Selective Deficiency of the "Bone-related" Runx2-II Unexpectedly Preserves Osteoblast-mediated Skeletogenesis

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  • Runx2 (runt-related transcription factor 2) is a master regulator of skeletogenesis. Distinct promoters in the Runx2 gene transcribe the "bone-related" Runx2-II and non-osseous Runx2-I isoforms that differ only in their respective N termini. Existing mutant mouse models with both isoforms deleted exhibit an arrest of osteoblast and chondrocyte maturation and the complete absence of mineralized bone, but they do not distinguish the separate functions of the two N-terminal isoforms. To elucidate the function of the bone-related isoform, we generated selective Runx2-II-deficient mice by the targeted deletion of the distal promoter and exon 1. Homozygous Runx2-II-deficient (Runx2-II-/-) mice unexpectedly formed axial, appendicular, and craniofacial bones derived from either intramembranous ossification or mesenchymal cells of the bone collar, but they failed to form the posterior cranium and other bones derived from endochondral ossification. Heterozygous Runx2-II-deficient mice had grossly normal skeletons, but were osteopenic. The commitment of mesenchymal cells ex vivo to the osteoblast lineage occurred in Runx2-II-/- mice, but osteoblastic gene expression was impaired. Chondrocyte maturation appeared normal, but the zone of hypertrophic chondrocytes was not transformed into metaphyseal bone, leading to widened growth plates in Runx2-II-/- mice. Compensatory increments in Runx2-I expression occurred in Runx2-II-/- mice but were not sufficient to normalize osteoblastic maturation or transcriptional activity. Our findings support distinct functions of Runx2-II and -I in the control of skeletogenesis. Runx2-I is sufficient for early osteoblastogenesis and intramembranous bone formation, whereas Runx2-II is necessary for complete osteoblastic maturation and endochondral bone formation.
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  • Xiao ZS; Hjelmeland AB; Quarles LD
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