High Cks1 expression in transgenic and carcinogeninitiated mammary tumors is not always accompanied by reduction in p27Kip1

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  • Cks1 plays an essential role in SCF -mediated ubiquitination, and consequently turnover, of the cdk2 inhibitor and tumor supressor p27 . High Cks1 expression is associated with aggressive breast tumors and correlates with low p27 levels in some cases, although it is also an independent prognostic marker for survival, and provides predictive information in addition to that provided by p27 alone. In this report we demonstrate that Cks1 protein and mRNA are elevated to very high levels in mammary tumors initiated by erbB2, c-myc and polyoma middle-T (PyMT) in transgenic mice, whereas Cks1 protein is hardly detectable in the normal mammary epithelium. Cks1 is also highly upregulated in rat mammary tumors initiated by methylnitrosourea (MNU). Despite high levels of Cks1 expression, p27 levels were not reduced, and were in fact slightly higher in mammary tumors initiated by erbB2, PyMT and MNU. In contrast mammary tumors from MMTV-c-myc mice did exhibit low p27Kip1 and higher levels of Skp2. Together, these data suggest that deregulated Cks1 expression might play roles in oncogene and carcinogen-initiated mammary tumorigenesis independent of p27 turnover in certain tumors. Stable overexpression of Cks1 in human breast carcinoma MCF-7 cells did not significantly reduce p27 expression, although it conferred resistance to Faslodex (ICI 182780)-mediated inhibition of colony outgrowth in these cells. In contrast, Cks1-depleted MCF-7 cells formed fewer colonies in estrogen-containing medium. Therefore, our studies also suggest that Cks1 levels regulate the responsiveness of ER breast cancers to estrogens and anti-estrogens. Skp2 Kip1 Kip1 Kip1 Kip1 Kip1 Kip1 +
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  • Westbrook L; Ramanathan HN; Isayeva T; Mittal AR; Qu Z; Johnson MD; Kern FG; Ponnazhagan S; Grubbs CJ; Thottassery JV
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