Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2020 Scaffoldless tissue-engineered cartilage for studying transforming growth factor beta-mediated cartilage formationBiotechnology Progress.  36. 2020
2019 Antagonism of BMP signaling is insufficient to induce fibrous differentiation in primary sclerotomeExperimental Cell Research.  378:11-20. 2019
2019 Development of the axial skeleton and intervertebral discCurrent Topics in Developmental Biology.  133:49-90. 2019
2018 IVD Development: Nucleus pulposus development and sclerotome specification. 2018
2017 Tgfbr2 is required in osterix expressing cells for postnatal skeletal developmentBONE.  97:54-64. 2017
2015 Function and regulation of primary cilia and intraflagellar transport proteins in the skeletonAnnals of the New York Academy of Sciences.  1335:78-99. 2015
2014 Erg cooperates with TGF-β to control mesenchymal differentiationExperimental Cell Research.  328:410-418. 2014
2014 Normal mammary development and function in mice with Ift88 deleted in MMTV- and K14-Cre expressing cellsCilia.  3. 2014
2013 Inactivation of Tgfbr2 in Osterix-Cre expressing dental mesenchyme disrupts molar root formationDevelopmental Biology.  382:27-37. 2013
2012 PDGF mediates TGFβ-induced migration during development of the spinous processDevelopmental Biology.  365:110-117. 2012
2012 Altered responsiveness to TGF-β results in reduced Papss2 expression and alterations in the biomechanical properties of mouse articular cartilage 2012
2011 Misexpression of wingless-related MMTV integration site 5A in mouse mammary gland inhibits the milk ejection response and regulates connexin43 phosphorylationBiology of Reproduction.  85:907-915. 2011
2011 Chondrocyte-specific regulatory activity of Runx2 is essential for survival and skeletal development 2011
2010 Inhibiting breast cancer progression by exploiting TGFβ signalingCurrent Drug Targets.  11:1089-1102. 2010
2010 Molecular profiling of the developing mouse axial skeleton: A role for Tgfbr2 in the development of the intervertebral discBMC Developmental Biology.  10. 2010
2009 Tgfbr2 is required for development of the skull vaultDevelopmental Biology.  334:481-490. 2009
2009 Loss of TGF-β or Wnt5a results in an increase in Wnt/β-catenin activity and redirects mammary tumour phenotypeBreast Cancer Research.  11. 2009
2008 Chapter 11 Cilia Involvement in Patterning and Maintenance of the SkeletonCurrent Topics in Developmental Biology.  85:303-332. 2008
2008 Role of intraflagellar transport and primary cilia in skeletal developmentAnatomical Record.  291:1049-1061. 2008
2008 Role for primary cilia in the regulation of mouse ovarian functionDevelopmental Dynamics.  237:2053-2060. 2008
2008 Transforming growth factor-β signaling mediates hypoxia-induced pulmonary arterial remodeling and inhibition of alveolar development in newborn mouse lung 2008
2007 Wnt5a is required for proper mammary gland development and TGF-β-mediated inhibition of ductal growth 2007
2007 Deletion of Tgfbr2 in Prx1-cre expressing mesenchyme results in defects in development of the long bones and jointsDevelopmental Biology.  310:304-316. 2007
2007 Conditional Kif3a ablation causes abnormal hedgehog signaling topography, growth plate dysfunction, and excessive bone and cartilage formation during mouse skeletogenesis 2007
2007 Development of the post-natal growth plate requires intraflagellar transport proteinsDevelopmental Biology.  305:202-216. 2007
2007 C-type natriuretic peptide regulates endochondral bone growth through p38 MAP kinase-dependent and - Independent pathwaysBMC Developmental Biology.  7. 2007
2007 Intraflagellar transport is essential for endochondral bone formation 2007
2006 Tgfbr2 regulates the maintenance of boundaries in the axial skeletonDevelopmental Biology.  296:363-374. 2006
2006 Transforming growth factor-β signaling helps specify tumor type in DMBA and hormone-induced mammary cancersDifferentiation.  74:40-52. 2006
2005 Mouse models of transforming growth factor β impact in breast development and cancerEndocrine-Related Cancer.  12:749-760. 2005
2005 TGF-β, c-Cbl, and PDGFR-α the in mammary stromaDevelopmental Biology.  279:58-72. 2005
2004 Conditional deletion of the TGF-β type II receptor in Col2a expressing cells results in defects in the axial skeleton without alterations in chondrocyte differentiation or embryonic development of long bonesDevelopmental Biology.  276:124-142. 2004
2004 Unique and redundant roles of Smad3 in TGF-β-mediated regulation of long bone development in organ cultureDevelopmental Dynamics.  230:685-699. 2004
2003 TGF-β Signaling in Human Skeletal and Patterning Disorders 2003
2003 TGF-β mammary gland development and breast cancerBreast Disease.  18:61-73. 2003
2002 TGFβ2 mediates the effects of Hedgehog on hypertrophic differentiation and PTHrP expression 2002
2001 The perichondrium plays an important role in mediating the effects of TGF-β1 on endochondral bone formationDevelopmental Dynamics.  221:311-321. 2001
2001 Antagonistic effects of TGF/β1 and BMP-6 on skin keratinocyte differentiationExperimental Cell Research.  263:265-273. 2001
1999 Transforming growth factor-beta in development and diseaseBiotecnología Aplicada.  16:205-218. 1999
1996 Regulation of differentiation by TGF-βCurrent Opinion in Genetics and Development.  6:581-586. 1996
1995 pRb is necessary for inhibition of N-myc expression by TGF-β1 in embryonic lung organ cultures 1995
1994 TGFβ1 inhibits branching morphogenesis and N-myc expression in lung bud organ cultures 1994


