Investigation of potential carbohydrate antigen targets for human and baboon antibodies

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  • Background: The continued presence of a primate antibody-mediated response to cells and organs from α1,3-galactosyltransferase gene-knockout (GTKO) pigs indicates that there may be antigens other than Galα1,3Gal (αGal) against which primates have xenoreactive antibodies. Human and baboon sera were tested for reactivity against a panel of saccharides that might be potential antigen targets for natural anti-non-αGal antibodies. Methods: Human sera (n = 16) and baboon sera (n = 15) of all ABO blood types were tested using an enzyme-linked immunoadsorbent assay for binding of IgM and IgG to a panel of synthetic polyacrylamide-linked saccharides (n = 15). Human sera were also tested after adsorption on αGal immunoaffinity beads. Sera from healthy wild-type (WT, n = 6) and GTKO (n = 6) pigs and from baboons (n = 4) sensitized to GTKO pig organ or artery transplants (of blood type O) were also tested. Forssman antigen expression on baboon and pig tissues was investigated by immunohistochemistry. Results: Both human and baboon sera showed high IgM and IgG binding to αGal saccharides, α-lactosamine, and Forssman disaccharide. Human sera also demonstrated modest binding to N-glycolylneuraminic acid (Neu5Gc). When human sera were adsorbed on αGal oligosaccharides, there was a reduction in binding to αGal and α-lactosamine, but not to Forssman. WT and GTKO pig sera showed high binding to Forssman, and GTKO pig sera showed high binding to αGal saccharides. Baboon sera sensitized to GTKO pigs showed no significant increased binding to any specific saccharide. Staining for Forssman was negative on baboon and pig tissues. Conclusions: We were unable to identify definitively any saccharides from the selected panel that may be targets for primate anti-non-αGal antibodies. The high level of anti-Forssman antibodies in humans, baboons, and pigs, and the absence of Forssman expression on pig tissues, suggest that the Forssman antigen does not play a role in the primate immune response to pigs. © 2010 John Wiley & Sons A/S.
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  • Yeh P; Ezzelarab M; Bovin N; Hara H; Long C; Tomiyama K; Sun F; Ayares D; Awwad M; Cooper DKC
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