Synthesis and molecular structural studies of a series of orthometalated dimers [RAIN(t-Bu)-μ-(CH2C6H4)]2, where R = Me, Et, n-Pr, n-Bu, i-Bu

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  • The orthometalated aluminum-nitrogen dimer series [RAIN(t-Bu)-μ-(CH2C6H4)]2 (R = Me, 1; Et, 2; n-Pr, 3; n-Bu, 4; i-Bu, 5) was synthesized by thermolysis of 1:1 mixtures of R3Al with HN(t-Bu)CH2Ph. The reaction times and temperatures required for orthometalation, the molecular structural data, and the 1H and 13C NMR spectral parameters of the dimers are compared with the reported data for the series [RAIN-(CH2Ph)-μ-(CH2C6 H4)]2.
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  • Organometallics  Journal
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  • Kekia OM; Watkins CL; Krannich LK; Rheingold AL; Liable-Sands LM
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