Pharmacokinetics and Immune Response of 131I-ChimericMouse/Human B72.3 (Human 74) Monoclonal Antibody in Humans

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  • Chimeric B72.3, composed of the V-regions of murine B72.3 and the constant regions of human immunoglobulin G4 heavy and Klight chain, was administered as a I-lahck-d conjugate to 12 patients with metastatic colon cancer. Seven of these patients had an antibody response after initial infusion, and the immune response was primarily directed to the murine V-region, although a small proportion of the antibody response was directed to topographical epitopes requiring the presence of both murine V-region and human CH-1 and Kconstant regions (neo-epitopes). The pharmacokinetics included a plasma disappearance curve best fit by a two-compartmental model with an a t âo€f¢18 ±7 h and a, i r,. of 224 ±66 h. A second infusion of the same dose of I3ll-chimeric B72.3 was administered to four of these patients 8 wk after the first infusion. Two patients who had a high antibody response to initial infusion had an anamnestic antibody response, and the infused ch-B72.3 rapidly disap peared from the circulation with associated immune complexes and free I in the plasma. One patient with no initial antibody response had no antibody response and identical pharmacokinetics on second infusion. One patient with a modest transient antibody response to initial infusion had no antibody response on second infusion and a modest shortening of plasma circulation. Thus, the human immunoglobulin G4 isotype chimeric B72J monoclonal antibody has a plasma half-life 6 to 8 times as long as murine B72.3 and retains considerable immunogenicity in some patients which can adversely affect repetitive infusions. © 1991, American Association for Cancer Research. All rights reserved. 131 131 1/2
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  • Khazaeil MB; Saleh MN; Liu TP; Meredith RF; Wheeler RH; Allen L; Rogers K; LoBuglio AF
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