• Dr. Roslyn Bernstein Mannon is a Professor of Medicine, Division of Nephrology and Professor of Surgery, Division of Transplantation at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and Director of Research for the Comprehensive Transplant Institute. She is the first Endowed Professor of Transplant Clinical Research at UAB and interim chief of transplant nephrology. She is a Fellow of the American Society of Nephrology and American Society of Transplantation. Dr. Mannon received her MD from Duke University School of Medicine. She completed her Internal Medicine internship, residency and Nephrology fellowship at Duke, and was Chief Medical Resident for the Department of Medicine. She remained on the faculty in the Division of Nephrology at Duke as an Assistant Professor of Medicine and Medical Director of the Durham VA Medical Center Kidney transplant program. In 2000, she joined the NIH/NIDDK intramural transplant program. There she served as the Medical Director of Kidney and Pancreas transplantation and was a primary investigator in intramural translational studies in tolerance and acute and late allograft failure. She joined UAB faculty in 2008, also serves as Medical Director of Transplantation at the Birmingham Veterans Affairs Medical Center. Dr. Mannon is a past-president of the American Society of Transplantation and is an Associate Editor for the American Journal of Transplantation and Journal of the American Society of Nephrology. Dr. Mannon is a board certified in internal medicine and nephrology. She has published over 100 peer reviewed publications on the mechanisms of chronic allograft injury, ischemic injury following organ procurement, and other medical complications after transplantation.
  • Selected Publications

    Academic Article

    Year Title Altmetric
    2019 Analysis of 75 Candidate SNPs Associated With Acute Rejection in Kidney Transplant Recipients: Validation of rs2910164 in MicroRNA MIR146A 2019
    2019 Identification of genetic variants associated with tacrolimus metabolism in kidney transplant recipients by extreme phenotype sampling and next generation sequencing 2019
    2019 The impact of donor and recipient common clinical and genetic variation on estimated glomerular filtration rate in a European renal transplant population 2019
    2019 Establishing a Core Outcome Measure for Life Participation: A Standardized Outcomes in Nephrology-kidney Transplantation Consensus Workshop Report 2019
    2019 Genetic Variants Associated With Immunosuppressant Pharmacokinetics and Adverse Effects in the DeKAF Genomics Genome-wide Association Studies 2019
    2019 Post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorder in a kidney transplant recipient 2019
    2019 Long-term follow-up of the DeKAF cross-sectional cohort study 2019
    2019 Repeat kidney transplant recipients with active rejection have elevated donor-derived cell-free DNA 2019
    2019 Application of TruGraf v1: A Novel Molecular Biomarker for Managing Kidney Transplant Recipients With Stable Renal Function 2019
    2019 Investigator Assessment of the Utility of the TruGraf Molecular Diagnostic Test in Clinical Practice 2019
    2019 The importance of drug safety and tolerability in the development of new immunosuppressive therapy for transplant recipients: The Transplant Therapeutics Consortium's position statement 2019
    2019 Acute Kidney Injury in Kidney Transplants: New Insights 2019
    2019 CYP3A5 genotype affects time to therapeutic tacrolimus level in pediatric kidney transplant recipients 2019
    2019 The Banff schema for antibody-mediated rejection: Lost in translation? 2019
    2019 WNT pathway signaling is associated with microvascular injury and predicts kidney transplant failure 2019
    2018 Implementing core outcomes in kidney disease: report of the Standardized Outcomes in Nephrology (SONG) implementation workshop 2018
