The virtual campaign: Presidential primary websites in campaign 2000

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  • This essay begins by arguing that candidate webpages will become increasing important as a campaign communication medium. We discuss the advantages and disadvantages of webpages for both candidates and voters. Then we develop a set of design criteria for evaluating candidate webpages. Using webpages downloaded in March and May of 1999, we placed candidate webpages into four groups, based on our criteria. The worst webpages were from Bush and Smith. The second lowest group included Bauer, Buchanan, Kasich, and Keyes (later, Keyes 1 webpage was completely redesigned and would have ranked much higher had we assessed the later version). The second best group included Bradley, Dole, Forbes, McCain, and Quayle. Finally, we judged the webpages of Alexander and Gore to be the best, according to our criteria.
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  • Benoit WL; Benoit PJ
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