A novel interaction of the Golgi complex with the vimentin intermediate filament cytoskeleton

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  • The integration of the vimentin intermediate filament (IF) cytoskeleton and cellular organelles in vivo is an incompletely understood process, and the identities of proteins participating in such events are largely unknown. Here, we show that the Golgi complex interacts with the vimentin IF cytoskeleton, and that the Golgi protein formiminotransferase cyclodeaminase (FTCD) participates in this interaction. We show that the peripherally associated Golgi protein FTCD binds directly to vimentin subunits and to polymerized vimentin filaments in vivo and in vitro. Expression of FTCD in cultured cells results in the formation of extensive FTCD-containing fibers originating from the Golgi region, and is paralleled by a dramatic rearrangements of the vimentin IF cytoskeleton in a coordinate process in which vimentin filaments and FTCD integrate into chimeric fibers. Formation of the FTCD fibers is obligatorily coupled to vimentin assembly and does not occur in vim-/- cells. The FTCD-mediated regulation of vimentin IF is not a secondary effect of changes in the microtubule or the actin cytoskeletons, since those cytoskeletal systems appear unaffected by FTCD expression. The assembly of the FTCD/vimentin fibers causes a coordinate change in the structure of the Golgi complex and results in Golgi fragmentation into individual elements that are tethered to the FTCD/vimentin fibers. The observed interaction of Golgi elements with vimentin filaments and the ability of FTCD to specifically interacts with both Golgi membrane and vimentin filaments and promote their association suggest that FTCD might be a candidate protein integrating the Golgi compartment with the IF cytoskeleton.
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  • Gao YS; Sztul E
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