GSK3β inhibition restores cortical gamma oscillation and cognitive behavior in a mouse model of NMDA receptor hypofunction relevant to schizophrenia

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  • Cortical gamma oscillations are believed to be involved in mental processes which are disturbed in schizophrenia. For example, the magnitudes of sensory-evoked oscillations, as measured by auditory steady-state responses (ASSRs) at 40 Hz, are robustly diminished, whereas the baseline gamma power is enhanced in schizophrenia. Such dual gamma oscillation abnormalities are also present in a mouse model of N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor hypofunction (Ppp1r2cre/Grin1 knockout mice). However, it is unclear whether the abnormal gamma oscillations are associated with dysfunction in schizophrenia. We found that glycogen synthase kinase-3 (GSK3) is overactivated in corticolimbic parvalbumin-positive GABAergic interneurons in Grin1 mutant mice. Here we addressed whether GSK3β inhibition reverses both abnormal gamma oscillations and behavioral deficits with high correlation by pharmacological and genetic approach. We demonstrated that the paralog selective-GSK3β inhibitor, but not GSK3α inhibitor, normalizes the diminished ASSRs, excessive baseline gamma power, and deficits in spatial working memory and prepulse inhibition (PPI) of acoustic startle in Grin1 mutant mice. Cell-type specific GSK3B knockdown, but not GSK3A knockdown, also reversed abnormal gamma oscillations and behavioral deficits. Moreover, GSK3B knockdown, but not GSK3A knockdown, reverses the mutants’ in vivo spike synchrony deficits. Finally, ex vivo patch-clamp recording from pairs of neighboring cortical pyramidal neurons showed a reduction of synchronous spontaneous inhibitory-postsynaptic-current events in mutants, which was reversed by GSK3β inhibition genetically and pharmacologically. Together, GSK3β inhibition in corticolimbic interneurons ameliorates the deficits in spatial working memory and PPI, presumably by restoration of synchronous GABA release, synchronous spike firing, and evoked-gamma power increase with lowered baseline power.
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  • Nakao K; Singh M; Sapkota K; Hagler BC; Hunter RN; Raman C; Hablitz JJ; Nakazawa K
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