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Year Title Altmetric
2021 Quantitative analysis of myokymic discharges in radiation versus nonradiation casesMuscle and Nerve.  63:861-867. 2021
2021 Ranolazine-induced lipid storage myopathy presenting with respiratory failure and head dropNeuromuscular Disorders.  31:546-550. 2021
2021 Expanding the Spectrum of Chronic Immune Sensory Polyradiculopathy: CISP-PlusNeurology.  96:e2078-e2089. 2021
2021 Acute immune sensory polyradiculopathy: a new variant of Guillain-BarrĂ© syndromeMuscle and Nerve.  63:E28-E30. 2021
2021 Paraneoplastic Myeloneuropathies: Clinical, Oncologic, and Serologic AccompanimentsNeurology.  96:e632-e639. 2021
2021 McLean EMG guide, 2nd EditionJournal of Clinical Neurophysiology.  38:73-74. 2021
2020 Post-Surgical Inflammatory Neuropathy: An Underappreciated but Critical and Treatable Cause of Postoperative Neuropathy.Cureus.  12:e11927. 2020
2020 Phrenic neuropathy water immersion dyspnea: Clinical findings and need for patient counselingNeurology.  94:e1314-e1319. 2020
2019 Short segment sensory nerve stimulation in suspected ulnar neuropathy at the elbow: A pilot studyMuscle and Nerve.  59:125-129. 2019
2018 PCNT point mutations and familial intracranial AneurysmsNeurology.  91:E2170-E2181. 2018
2018 MOG antibodies in combined central and peripheral demyelination syndromes. 2018
2018 Brachiocephalic Arterial Occlusive Disease Presenting as Limb-Shaking Transient Ischemic AttacksJournal of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases.  27:e34-e35. 2018
2017 Clinical Reasoning: A 45-year-old man with weakness and myalgia after orthopedic surgeryNeurology.  88:e185-e189. 2017
2011 CADASIL: A case series of 11 patientsRevista de neurologia.  52:202-210. 2011

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  • Doctor of Medicine, University of Santiago de Compostela 2013
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  • Rocio Vazquez Do Campo