X-ray crystal structures of two cis-Mo(CO)4{(Ph2PO)2P(O)R} (R=Me, MeO-p-C6H4) complexes with unusual Mo-PPh2-O-P(O)R-O-PPh2 chelate rings

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  • The X-ray crystal structures of two cis-Mo(CO) {(Ph PO) P(O)R} (I:R=Me; II: R=C H -p-OMe) complexes are presented. Complex I crystallizes in the monoclinic space group P2 /n (a=11.566(1), b=10.045(2), c=25.959(4)Å;β=97.64(1)°;V=2989.0 Å ;Z=4). Complex II crystallizes in the triclinic space group P-1 (a=8.868(2), b=11.552(2), c=16.818(3)Å, α=78.32(1)°, β=93.70(2)°, γ=86.59(2)°, V=1679.0 Å , Z=2). The coordination geometry of the molybdenum in each of these complexes is a slightly distorted octahedron. The six-membered chelate rings in these complexes have twist boat configurations with both ends flattened. The two rings differ in the degree of twisting in the boat and in the degree to which both ends of the boat are distorted from the ideal configurations. The twisting is greater in II, but the distortion is greater in I. Both appear to be due to the differing sizes of the substituent on the phosphonate phosphorus with larger substituents giving less twisting and flattening. © 1993 Plenum Publishing Corporation. 4 2 2 6 4 1 3 3
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