• Oxalate is a common component of kidney stones. The theme of Dr. Fargue's research is in understanding the mechanisms underlying oxalate metabolism in healthy subjects and in patients with kidney stone disease. The initial focus has been on a rare hereditary form of oxalate kidney stones, called primary hyperoxaluria, both from a clinical perspective and basic science perspective. Dr. Fargue's recent research includes investigating mechanisms underlying calcium oxalate kidney stones.
  • Selected Publications


    Year Title Altmetric
    2009 Primary Hyperoxaluria.  1069-1079. 2009

    Research Overview

  • Oxalate metabolism, kidney stones, primary hyperoxaluria, translational science
  • Education And Training

  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of London - University College London 2012
  • Claude Bernard University Lyon 1 Pediatrics, Residency 2004
  • Claude Bernard University Lyon 1 Pediatrics, Postdoctoral Fellowship 2007
  • Full Name

  • Sonia Fargue