Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2007 Numerical simulations of mixtures of fluids using upwind algorithms 2007
2005 Coupling heat transfer and fluid flow solvers for multidisciplinary simulations 2005
2002 Comprehensive numerical study of jet-flow impingement over flat plates 2002
2000 An efficient computational method for simulations of reaction-diffusion processes 2000
2000 Reply by the authors to M. L. Rightley 2000
1999 Nonsingular Eigenvectors of the Flux Jacobian Matrix for Reactive Flow Problems 1999
1998 Limitations of a reduced model for the simulation of hydrogen/air combustion 1998
1998 On parallelizing a groundwater pollution simulator 1998
1996 Numerical simulations of reactive flows 1996
1995 Truly two-dimensional algorithms for radiative heat transfer calculations in reactive flows 1995
1995 Two-dimensional radiative heat-transfer calculations for nonequilibrium flows 1995
1994 General solution procedure for flows in local chemical equilibrium 1994
1994 Using the liou-steffen algorithm for the euler and navier-stokes equations 1994
1993 Numerical simulation of biofilm processes in closed conduits 1993
1992 Characteristic-based algorithms for flows in thermochemical nonequilibrium 1992
1990 Flux-split algorithms for flows with non-equilibrium chemistry and vibrational relaxation 1990
1989 A numerical study of planar and axially-symmetric sudden expansion flows 1989
1988 The computation of non-equilibrium, chemically-reacting flows 1988


Year Title Altmetric
1997 Computational Reacting Flow..  892-911. 1997

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  • Pasquale Cinnella