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Year Title Altmetric
2019 The Heptalogical Model of Entrepreneurship 2019
2019 A Heptalogical Model of Entrepreneurship for Education and Pedagogy 2019
2019 Risk Tolerance, Legitimacy, and Perspective: Navigating Biases in Social Enterprise Evaluations 2019
2018 Pet Arabia: Middle Eastern Entrepreneurial Venturing for a Man's Best Friend 2018
2018 Social enterprise in Antebellum America: the case of Nashoba (1824-1829) 2018
2018 Telling their own stories: Māori entrepreneurship in the mainstream screen industry 2018
2017 Natural disasters, entrepreneurship, and creation after destruction: A conceptual approach 2017
2016 Natural disasters, entrepreneurship, and creation after destruction 2016
2014 Institutional entrepreneurship as emancipating institutional work: James Meredith and the Integrationist Movement at Ole Miss 2014
2013 Firm culture and performance: Intensity's effects and limits 2013
2013 Social Entrepreneurship and Broader Theories: Shedding New Light on the 'Bigger Picture' 2013
2012 Small firm entrepreneurial outsourcing: Traditional problems, nontraditional solutions 2012
2012 Prior knowledge and new product and service introductions by entrepreneurial firms: The mediating role of technological innovation 2012
2011 The new wild west is green: Carbon offset markets, transactions, and providers 2011
2011 A 2×2 Conceptual Foundation for Entrepreneurial Discovery Theory 2011
2011 A 2x2 conceptual foundation for entrepreneurial discovery theory 2011
2011 The new wild west is green: Carbon offset transactions, markets, and providers 2011
2010 The transgenerational family effect on new venture growth strategy 2010
2010 Using historic mutinies to understand defiance in modern organizations 2010
2009 A model of social entrepreneurial discovery 2009
2009 Entrepreneurship theory and the poverty of historicism 2009
2009 Entrepreneurial alertness, technological innovation, and new product development 2009
2008 Attacking the roots: Shiraishi Garments Company and an evolving thicket of business ethics in China 2008
2007 Southeast Asian Culture, Human Development, and Business Competitiveness 2007
2007 Do business school professors make good executive managers? 2007
2007 Dealer trade group: High-tech venturing in a low-tech industry 2007
2007 Note to instructors for dealer trade group: High-tech venturing in a low-tech industry 2007
2007 Expert capital and perceived legitimacy: Female-run entrepreneurial venture signaling and performance 2007
2007 If the shoe fits: Wenzhou Aike Shoes Company, Ltd. 2007
2007 The golden age: Service management on transatlantic ocean liners 2007
2006 A conceptual history of entrepreneurial thought 2006
2005 Developing and validating a construct of entrepreneurial intensity 2005
2005 Review of Working for a family business: An employee's guide to success 2005
2002 Personality and situations in co-worker preference: Similarity and complementarity in worker compatibility 2002
2000 Development and Content Validation of a "Hyperdimensional" Taxonomy of Managerial Competence 2000


Year Title Altmetric
2019 The existential edge: A logic for entrepreneurial decision-making 2019
2013 Mutiny and its bounty: Leadership lessons from the age of discovery 2013


Year Title Altmetric
2010 A model of the discovery, assembly, and viability of entrepreneurial opportunities.  63-84. 2010
2008 Should i stay or should i go? Shiraishi garments company.  473-482. 2008
2007 The opportunity-based approach to entrepreneurial discovery research.  169-191. 2007

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  • entrepreneurship, history, social enterprise
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  • Patrick Murphy