The influence of silicon content on the wear characteristics of hypereutectic Al-Si alloys.

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  • Pin on disc wear tests were performed on hypereutectic aluminium silicon alloys containing 17%, 20%, 23% and 26% silicon providing a range in volume fraction of primary silicon from 7% to 17%. As the volume fraction of the primary silicon phase was increased, wear rates were found to decrease considerably. For each alloy composition, wear rates were found to increase linearly with load only up to a particular point. As the load was increased further, the wear rates increased at a much more rapid rate. This was thought to occur due to a change in the predominant wear mechanism. The load at which the wear rate load plot exhibited this increase in slope was found to vary with silicon content of the alloy, becoming higher as the volume fraction of primary silicon was increased. Scanning electron microscope analysis of wear surfaces and subsurfaces was used to gain insight into the wear processes operating in the two different regions of wear. (from authors' abstract)
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  • Andrews JB; Seneviratne MV; Zier KP; Jett TR