Influence of ligand substitution on magnetic hyperfine interaction in Dy6-based single-molecule magnets/toroics

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  • 161Dy time-domain synchrotron Mössbauer spectroscopy (SMS), just recently presented as a novel tool to investigate Dy(III)-based single-molecule magnets (SMMs), has now been applied on two polynuclear Dy6-based wheel compounds possessing special features of single-molecule toroics (SMTs). The magnitude of the magnetic hyperfine field revealed for the Dy6 ring system [Dy6(teaH)6(NO3)6]·8MeOH is with B0 = 574.3(5) T characteristic for Dy(III) with a 6H15/2 ground state. The ligand substituted compound [Dy6(Me-teaH)6(NO3)6]·6MeCN possesses within the experimental errors the same magnetic hyperfine characteristics (B0 = 574.9(5) T). Consequently, the herein studied organic ligand variation has no perceptible influence on the magnetic hyperfine field sensed by the 161Dy(III) nuclei in these particular homometallic Dy(III)6-wheels.
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  • Scherthan L; Ruppert T; Peng Y; Baniodeh A; Auerbach H; Hochdörffer T; Wolny JA; Bi W; Zhao J; Hu MY
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  • 240
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