    2018 Tacrolimus trough and dose intra-patient variability and CYP3A5 genotype: Effects on acute rejection and graft failure in European American and African American kidney transplant recipients 2018
    2018 Erratum to: Metformin reverses established lung fibrosis in a bleomycin model (Nature Medicine, (2018), 24, 8, (1121-1127), 10.1038/s41591-018-0087-6) 2018
    2018 Delayed graft function: The AKI of kidney transplantation 2018
    2018 Meeting report of the STAR—Sensitization in Transplantation Assessment of Risk: Naïve Abdominal Transplant Organ subgroup focus on kidney transplantation 2018
    2018 Subclinical inflammation phenotypes and long-term outcomes after pediatric kidney transplantation 2018
    2018 Thrombotic microangiopathy in a transplant recipient 2018
    2018 Establishing a Core Outcome Measure for Graft Health: A Standardized Outcomes in Nephrology-Kidney Transplantation (SONG-Tx) Consensus Workshop Report 2018
    2018 Metformin reverses established lung fibrosis in a bleomycin model 2018
    2018 Sensitization in Transplantation: Assessment of Risk (STAR) 2017 Working Group Meeting Report 2018
    2018 Apolipoprotein L1 and Chronic Kidney Disease Risk in Young Potential Living Kidney Donors 2018
    2018 NPHP1 (Nephrocystin-1) gene deletions cause adult-onset ESRD 2018
    2018 Genome-wide association study identifies the common variants in CYP3A4 and CYP3A5 responsible for variation in tacrolimus trough concentration in Caucasian kidney transplant recipients 2018
    2018 Redefining the Influence of Ethnicity on Simultaneous Kidney and Pancreas Transplantation Outcomes: A 15-Year Single-Center Experience. 2018
    2018 Late graft failure after kidney transplantation as the consequence of late versus early events 2018
    2018 Attempted validation of 44 reported SNPs associated with tacrolimus troughs in a cohort of kidney allograft recipients 2018
    2018 The Banff 2017 Kidney Meeting Report: Revised diagnostic criteria for chronic active T cell–mediated rejection, antibody-mediated rejection, and prospects for integrative endpoints for next-generation clinical trials 2018
    2018 The effect of renal transplantation on left ventricular function, electrocardiography, and mechanical synchrony by gated myocardial perfusion imaging 2018
    2017 Real Time Central Assessment of Kidney Transplant Indication Biopsies by Microarrays: The INTERCOMEX Study 2017
    2017 B Cell Receptor Genes Associated With Tolerance Identify a Cohort of Immunosuppressed Patients With Improved Renal Allograft Graft Function 2017
    2017 Lessons Learned: Early Termination of a Randomized Trial of Calcineurin Inhibitor and Corticosteroid Avoidance Using Belatacept 2017
    2017 Cell-Free DNA and active rejection in kidney allografts 2017
    2017 Clinical Trials for Immunosuppression in Transplantation: The Case for Reform and Change in Direction 2017
    2017 Obesity increases the risk of end-stage renal disease among living kidney donors 2017
    2017 Access to kidney transplantation among HIV-infected waitlist candidates 2017
    2017 Effect of a mobile web app on kidney transplant candidates' knowledge about increased risk donor kidneys: A randomized controlled trial 2017
    2017 Genotype-guided tacrolimus dosing in African-American kidney transplant recipients 2017
    2016 Developing New Immunosuppression for the Next Generation of Transplant Recipients: The Path Forward 2016
    2016 Genomewide Association Study of Tacrolimus Concentrations in African American Kidney Transplant Recipients Identifies Multiple CYP3A5 Alleles 2016
    2016 Inpatient mortality among solid organ transplant recipients hospitalized for sepsis and severe sepsis 2016
    2015 Center-Level Experience and Kidney Transplant Outcomes in HIV-Infected Recipients 2015
    2015 The Cost of Transplant Immunosuppressant Therapy: Is This Sustainable? 2015
    2015 Genomic and proteomic fingerprints of acute rejection in peripheral blood and urine 2015
