health care providers' recommendations for physical activity and adherence to physical activity guidelines among adults with arthritis 2013
2013 What Hispanic parents do to encourage and discourage 3-5 year old children to be active: A qualitative study using nominal group techniqueInternational Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity.  10. 2013
2013 Age bias in physicians' recommendations for physical activity: A behavioral model of healthcare utilization for adults with arthritisJournal of Physical Activity and Health.  10:222-231. 2013
2013 Cultural perceptions of weight in African American and Caucasian womenAmerican Journal of Health Behavior.  37:3-13. 2013
2012 Using cognitive mapping to define key domains for successful attending rounds.Journal of General Internal Medicine.  27:1492-1498. 2012
2012 Association between adherence to physical activity guidelines and health-related quality of life among individuals with physician-diagnosed arthritisQuality of Life Research.  21:1347-1357. 2012
2012 Child temperament, parent emotions, and perceptions of the child's feeding experienceInternational Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity.  9. 2012
2012 Determinants of physicians’ career choices in UkraineInternational Journal of Behavioural and Healthcare Research.  3:291-305. 2012
2012 Using cognitive mapping to define key domains for successful attending rounds.Journal of General Internal Medicine.  27:1492-1498. 2012
2011 Primary care patient satisfaction segmentationInternational Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance.  24:564-576. 2011
2011 The art and science of patient Storytelling-Harnessing narrative communication for behavioral interventions: The ACCE project 2011
2011 Self-perceived lactose intolerance results in lower intakes of calcium and dairy foods and is associated with hypertension and diabetes in adultsAmerican Journal of Clinical Nutrition.  94:191-198. 2011
2011 Emotional climate, feeding practices, and feeding styles: An observational analysis of the dinner meal in Head Start familiesInternational Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity.  8. 2011
2011 Impact of medicare prospective payment system on acute rehabilitation outcomes of patients with spinal cord injuryArchives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.  92:346-351. 2011
2011 Cognitive mapping tobacco control advice for dentistry: A dental PBRN studyAmerican Journal of Health Behavior.  35:228-239. 2011
2011 What should we include in a cultural competence curriculum? An emerging formative evaluation process to foster curriculum developmentAcademic Medicine.  86:333-341. 2011
2010 Use of the Nominal Group Technique (NGT) to understand the perceptions of the healthiness of foods associated with African AmericansEvaluation and Program Planning.  33:343-348. 2010
2010 A configurational view of executive selection behaviours: A taxonomy of USA acute care hospitalsHealth Services Management Research.  23:128-138. 2010
2010 Examining the diverse perspectives of nurse practitioners regarding obstacles to diaphragm prescription: A latent class analysisJournal of Women's Health.  19:1355-1361. 2010
2010 Preventing intentional food contamination: A survey to assess restaurant preparednessJournal of Public Health Management and Practice.  16. 2010
2010 Restaurant industry preparedness against intentional food contamination: Results of a South Carolina surveyJournal of Public Health Management and Practice.  16. 2010
2010 Strategic groupings of US biotechnology initial public offerings their market influenceTechnology Analysis and Strategic Management.  22:399-415. 2010
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2010 Barriers to diaphragm use: The views of advanced practice nursesBMJ Sexual && Reproductive Health.  36:79-82. 2010
2010 Cardiac rehabilitation and women: What keeps them away?Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation and Prevention.  30:12-21. 2010
2010 Evaluating the quality of acute rehabilitation care for patients with spinal cord injury: An extended donabedian model 2010
2010 Management of Female Sexual Problems: Perceived Barriers, Practice Patterns, and Confidence among Primary Care Physicians and Gynecologists 2010
2010 Parenting practices are associated with fruit and vegetable consumption in pre-school childrenPublic Health Nutrition.  13:91-101. 2010
2009 Prevalence of self-reported lactose intolerance in a multiethnic sample of adultsNutrition Today.  44:222-227. 2009
2009 Associations among parental feeding styles and children's food intake in families with limited incomesInternational Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity.  6:55. 2009
2009 Toward a Valid Definition of Gout Flare: Results of Consensus Exercises Using Delphi Methodology and Cognitive MappingArthritis and Rheumatism.  61:535-543. 2009
2008 Healthcare management education.The Journal of health administration education.  25:1-4. 2008
2008 Understanding patient satisfaction, trust, and loyalty to primary care physiciansMedical Care Research and Review.  65:696-712. 2008
2008 Indulgent feeding style and children's weight status in preschoolJournal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics.  29:403-410. 2008
2008 Using Internet-based nominal group technique meetings to identify provider strategies for increasing diaphragm useBMJ Sexual && Reproductive Health.  34:227-231. 2008
2008 Online education.The Journal of health administration education.  25:269-271. 2008
2008 A pilot study using nominal group technique to assess residents' perceptions of successful attending roundsJournal of General Internal Medicine.  23:1060-1065. 2008
2008 Market effects on electronic health record adoption by physiciansHealth Care Management Review.  33:243-252. 2008
2008 Global heathcare management.The Journal of health administration education.  25:171-173. 2008
