Structural analyses of a monoclonal heterodimeric suppressor factor specific for L-glutamic acid60-L-alanine30-L-tyrosine10

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  • A GAT-specific, MHC-restricted 'second-order' suppressor T cell factor (TsF2) from the hybridoma 762 B3.7 was biosynthetically radiolabeled with 35S-methionine and was isolated from cell extracts. The isolation procedure involved two-dimensional non-reducing/reducing SDS-PAGE and electroelution of the reduced off-diagonal polypeptide chains from the gel. Biochemical characterization studies revealed that TsF2 is a disulfide-linked heterodimer composed of a basic and an acidic polypeptide chain, both having m.w. of 30,000. Both chains are glycosylated and contain sialic acid residues. The basic polypeptide reacts with anti-I-J antisera, whereas the acific chain contains the antigen-binding capacity. Monoclonal antibodies induced by immunizing rats with TsF2 purified from hybridoma supernatants were selected for the ability to block immunosuppression mediated by TsF2 in vitro. These antibodies, but not irrelevant antibodies, immunoprecipitated the 35S-methionine-labeled protein that migrates off the diagonal in two-dimensional gels. Thus, we have verified that the immunosuppressive protein that migrates off the diagonal in two-dimensional gels binds to antibodies that are known to inhibit the biologic activity of unpurified TsF2.
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  • Turck CW; Kapp JA; Webb DR
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  • 1904
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  • 1909
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