    2015 Center-Level Experience and Kidney Transplant Outcomes in HIV-Infected Recipients 2015
    2015 Cyclosporine-mediated allograft fibrosis is associated with micro-RNA-21 through AKT signaling 2015
    2015 Hospital-onset Clostridium difficile infection among solid organ transplant recipients 2015
    2015 Identification of strategies to facilitate organ donation among african americans using the nominal group technique 2015
    2015 Modernization of Chronic Allograft Injury Research: Better Biomarkers, Better Studies, Better Outcomes. 2015
    2015 Reduced PARP1 as a Serum Biomarker for Graft Rejection in Kidney Transplantation. 2015
    2014 Immunosuppression regimen and the risk of acute rejection in HIV-infected kidney transplant recipients 2014
    2014 The microbiota, the immune system and the allograft 2014
    2014 The prognostic value of left ventricular mechanical dyssynchrony using gated myocardial perfusion imaging in patients with end-stage renal disease 2014
    2013 Necroptosis in solid organ transplantation: A missing link to immune activation? 2013
    2013 Report of the second joint meeting of ESOT and AST: Current pipelines in biotech and pharma 2013
    2013 Multicenter evaluation of a standardized protocol for noninvasive gene expression profiling 2013
    2012 A reproducible mouse model of chronic allograft nephropathy with vasculopathy 2012
    2012 Associations of ABCB1 and IL-10 genetic polymorphisms with sirolimus-induced dyslipidemia in renal transplant recipients 2012
    2012 A case of late kidney allograft failure: A clinical pathological conference from american society of nephrology kidney week 2011 2012
    2012 Reply to "genetic determinants of mycophenolate-related anemia and leukopenia after transplantation" 2012
    2012 Macrophages: Contributors to allograft dysfunction, repair, or innocent bystanders? 2012
    2011 Associations of ABCB1 3435C>T and IL-10 -1082G>A polymorphisms with long-term sirolimus dose requirements in renal transplant patients 2011
    2011 Elevated expression levels of ANXA11, integrins β3 and α3, and TNF-α contribute to a candidate proteomic signature in urine for kidney allograft rejection 2011
    2011 Genetic determinants of mycophenolate-related anemia and leukopenia after transplantation 2011
    2011 Novel polymorphisms associated with tacrolimus trough concentrations: Results from a multicenter kidney transplant consortium 2011
    2011 Chemokines and their receptors in human renal allotransplantation 2011
    2011 Lack of renal dopamine D5 receptors promotes hypertension 2011
    2010 Low-density array PCR analysis of reperfusion biopsies: An adjunct to histological analysis 2010
    2010 Optimal cutoff point for immunoperoxidase detection of C4d in the renal allograft: Results from a multicenter study 2010
    2010 Cinacalcet improves bone density in post-kidney transplant hyperparathyroidism 2010
    2010 Inflammation in areas of tubular atrophy in kidney allograft biopsies: A potent predictor of allograft failure 2010
    2010 Evidence for antibody-mediated injury as a Major determinant of late kidney allograft failure 2010
    2010 Evaluation of tacrolimus abbreviated area-under-the-curve monitoring in renal transplant patients who are potientially at risk for adverse events 2010
    2010 Editorial: Allograft fibrosis - Unmasking the players at the dance 2010
    2010 Histopathologic clusters differentiate subgroups within the nonspecific diagnoses of CAN or CR: Preliminary data from the DeKAF study 2010
    2010 Pathological and clinical characterization of the 'Troubled transplant': Data from the DeKAF study 2010
    2010 Probabilistic (Bayesian) modeling of gene expression in transplant glomerulopathy 2010
    2009 Noninvasive methods to assess the risk of kidney transplant rejection 2009
    2009 C3 polymorphisms and outcomes of renal allografts 2009
    2008 Islet transplantation: Need for a time-out? 2008