Year Title Altmetric
2014 Development of the intervertebral disc.  33-51. 2014

Research Overview

  • The overall goal of the laboratory is to understand the role and mechanism of TGF-ß signaling in embryonic and post-natal skeletal development and to apply this knowledge to skeletal repair and regeneration.
  • Principal Investigator On

  • Chondrocytic Cilia and Mechano-Sensation  awarded by United States - Israel Binational Science Foundation
  • Mechanism of Tgfbr2 in Chondroprotection  awarded by National Institute of Arthritis & Musculoskeletal & Skin Diseases/NIH/DHHS
  • Mechanism of Tgfbr2 in Chondroprotection  awarded by National Institute of Arthritis & Musculoskeletal & Skin Diseases/NIH/DHHS
  • Mechanisms Of Growth Plate Organization In Response To Mechanical Load  awarded by National Institute of Arthritis & Musculoskeletal & Skin Diseases/NIH/DHHS
  • Mechanisms Regulating Afferent Innervation in the Dental Pulp  awarded by National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research/NIH/DHHS
  • Mechanisms of TGFb in Prostaglandin Metabolism and Fertilization  awarded by National Institute of Child Health and Human Development/NIH/DHHS
  • Orchestration of Breast Cancer Osteolytic Bone Metastasis by MIF  awarded by National Institute of Arthritis & Musculoskeletal & Skin Diseases/NIH/DHHS
  • Primary Cilia in Breast Cancer Progression  awarded by DOD - ARMY MEDICAL RESEARCH ACQUISITION ACTIVITY
  • Sox9 in TGF-Mediated Maintenance of beta Chondrocyte Phenotype  awarded by National Institute of Arthritis & Musculoskeletal & Skin Diseases/NIH/DHHS
  • TGF-Beta in the Pathology and Development of the Spine  awarded by National Institute of Arthritis & Musculoskeletal & Skin Diseases/NIH/DHHS
  • TGF-beta in the Pathology and Development of the Spine  awarded by National Institute of Arthritis & Musculoskeletal & Skin Diseases/NIH/DHHS
  • TGF-beta in the Pathology and Development of the Spine  awarded by National Institute of Arthritis & Musculoskeletal & Skin Diseases/NIH/DHHS
  • The Mechanism of Tgfbr2 Action in Joint Degeneration  awarded by National Institute of Arthritis & Musculoskeletal & Skin Diseases/NIH/DHHS
  • Wnt5a and TGF-beta in Mammary Development and Cancer  awarded by National Cancer Institute/NIH/DHHS
  • Education And Training

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Cell / Cellular and Molecular Biology, Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education 1992
  • Full Name

  • Rosa Serra