Dynamic distribution of an antigen involved in the differentiation of avian myoblasts: II. Possible association of β1 integrin with myofibril organization

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  • Previous studies have shown that a monoclonal antibody, H-145, inhibits myotube formation of quail myoblasts transformed with a temperature-sensitive mutant of Rous sarcoma virus (QM-RSV cells) [Hyodo and Kim, 1994: Exp. Cell Res. 212:120-131]. The antigen recognized by H-145 (H-145 antigen), which is a glycoprotein with a molecular mass of about 116 kDa, is related to a step immediately before myoblast fusion. To determine the functional significance of H-145 antigen, we examined its dynamic state during myogenic differentiation of QM-RSV cells. H-145 antigen showed a unique and discrete distribution. In immature myotubes immediately after myoblast fusion, many ring-like structures of H-145 antigen appeared on the ventral surface of the cells, encircling the actin dots detected simultaneously by immunofluorescence and interference reflection microscopy. The core of the ring-like structures was filled with the termini of actin bundles, mainly formed by α-actin. Other cytoskeletal-associated proteins, such as vinculin and α-actinin, were also associated with these structures. The ring-like structures of H-145 antigen were observed only during a restricted period when myoblasts fused actively, suggesting their relationships to myotube formation and an early stage of myofibril formation. With maturation of the myotubes, most of the H-145 antigen became redistributed in linear arrays on the apical cell surface and was probably associated with the termini of actin bundles to organize myofibrils, suggesting that the antigen was also related to maturation of myotubes. Experiments using monoclonal antibodies against chick β1 integrin showed that H-145 antigen is β1 integrin or a very closely related derivation. Thus H-145 antigen (β1 integrin) is possibly involved in both myoblast fusion and the myofibril organization in myotubes.
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