    2008 Lymphocyte depletion for kidney transplantation: Back to the past? 2008
    2008 Pharmacokinetics of low and maintenance dose valganciclovir in kidney transplant recipients 2008
    2008 Leflunomide therapy in kidney transplantation: Ready for prime time? 2008
    2008 Obesity following kidney transplantation and steroid avoidance immunosuppression 2008
    2008 Therapeutic management of posttransplant diabetes mellitus 2008
    2008 Care of the kidney transplant recipient 2008
    2008 Late kidney allograft loss: What we know about it, and what we can do about it 2008
    2008 Monocyte infiltration and kidney allograft dysfunction during acute rejection 2008
    2007 Diagnostic Tools for Monitoring Kidney Transplant Recipients 2007
    2006 Connective tissue growth factor is a biomarker and mediator of kidney allograft fibrosis 2006
    2006 Assessing relative risks of infection and rejection: A meta-analysis using an immune function assay 2006
    2006 Autoimmune thyroid disease after renal transplantation using depletional induction with alemtuzumab [1] 2006
    2006 Therapeutic targets in the treatment of allograft fibrosis 2006
    2006 Platelet-derived or soluble CD154 induces vascularized allograft rejection independent of cell-bound CD154 2006
    2006 Successful renal transplantation in patients with chronic granulomatous disease 2006
    2006 Beyond histology: novel tools to diagnose allograft dysfunction. 2006
    2005 Detection and localization of proteinuria by dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging using MS325 2005
    2005 Molecular evaluation of BK polyomavirus nephropathy 2005
    2005 Results from a human renal allograft tolerance trial evaluating T-cell depletion with alemtuzumab combined with deoxyspergualin 2005
    2005 Idiopathic intracranial hypertension following kidney transplantation: A case report and review of the literature 2005
    2005 First NIH/Office of Rare Diseases Conference on Cystinosis: Past, present, and future 2005
    2005 Functionally significant renal allograft rejection is defined by transcriptional criteria 2005
    2005 Immunocompetent T-cells with a memory-like phenotype are the dominant cell type following antibody-mediated T-cell depletion 2005
    2005 Solid organ transplantation at the National Institutes of Health: development of a research-based transplantation practice. 2005
    2005 Strategies for minimizing immunosuppression in kidney transplantation 2005
    2005 Surgical transplant physical examination: Correlation of renal resistance index and biopsy-proven chronic allograft nephropathy 2005
    2004 Polyomavirus nephropathy: What have we learned? 2004
    2004 The clinical application of monoclonal antibody therapies in renal transplantation 2004
    2004 Successful Renal Transplantation in a Patient with Congenital Generalized Lipodystrophy: A Case Report 2004
    2004 Donor genomics influence graft events: The effect of donor polymorphisms on acute rejection and chronic allograft nephropathy 2004
    2004 The road to tolerance: Renal transplant tolerance induction in nonhuman primate studies and clinical trials 2004
    2003 Results from a human renal allograft tolerance trial evaluating the humanized CD52-specific monoclonal antibody alemtuzumab (Campath-1H) 2003
    2003 Delayed autotransplantation of a solitary kidney facilitated by pump perfusion preservation 2003
    2003 Inhibition of prolyl-4-hydroxylase ameliorates chronic rejection of mouse kidney allografts 2003
    2003 Kidney transplantation with rabbit antithymocyte globulin and sirolimus monotherapy [4] (multiple letters) 2003
    2003 Immunologic monitoring of the transplant recipient: Challenges and approaches with antibody induction 2003
    2002 BK virus and SV40 co-infection in polyomavirus nephropathy 2002
    2002 Kidney transplantation with rabbit antithymocyte globulin induction and sirolimus monotherapy 2002
