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  • Title full: Synthesis and characterization of a series of trans-[(CO)5M{Ph2PX(CH2)3NCH C6H4-o-O}]2M′ (M = Mo; X = NH or M = Cr, W; X = CH2; M′ = Ni, Cu, Zn) complexes and the X-ray crystal structure of trans-[(CO)5MO{P(OCH2CMe2CH2 O)NH(CH2)2-NCHC6H4-o-O}] 2Cu. A series of heterotrinuclear complexes of the type trans-[(CO)5M-{Ph2PX(CH2)3NC HC6H4-o-O}]2M′ (M = Mo; X = NH; M′ = Ni, Cu or M = Cr, W; X = CH2; M′ = Ni, Cu, Zn) have been synthesized either by the reactions of coordinated P-donor ligands (X = NH) or by the sequential reactions of the metals with the free ligands (X = CH2). Spectroscopic studies of the complexes (IR, UV-VIS and multinuclear NMR) indicate that their solution conformations are quite different from those of the previously studied trans-[(CO)5MO{R2PNH(CH2)2NC HC6-H4-o-O}]2M′ (R2 = OCH2CMe2CH2O, Ph2; M′ = Ni, Cu) complexes. These studies also indicate that the coordination geometries of Ni2+ and Zn2+ in these complexes are different. The Ni2+ ion is in a square planar coordination environment while the coordination geometry of the Zn2+ is most likely tetrahedral. The molecular structure of trans-[(CO)5Mo{P(OCH2CMe2CH2 O)NH(CH2)2-NCHC6H4-o-O}] 2Cu has been determined. The complex crystallizes from a THF-methanol mixture in the triclinic space group P1 (crystal data: a 6.613(2), 9.725(4), c 18.725(7) Å; α 93.65(3), β 99.07(4), γ 102.85(4); Z = 1). The Cu2+ is coordinated to two o-salicylaldiminate groups in a trans square planar geometry, and the Mo is coordinated to five carbonyls and a P-donor group in a distorted octahedral geometry. The conformation of the bridging group in the complex is very different from that observed in other heterotrinuclear complexes due to the lack of phenyl-bis(o-salicylaldiminato)metal stacking interactions. © 1990.
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