2008 Competencies and curriculum content: what works for our programs?The Journal of health administration education.  25:81-85. 2008
2008 Internet delivered support for tobacco control in dental practice: Randomized controlled trial 2008
2007 Racial/ethnic disparities in patient-reported nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drug (NSAID) risk awareness, patient-doctor NSAID risk communication, and NSAID risk behaviorArthritis and Rheumatism.  57:1539-1545. 2007
2007 Racial influences associated with weight-related beliefs in African American and Caucasian women 2007
2007 Reasons for not intensifying medications: Differentiating "clinical inertia" from appropriate careJournal of General Internal Medicine.  22:1648-1655. 2007
2007 Family Caregivers of Persons With Spinal Cord Injury: Predicting Caregivers at Risk for Probable DepressionRehabilitation Psychology.  52:351-357. 2007
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2007 Assessing the effects of the HIPAA privacy rule on release of patient information by healthcare facilities.Perspectives in health information management / AHIMA, American Health Information Management Association.  4:1. 2007
2007 To outsource or not to outsource: Examining the effects of outsourcing IT functions on financial performance in hospitalsHealth Care Management Review.  32:46-54. 2007
2006 Family caregivers of women with physical disabilitiesJournal of Clinical Psychology in Medical Settings.  13:425-434. 2006
2006 Bridging the gap: academic and practitioner perspectives to identify early career competencies needed in healthcare management.The Journal of health administration education.  23:367-392. 2006
2006 Do governance, equity characteristics, and venture capital involvement affect long-term wealth creation in US health care and biotechnology IPOs?Journal of health care finance.  33:54-71. 2006
2006 Effect of dental practice characteristics on racial disparities in patient-specific tooth lossMedical Care.  44:414-420. 2006
2006 Agreement between medical record documentation and patient-reported use of nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugsAmerican Journal of Health-System Pharmacy.  63:744-747. 2006
2006 Beyond rankings: Using cognitive mapping to understand what health care journals representSocial Science and Medicine.  62:1192-1204. 2006
2006 Hospital information technology and positive financial performance: A different approach to finding an ROI 2006
2006 Study of the relationship between organizational culture and organizational outcomes using hierarchical linear modeling methodology 2006
2006 Using a Modified Nominal Group Technique to Elicit Director of Nursing Input for an Osteoporosis Intervention 2006
2005 Attributes of an ideal continuing medical education institution identified through nominal group technique.Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions.  25:221-228. 2005
2005 Building an understanding of the competencies needed for health administration practice 2005
2005 Hi5+: Systematic Development of a Family Intervention to Increase Fruit and Vegetable IntakeHealth Promotion Practice.  6:190-201. 2005
2005 Perceptions of medical errors by internal medicine residents: development and validation of a new scale. 2005
2004 Using cognitive mapping to understand problems experienced by family caregivers of persons with severe physical disabilitiesJournal of Clinical Psychology in Medical Settings.  11:141-150. 2004
2004 Ability of the actiwatch accelerometer to predict free-living energy expenditure in young childrenObesity.  12:1859-1865. 2004
2004 Using cognitive mapping to develop a community-based family interventionAmerican Journal of Health Behavior.  28:43-53. 2004
2003 Project FOCUS: Using videophones to provide problem-solving training to family caregivers of persons with spinal cord injuriesTopics in Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation.  9:53-62. 2003
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2003 Commentary - Patient satisfaction: What is the point?Health Care Management Review.  28:21-24. 2003
2003 Upstream or downstream: Determinants of consumer willingness to recommend an HMOJournal of Ambulatory Care Management.  26:175-180. 2003
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2001 Survey of primary care physicians' approach to gastroesophageal reflux disease in elderly patients 2001
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1998 Recognizing the family caregiver: Integral and formal members of the rehabilitation processJournal of Vocational Rehabilitation.  10:123-132. 1998
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1997 Serum leptin and energy expenditure in childrenJournal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism.  82:4149-4153. 1997
1996 Defining Health and Well-Being for the Future of Counseling Psychology 1996
1996 Occupational burnout, tolerance for stress, and coping among nurses in rehabilitation unitsRehabilitation Psychology.  41:267-284. 1996
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1995 Psychology in Health Care: Future DirectionsProfessional Psychology: Research and Practice.  26:341-365. 1995
1995 Social Support and Leisure Activities Following Severe Physical Disability: Testing the Mediating Effects of DepressionBasic and Applied Social Psychology.  16:471-487. 1995
1995 Psychological types of health administration students: suggestions for teaching, learning, and the future of the profession.The Journal of health administration education.  13:257-276. 1995
1995 Service quality revisited: Striving for a new orientation 1995
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Year Title Altmetric
2018 Organizing chronic care: The value of organization theory to gerontology.  169-191. 2018
2016 Associations among parental feeding styles and children's food intake in families with limited incomes.  149-162. 2016

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