Reduced Proteolysis of Rabbit Growth Hormone (GH) Receptor Substituted with Mouse GH Receptor Cleavage Site

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  • GH binding protein (GHBP) is a circulating form of the GH receptor (GHR) extracellular domain, which derives by alternative splicing of the GHR gene (in mice and rats) and by metalloprotease-mediated GHR proteolysis with shedding of the extracellular domain as GHBP (in rabbits, humans, and other species). Inducible proteolysis of either mouse (m) or rabbit (rb) GHR is detected in cell culture in response to phorbol ester and other stimuli, yielding a cell-associated GHR remnant (comprised of the cytoplasmic and transmembrane domains and a small portion of the proximal extracellular domain) and down-regulating GH signaling. In this report, we map the mGHR cleavage site by adenoviral overexpression of a membrane-anchored mGHR mutant lacking its cytoplasmic domain and purification and N-terminal sequencing of the phorbol 12-myristate 13-acetate-induced remnant protein. The sequence obtained was LEACEEDI, which matches the mGHR extracellular domain stem region sequence L265EACEEDI272, indicating that mGHR cleavage occurs in the extracellular domain nine residues outside of the transmembrane domain, in the same region (but at different residues) as the rbGHR cleavage site we recently mapped. We studied the effects on receptor proteolysis and GHBP shedding of replacing rbGHR cleavage site residues with those corresponding to the mGHR cleavage site. We analyzed five separate rodentized rbGHR mutants incorporating mGHR amino acids either at or surrounding the cleavage site. Each mutant was normally processed, displayed at the cell surface, and responded to GH stimulation by undergoing tyrosine phosphorylation. Only the mutants replaced with mGHR cleavage site residues, rather than surrounding residues, exhibited deficient inducible proteolysis and GHBP shedding. These findings suggested that the GHR cleavage sites in the two species differ in their susceptibility to cleavage. This difference may underlie interspecies variation in utilization of proteolysis to generate GHBP.
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  • Wang X; He K; Gerhart M; Jiang J; Paxton RJ; Menon RK; Black RA; Baumann G; Frank SJ
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  • 1931
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  • 1943
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  • 17
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