The limbic system plays a significant role in epilepsy



  • Many areas of the limbic system play a role in epileptogenesis, one of the main epileptogenic areas within the limbic system is the hippocampus. The hypothesized relation between hippocampal formation damage and epileptic seizures dates back to the early 19 century, and by 1880 Sommer had clearly identified an area of the hippocampus proper (i.e., Sommer's sector or area CA1) which was consistently damaged in the epileptic patients that he studied. Several subsequent reports have supported the idea that, in patients with temporal lobe epilepsy, the epileptogenic focus is in the hippocampus proper in the majority of patients, and that limited resection of the hippocampal focus can often abolish subsequent seizure activity. However, other areas of the medial temporal lobe, especially the amygdala and entorhinal cortex, have also been shown to be the origin of epileptic foci in a significant number of cases. th
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