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2009 The small organic compound HMN-176 delays satisfaction of the spindle assembly checkpoint by inhibiting centrosome-dependent microtubule nucleationMolecular Cancer Therapeutics.  8:592-601. 2009
2009 Using centrosome fragments in the directed assembly of microtubulesJournal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology.  9:871-875. 2009
2008 Is the US party over? 2008
2007 Aurora-A kinase regulates breast cancer-associated gene 1 inhibition of centrosome-dependent microtubule nucleationCancer Research.  67:11186-11194. 2007
2007 Cyclin E/Cdk2 is required for sperm maturation, but not DNA replication, in early sea urchin embryos 2007
2007 Laser intensity dependence of femtosecond near-infrared optoinjection 2007
2007 Laser intensity dependence of femtosecond near-infrared optoinjection. 2007
2007 BRCA1 regulates γ-tubulin binding to centrosomesCancer Biology and Therapy.  6:1853-1857. 2007
2007 Why funding cuts at the National Institutes of Health are so painful.Physiologist.  50. 2007
2006 Direct patterning of centrosome arrays as templates for the assembly of microtubulesBiotechnology and Bioengineering.  94:1012-1016. 2006
2006 What's happening to the new investigator?The FASEB Journal.  20:1288-1289. 2006
2006 Centrosome-associated RNA in surf clam oocytes 2006
2006 Warming up at the poles. Workshop on Centrosomes and Spindle Pole BodiesEMBO Reports.  7:364-371. 2006
2003 Rapid tau aggregation and delayed hippocampal neuronal death induced by persistent thrombin signalingJournal of Biological Chemistry.  278:37681-37689. 2003
2003 Centrosome and spindle pole body dynamics: A review of the EMBO/EMBL Conference on Centrosomes and Spindle Pole Bodies, Heidelberg, September 13-17, 2002Cytoskeleton.  54:148-154. 2003
2003 Effect of γ-synuclein overexpression on matrix metalloproteinases in retinoblastoma Y79 cellsArchives of Biochemistry and Biophysics.  410:167-176. 2003
2002 Characterization of Cep135, a novel coiled-coil centrosomal protein involved in microtubule organization in mammalian cells 2002
2001 Gamma synuclein: Subcellular localization in neuronal and non-neuronal cells and effect on signal transductionCytoskeleton.  49:218-228. 2001
2001 Kendrin/pericentrin-B, a centrosome protein with homology to pericentrin that complexes with PCM-1Journal of Cell Science.  114:797-809. 2001
2001 In vitro reconstitution of fish melanophore pigment aggregationCytoskeleton.  48:1-10. 2001
2001 Centriole duplication, centrosome maturation and spindle assembly in lysates of Spisula solidissima oocytes.Methods in Molecular Biology.  161:215-228. 2001
2001 Reconstitution of centrosome microtubule nucleation in SpisulaMethods in Cell Biology.  67:149-165. 2001
2001 Reconstitution of centrosome microtubule nucleation in SpisulaMethods in Cell Biology.  67:149-165. 2001
2000 Reconstitution of microtubule nucleation potential in centrosomes isolated from Spisula solidissima oocytesJournal of Cell Science.  113:943-953. 2000
1999 Dynein is required for spindle assembly in cytoplasmic extracts of Spisula solidissima oocytesJournal of Cell Science.  112:1291-1302. 1999
1999 Differential regulation of maternal vs. paternal centrosomes 1999
1999 Centrosome maturationCurrent Topics in Developmental Biology.  49:449-470. 1999
1999 Identification and function of the centrosome centromatrixBiology of the Cell.  91:429-438. 1999
1998 The disassembly and reassembly of functional centrosomes in vitro 1998
1998 Chapter 3 Isolation of Centrosomes from Spisula solidissima OocytesMethods in Cell Biology.  61:35-56. 1998
1997 Centrosomes isolated from Spisula solidissima oocytes contain rings and an unusual stoichiometric ratio of α/β tubulin 1997
1996 Analysis of the calcium transient at NEB during the first cell cycle in dividing sea urchin eggsBiological Bulletin.  191:5-16. 1996
1996 Regulation of maturation-promoting factor by protein kinase C in Chaetopterus oocytesInvertebrate Reproduction and Development.  30:71-79. 1996
1994 Sperm nuclear transformations in cytoplasmic extracts from surf clam (Spisula solidissima) oocytesDevelopmental Biology.  162:245-258. 1994
1993 Preferential dendritic localization of pericentriolar material in hippocampal pyramidal neurons in cultureCytoskeleton.  25:336-344. 1993
1992 Erratum: Centriole duplication in lysates of Spisula solidissima oocytes (Science (219-221))Science.  256:1746. 1992
1992 Centriole duplication in lysates of Spisula solidissima oocytesScience.  256:219-221. 1992
1992 Colcemid and the mitotic cycleJournal of Cell Science.  102:387-392. 1992
1992 Regulation of M-phase progression in Chaetopterus oocytes by protein kinase CDevelopmental Biology.  149:395-405. 1992
1991 Methylated ubiquitin inhibits cyclin degradation in clam embryo extractsJournal of Biological Chemistry.  266:16376-16379. 1991
1991 Reactivation of isolated mitotic apparatus: Metaphase versus anaphase spindlesCytoskeleton.  18:304-318. 1991
1990 Inhibition of mitosis in fertilized sea urchin eggs by inhibition of the cyclic AMP-dependent protein kinaseExperimental Cell Research.  188:122-128. 1990
1989 Disassembly of the nuclear envelope of spisula oocytes in a cell-free systemDevelopmental Biology.  131:496-504. 1989
1989 Rearrangements of pterinosomes and cytoskeleton accompanying pigment dispersion in goldfish xanthophores.Cytoskeleton.  13:9-20. 1989
1989 cAMP-independent and cAMP-dependent protein phosphorylations by isolated goldfish xanthophore cytoskeletons: Evidence for the association of cytoskeleton with a carotenoid droplet proteinCytoskeleton.  13:21-29. 1989
1988 In vitro reactivation of anaphase B in isolated spindles of the sea urchin egg.Cytoskeleton.  10:197-209. 1988
1988 Regulation of the distribution of carotenoid droplets in goldfish xanthophores and possible implication to secretory processesCytoskeleton.  10:143-152. 1988
1986 Role of Microtubules in the Formation of Carotenoid Droplet Aggregate in Goldfish XanthophoresAnnals of the New York Academy of Sciences.  466:887-894. 1986


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1999 Preface.  Ed. 49.  1999

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