    2002 Molecular and immunohistochemical characterization of the onset and resolution of human renal allograft ischemia-reperfusion injury 2002
    2002 Absence of donor MHC antigen expression ameliorates chronic kidney allograft rejection 2002
    2001 Deficiency of 5-lipoxygenase accelerates renal allograft rejection in mice 2001
    2001 Receptors for prostaglandin E 2 that regulate cellular immune responses in the mouse 2001
    2000 Altered intragraft immune responses and imroved renal function in MHC class II-deficient mouse kidney allografts 2000
    2000 Stimulation of thymocyte proliferation by phosphorothioate DNA oligonucleotides 2000
    2000 Enhanced T cell cytokine gene expression in mouse airway obliterative bronchiolitis 2000
    1999 Inducible nitric oxide synthase promotes cytokine expression in cardiac allografts but is not required for efficient rejection 1999
    1999 Peptide YY/neuropeptide Y Y1 receptor expression in the epithelium and mucosal nerves of the human colon 1999
    1999 Angiotensin II regulates cellular immune responses through a calcineurin-dependent pathway 1999
    1999 Chronic rejection of mouse kidney allografts 1999
    1999 Gene targeting: Applications in transplantation research 1999
    1998 Coagulation defects and altered hemodynamic responses in mice lacking receptors for thromboxane A2 1998
    1998 Thromboxane A2 modulates the fibrinolytic system in glomerular mesangial cells. 1998
    1998 Thromboxane A2 modulates the fibrinolytic system in glomerular mesangial cells 1998
    1998 Downregulation of T cell receptor expression by CD8+ lymphocytes in kidney allografts 1998
    1998 Immune cells in a mouse airway model of obliterative bronchiolitis 1998
    1996 Distribution of binding sites for thromboxane A2 in the mouse kidney. 1996
    1996 Distribution of binding sites for thromboxane a2 in the mouse kidney 1996
    1996 The intragraft CD8+ T cell response in renal allograft rejection in the mouse 1996
    1995 Rejection of kidney allografts by MHC class I-deficient mice 1995
    1994 Management of hypertensive emergencies and urgencies. 1994
    1993 Alterations in renal interleukin-1 production during kidney transplant rejection in the rat: The effects of high-dose methyprednisolone 1993
    1993 Hyperrenin-hyperaldosterone-dependent malignant hypertension in polyarteritis nodosa 1993
    1992 Immunologic mechanisms of transplant rejection. 1992


    Year Title Altmetric
    2015 Organ-specific features in clinical transplantation.  217-236. 2015

    Research Overview

  • Late kidney allograft failure, the leading cause of late graft loss, is the focus of our research. Through clinical, translational and basic science studies, we are evaluating the etiologies of this disorder in the hopes of identifying biomarkers and potential therapeutic targets in our patient population.
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  • UAB-UCSD O'Brien Center for Acute Kidney Injury Research - Core A  awarded by National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases/NIH/DHHS 2018 - 2023
  • Private Grant  awarded by CSL BEHRING, LLC 2017 - 2022
  • APOL1 Long-Term Kidney Transplantation Outcomes Network (APOLLO) Clinical Center  awarded by National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases/NIH/DHHS 2019 - 2022
  • Private Grant  awarded by MALLINCKRODT, INC. 2017 - 2022
  • Novel Therapies to Modulate the Inflammatory Alloresponse in Renal Grafts  awarded by University of California, San Francisco 2014 - 2021
  • Private Grant  awarded by QUARK PHARMACEUTICALS, INC. 2015 - 2020
  • Effects of Inhibiting Early Inflammation in Kidney Transplant Patients - Equipment  awarded by Mount Sinai School of Medicine 2015 - 2020
  • Impact of CCR5 Blockade in HIV + Kidney Transplant Recipients  awarded by University of California, San Francisco 2016 - 2020
  • Private Grant  awarded by TRANSPLANT GENOMICS, INC. 2017 - 2019
  • Private Grant  awarded by ASTELLAS PHARMA US, INC. 2013 - 2017
