Construction of a 750-kb bacterial clone contig and restriction map in the region of human chromosome 21 containing the progressive myoclonus epilepsy gene

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  • The gene responsible for progressive myoclonus epilepsy of the Unverricht-Lundborg type [EPM1) is located on human chromosome 21q22.3 in a region defined by recombination breakpoints and linkage disequilibrium. As part of an effort to clone the EPM1 gene on the basis of its chromosomal location, we have constructed a 753-kb bacterial clone contig that encompasses the region containing the gene. Because DNA markers from the region did not identify intact yeast artificial chromosome (YAC) clones after screening several libraries, we built the contig from cosmid clones and used bacterial artificial chromosome [BAG) and bacteriophage p1 clones to fill gaps. In addition to constructing the clone contig, we determined the locations of the EcoRI, SacII, EagI, and NotI restriction sites in the clones, resulting in a high resolution restriction map of the region. Most of the contig is represented by a level of redundancy that allows the orders of most restriction sites to be determined, provides multiple data points supporting the clone orders and orientations, and allows a set of clones with a minimum degree of overlap to be chosen for efficient additional analysis, The clone and restriction maps are in excellent agreement with maps generated of the region by other methods. These ordered bacterial clones and the mapping information obtained from them provide valuable reagents for isolating candidate genes for EPM1, as well as for determining the nucleotide sequence of a 750 kb region of the human genome.
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  • Stone NE; Fan JB; Willour V; Pennacchio LA; Warrington JA; Hu A; De La Chapelle A; Lehesjoki AE; Cox DR; Myers RM
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