Clinical development of a poly(2-oxazoline) (POZ) polymer therapeutic for the treatment of Parkinson's disease – Proof of concept of POZ as a versatile polymer platform for drug development in multiple therapeutic indications

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  • The potential of poly (2-oxazoline) or POZ to be a versatile and broad based platform for drug delivery with wide utility in multiple therapeutic areas has long been recognized by experts in the field. This feature article provides a case study which describes the chemistry and preclinical studies underlying the Investigational New Drug Application for SER-214, a POZ conjugate of rotigotine, for the treatment of Parkinson's disease. We report the chemistry, preclinical safety and pharmacology, and the early clinical safety, tolerability and pharmacokinetic data from the Phase I study in patients. SER-214 utilizes a POZ polymer and proprietary custom linker technology to deliver a sustained dose of rotigotine over a period of seven days following a single subcutaneous administration – a result not observed by any other polymer approach that we are aware of. As such, this candidate drug has the promise to be a major advancement in the treatment of Parkinson's disease. Furthermore, this feature article also highlights the versatility of the POZ polymer platform (POZ™) to deliver cancer drugs by actively targeting cancer cells. Preclinical data reported in this feature showcase the polymer's attributes in facilitating targeted delivery with folic acid and antibody targeting agents (ADCs). The ability of POZ to reliably delivery large payloads of anticancer drugs is of particular importance when pursuing low-receptor-density targets on the cancer cell. The data presented in this feature, much of it for the first time, establish the broad utility of the POZ polymer platform in drug development. Together with its ease of manufacture, ability to attach drugs to the polymer, and ability to administer an appropriate dose to patients, the results underscore the need to further explore and expand the untapped potential of POZ for the development of new therapeutics for unmet medical needs.
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  • Moreadith RW; Viegas TX; Bentley MD; Harris JM; Fang Z; Yoon K; Dizman B; Weimer R; Rae BP; Li X
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