  • Using Microarrays to Assess Transplant Biopsies: The Future Standard of Care (INTERCOMEX: The INTERCOM Extension Study)  awarded by University of Alberta at Edmonton 2015 - 2017
  • Private Grant  awarded by ALEXION PHARMACEUTICALS, INC. 2014 - 2017
  • Preserving Renal Function & Protective Immunity via Anti-LFA-1-Based CNI Avoidance  awarded by Emory University 2009 - 2016
  • Private Grant  awarded by ALEXION PHARMACEUTICALS, INC. 2013 - 2016
  • Genomics of Kidney Transplantation Admin  awarded by University of Minnesota 2011 - 2016
  • Private Grant  awarded by BRISTOL MYERS SQUIBB PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY 2013 - 2016
  • Private Grant  awarded by TRANSPLANT INFORMATICS INSTITUTE 2011 - 2015
  • Optimizing Kidney Transplant Patients' Informed Consent for Increased Risk Donors  awarded by Northwestern University 2012 - 2014
  • The Collaborative Network for Clinical Research in Immune Tolerance  awarded by University of California, San Francisco 2010 - 2014
  • Comparison of Immune Globulin Intravenous (Human), 10% (IVIG), plus Rituximab vs. IVIG 10% + Placebo (Normal Saline) as Agents to Reduce Donor Specific Antibodies, Improve Transplant Rates and Outcomes in Highly-HLA Sensitized Patients Awaiting Deceased Donor Kidney Transplantation  awarded by Cedars - Sinai Medical Center 2014
  • Private Grant  awarded by AMGEN, INC. 2010 - 2014
  • Individualizing Therapy for Kidney and Heart Transplant Recipients  awarded by MT. SINAI MEDICAL CENTER 2010 - 2012
  • Genomics of Kidney Transplantation  awarded by University of Minnesota 2009 - 2011
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  • Private Grant  awarded by ASTELLAS PHARMA GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT, INC. - NEW 2018 - 2025
  • UAB-UCSD O'Brien Center for Acute Kidney Injury Research  awarded by National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases/NIH/DHHS 2018 - 2023
  • RXR Rexinoids for Cancer Chemoprevention  awarded by National Cancer Institute/NIH/DHHS 2017 - 2022
  • RXR Rexinoids for Cancer Chemoprevention - Project 1: Evaluation if UAB30 on Skin Cancer Biomarkers in Human Renal Transplant Recipients  awarded by National Cancer Institute/NIH/DHHS 2017 - 2022
  • APOL1 Long-term Kidney Transplantation Outcomes Network (APOLLO) Clinical Center  awarded by National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases/NIH/DHHS 2017 - 2022
  • Private Grant  awarded by CAREDX INC. 2015 - 2020
  • Long-Term Outcomes Among Living Kidney Donors with Isolated Medical Abnormalities  awarded by National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases/NIH/DHHS 2015 - 2020
  • HOPE in Action: A Clinical Trial of HIV-to-HIV Deceased Donor Kidney Transplantation  awarded by Johns Hopkins University 2018 - 2019
  • Novel Biomarkers of Angiogenesis and Vascular Injury in Chronic Rejection  awarded by National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases/NIH/DHHS 2015 - 2019
  • Prospective Observational Study of HIV+ Deceased Donor Transplant for HIV+ Recipients  awarded by Johns Hopkins University 2018 - 2019
  • Early Life Stress and Cardio-renal Disease in Kidney Transplantation  awarded by KAUL PEDIATRIC RESEARCH INSTITUTE 2017 - 2019
  • Private Grant  awarded by NOVARTIS PHARMACEUTICALS CORPORATION 2015 - 2018
  • Immunosuppression and Risk Prediction of Sepsis after Solid Organ Transplantation  awarded by National Institute of General Medical Sciences/NIH/DHHS 2017 - 2018
  • The Role of Heme Oxygenase-1 in the Immune Response  awarded by National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases/NIH/DHHS 2011 - 2016
  • Education And Training

  • Duke University Medical Center, Internship 1986
  • Duke University Medical Center, Residency 1988
  • Duke University Medical Center, Postdoctoral Fellowship 1990
  • Duke University Medical Center, Postdoctoral Fellowship 1985
  • Full Name

  • Roslyn Mannon