Light-wave Control of Non-equilibrium Correlated States using Quantum Femtosecond Magnetism and Time-Periodic Modulation of Coherent Transport

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  • Lightwave quantum electronics utilizes the oscillating carrier wave of intense laser fields to control quantum materials properties. Using quantum kinetic equations of motion, we describe lightwave-driven nonlinear quantum transport of electronic spin and charge with simultaneous quantum fluctuations of non-collinear local spins. During cycles of field oscillations, spin-charge inter-atomic quantum excitations trigger non-adiabatic time evolution of an antiferromagnetic insulator state into a metallic non-equilibrium state with transient magnetization. Lightwave modulation of electronic hopping changes the energy landscape and establishes a non-thermal pathway to laser-induced transitions in correlated systems with strong local magnetic exchange interactions.
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  • cond-mat.str-el, cond-mat.str-el, physics.comp-ph
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  • Lingos PC; Kapetanakis MD; Wang J; Perakis IE