Magnetic-Field-Induced Exciton Tunneling in Shallow Quantum Wells

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  • We study the effect of the magnetic field orientation on the electroabsorption spectra of excitons confined in extremely shallow quantum wells. When the applied electric field is parallel to the quantum well plane, we demonstrate that, for in-plane magnetic field orientation, the discrete confined exciton peak undergoes a transition into a continuum resonance. In contrast, for perpendicular magnetic fields, the exciton peak exhibits the usual Stark red-shift. We show that such a dramatic dependence on the magnetic field orientation originates from a resonant coupling between the confined and the bulk-like excitons. Such coupling is caused by the interplay between the quantum-well potential and a velocity-dependent two-body interaction between the exciton center-of-mass and relative motion degrees of freedom induced by the in-plane magnetic field. As a result, the exciton tunnels out of the quantum well as a whole without being ionized. We discuss possible experimental applications of this effect.
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  • cond-mat, cond-mat
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  • Getter A; Perakis IE