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2018 Heme scavenging reduces pulmonary endoplasmic reticulum stress, fibrosis, and emphysemaJCI insight.  3. 2018
2018 Can a Vitamin A day keep tuberculosis away?American Journal of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology.  59:523-524. 2018
2018 Instillation of hyaluronan reverses acid instillation injury to the mammalian blood gas barrierAJP - Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology.  314:L808-L821. 2018
2018 LPS-induced acute lung injury involves NF-kB–mediated downregulation of SOX18American Journal of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology.  58:614-624. 2018
2018 Exposure of neonatal mice to bromine impairs their alveolar development and lung functionAJP - Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology.  314:L137-L143. 2018
2017 Mechanisms and Treatment of Halogen Inhalation-Induced Pulmonary and Systemic Injuries in Pregnant MiceHypertension.  70:390-400. 2017
2017 Hyper-activation of pp60Src limits nitric oxide signaling by increasing asymmetric dimethylarginine levels during acute lung injuryFree Radical Biology and Medicine.  102:217-228. 2017
2017 Role of apoptosis and autophagy in tuberculosisAJP - Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology.  313:L218-L229. 2017
2016 Differential regulation of autophagy and mitophagy in pulmonary diseasesAJP - Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology.  311:L433-L452. 2016
2016 Redox regulation of epidermal growth factor receptor signaling during the development of pulmonary hypertension.Free Radical Biology and Medicine.  95:96-111. 2016
2016 Heme Attenuation Ameliorates Irritant Gas Inhalation-Induced Acute Lung InjuryAntioxidants and Redox Signaling.  24:99-112. 2016
2016 Chlorine-induced cardiopulmonary injuryAnnals of the New York Academy of Sciences.  1374:159-167. 2016
2016 Role of heme in bromine-induced lung injuryAnnals of the New York Academy of Sciences.  1374:105-110. 2016
2015 Influenza virus M2 targets cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator for lysosomal degradation during viral infectionFederation proceedings.  29:2712-2725. 2015
2015 Upregulation of autophagy decreases chlorine-induced mitochondrial injury and lung inflammationFree Radical Biology and Medicine.  85:83-94. 2015
2015 Endothelial nitric oxide synthase deficient mice are protected from lipopolysaccharide induced acute lung injury.PLoS ONE.  10:e0119918. 2015
2015 Hyaluronan mediates airway hyperresponsiveness in oxidative lung injuryAJP - Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology.  308:L891-L903. 2015
2014 Sox18 preserves the pulmonary endothelial barrier under conditions of increased shear stress.Journal of Cellular Physiology.  229:1802-1816. 2014
2014 Nitration of tyrosine 247 inhibits protein kinase G-1α activity by attenuating cyclic guanosine monophosphate binding.Journal of Biological Chemistry.  289:7948-7961. 2014
2014 Dimethylarginine dimethylaminohydrolase II overexpression attenuates LPS-mediated lung leak in acute lung injury.American Journal of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology.  50:614-625. 2014
2014 Endothelin-1 stimulates catalase activity through the PKCδ-mediated phosphorylation of serine 167.Free Radical Biology and Medicine.  67:255-264. 2014
2014 PKC-dependent phosphorylation of eNOS at T495 regulates eNOS coupling and endothelial barrier function in response to G+ -toxins.PLoS ONE.  9:e99823. 2014
2014 Protein engineering to develop a redox insensitive endothelial nitric oxide synthase.Redox Biology.  2:156-164. 2014
2013 Role of Carnitine Acetyl Transferase in Regulation of Nitric Oxide Signaling in Pulmonary Arterial Endothelial CellsInternational Journal of Molecular Sciences.  14:255-272. 2013
2012 Glutathione Supplementation Attenuates Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Apoptosis in a Mouse Model of Acute Lung InjuryFrontiers in Physiology.  3. 2012
2009 GTP cyclohydrolase I expression is regulated by nitric oxide: role of cyclic AMPAJP - Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology.  297:L309-L317. 2009


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2014 Endothelial dysfunction in acute lung injury.  27-49. 2014

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  • Doctor of Philosophy in Vascular Surgery, Medical College of Georgia 2011
  • Doctor of Medicine, Odessa National Medical University 2002
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  • Saurabh Aggarwal