Continued mapping of chromosome 2 genes

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  • This report describes our continued efforts to elucidate the genetic fine structure of the central portion of the mouse chromosome (Chr) 2. Mice from our panel of 28 Chr 2 congenic strains were tested: (1) for the presence of the antigens which stimulate Chr 2-reactive lymphocyte clones in mixed lymphocyte reactive lymphocyte clones in mixed lymphocyte reaction (MLR); (2) for the antigens of histocompatibility (H) genes H-42a and H-45a as determined by allograft rejection; and (3) for their ability to respond to the H-Y antigen in a cell-mediated lysis assay. The results obtained in this study have allowed additional mapping of immunoogically involved Chr 2 genes. The gene encoding the antigen which stimulates lymphocyte clone 1C11 can be considered wholly different from other Chr 2 H genes on the basis of chromosomal recombination. We have assigned the symbol H-48 to this gene. The following gene order has been established: [H-3, B2m, pa], we, [H-42, H-48], H-45, IR-H-Y, Hd-1, un, H-13, Aw. The order of the bracketed genes is not known. H-44 maps centromeric to IR-H-Y. The genes encoding the antigens that stimulate lymphocyte clones 2G7, 2C10, 1F6, 1B10, and 1H10 map centromeric to H-45. © 1994 Springer-Verlag.
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  • Graff RJ; Hauptfeld V; Riordan K; Kurtz M
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