Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2019 Finding the optimal mix of smoking initiation and cessation interventions to reduce smoking prevalencePLoS ONE.  14. 2019
2019 Initiation versus Cessation Control Policies: Deriving Optimal Resource Allocation Strategies to Decrease Smoking Prevalence Under a Fixed Budget.MDM Policy and Practice.  4:2381468319832036. 2019
2017 An application of the Continuous Opinions and Discrete Actions (CODA) model to adolescent smoking initiationPLoS ONE.  12. 2017
2017 Adopting epidemic model to optimize medication and surgical intervention of excess weightPhysics Letters A.  381:19-23. 2017
2015 Optimal weight based on energy imbalance and utility maximizationPhysica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications.  442:429-435. 2015
2014 Kinetics of jobs in multi-link cities with generalized migration-driven aggregation processApplied Mathematics and Computation.  247:1003-1010. 2014
2014 Migration-driven aggregation behaviors in job markets with direct foreign immigrationPhysics Letters A.  378:3177-3181. 2014
2013 Kinetics of jobs in multi-link cities with migration-driven aggregation processEconomic Modelling.  30:36-41. 2013
2013 Migration-Driven Aggregation Behaviors of Job Markets in a Multi-Group EnvironmentEconomics Research International.  2013:1-6. 2013
2011 Global stability of multigroup epidemic model with group mixing and nonlinear incidence ratesApplied Mathematics and Computation.  218:280-286. 2011
2010 Global stability of the endemic equilibrium of multigroup SIR models with nonlinear incidenceComputers and Mathematics with Applications.  60:2286-2291. 2010
2010 Stability analysis of a class of stochastic differential delay equations with nonlinear impulsive effectsJournal of The Franklin Institute.  347:1186-1198. 2010

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  • Doctor of Philosophy in Health Services / Allied Health / Health Sciences, University of Michigan System : Ann Arbor 2019
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  • Ruoyan Sun